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  1. I like the new bijar large. Seems pretty interesting but id love if there was some sort of CAS helicopter for the russians too Will hill 488 by any chance get fixed? Admins avoid it because apparently it crashes
  2. I think polish told me why this was problematic; devs had to manually update these maps to work and stuff and it just became an annoying chore and kind of slowed updates down, something along the lines One way to fix this is to just replace a few current ALT variants of maps with ones that allow you to play as the opfor guys, example: Charlies Point STD is USA(blufor) vs Vietnam(opfor), charlies point ALT is Vietnam(blufor) vs USA(Opfor) though im not sure if my idea would be any different than what was already done before
  3. Would gladly join, i own the game on GOG and have modding knowledge so all i would need is instructions
  4. Id love to drive the bradley or the stryker if thats fine You can pick for me or i can grab the other if someone else wants 1 of them
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