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  1. decided to try out some of the map kits and stuff, heres my list of finding: note that this is only for the maps where you play as the bad guys primarily made so that people know what weapons you can get off of crates, like scoped weapons or interesting variants taliban: spotter alt/anti personell std- MEC style scoped g3 spotter std - scoped ak74, full auto possible anti tank std/anti air alt- lee enfield no. 4, in my opinion better than the SMLE no 3 sniper kits are just the scoped lee enfield or the scoped smle respectively both machinegunner kits (std and alt) are pkms both combat engins get smle rifles, difference is std gets tnt and alt gets mine + mortar round ied oddly enough marksman alt is a mosin 1891 PU, std is SVD you get a rocket techie and possibly a spg techie + gary and car bomb (but neither were in main base which leads me to believe they spawn after you take one or two flags) ARF: anti tank std is type 56 folded stock, alt is mat-49 sniper is either mosin pu or the smle like talibans have spotter std- scoped sks, alt spotter is stg-44 AA kit unavailable, make use of those techies for the helicopters machine gunner same as taliban combat engi std has aks-74u, alt variant and anti personell alt has aks-47- also same thing as taliban kit, one gets tnt the other mortar+mine marksman same as taliban car bomb available but is a little deeper into the town under a gas station insurgents: no special kits available, but worth mentioning: khamisiyah gets a rocket techie + 1 spg and a car bomb and fallujah west gets two spgs
  2. that kokan and ramiel got my blood flowing brothers here i come with my kalashinkov thats half rusted
  3. Best part is when it's someone not in a squad because you check every squad 3 times to see if you missed their name
  4. any idea when server will update? dont want to play on sea with 300 ping
  5. Do we play as the germans in fields of kassel?
  6. Ia drang alt would be bearable if they changed it to let us play as the NVA if were talking lore or anything its just a counterattack from the day operation a few hours ago (ia drang std) that the americans launched It would be nice to get to use the type 56 and floor-mat 49 and yell "Giet nguoi my" + scare eachother and make jokes about the trees talking That or give the american team flares- i dont get why you get them in ww2 night maps (as a ww2 faction, mind you) but not on Ia drang alt (which is literally close to 25-30 years ahead)
  7. I like the new bijar large. Seems pretty interesting but id love if there was some sort of CAS helicopter for the russians too Will hill 488 by any chance get fixed? Admins avoid it because apparently it crashes
  8. I think polish told me why this was problematic; devs had to manually update these maps to work and stuff and it just became an annoying chore and kind of slowed updates down, something along the lines One way to fix this is to just replace a few current ALT variants of maps with ones that allow you to play as the opfor guys, example: Charlies Point STD is USA(blufor) vs Vietnam(opfor), charlies point ALT is Vietnam(blufor) vs USA(Opfor) though im not sure if my idea would be any different than what was already done before
  9. Would gladly join, i own the game on GOG and have modding knowledge so all i would need is instructions
  10. Id love to drive the bradley or the stryker if thats fine You can pick for me or i can grab the other if someone else wants 1 of them
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