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Sup everyone,

So a few of you know this, but my favorite band is Trivium! Twice a day Matt Heafy (vocals/guitar) streams via Twitch.


Basically he plays some songs, then he some pc gaming. I watch everyday and through watching him play Valorant, I got a drop for the game. I installed it today and played a few rounds, it's not something I'm used to playing, but it seems fun so far. 

Valorant – League Accounts

A couple things I like about it, it forces team play based gaming which is something we all like. If you die, you're out for the round. Not only that, you lose any weapon you just bought and you'll be forced to start the next round with a pistol until you get enough cash to buy another gun. It's like an economy built into the game. Also, they're very anti cheat. I was in a 5 player game but had to leave early to take a phone call so I closed the game. 10 minutes later I went back to play but got an error message instead that said your team mate has been punished for improper game play. Basically giving me a time penalty before I can play the game again. I'm not sure what they did, or how they got caught, etc.. but I'm assuming it was some kind of cheat. 

Things I don't like about it, well it's really cartoonish. It reminds me of csgo and those kind of gfx, along with  style of game play. I never got into that game. I was more of a tom clancy guy back in those days. It also has a lot of magic and weird shit I'm not used to using lol. The weapons are also not typical war game weapons, and they take some getting used to, and the recoil on the weapons seems excessive. After a while of playing I got used to it though, but its not my typical choice for gaming. I also don't like losing my gun after getting killed, especially as a noob!  

I'll keep playing it and if there is anything new or exciting to add I'll let you know. If you want a chance to get a drop, visit the riot site (linked above) and register for the beta. Then just spend some time watching Valorant streams and you could get a drop. Which happens a lot in Matt's stream btw. Check it out!





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