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New coop insurgency testsession

=VG= Fastjack



Hello fellas,

it's longtime ago i posted something about the insurgency gamemode for prbf2 Project Reality, my favorite game for more then 10 years.

I'll took a long break from prbf2 modding due to major reallife things that had more priority and i was also waiting for the new prbf2 patch

But now i'm back ... :boast:... and doing my own thing to get coop insurgency working.

Veterans-Gaming sponsored me the Veterans-Gaming DEV - Coop v1.6 testserver for further coop insurgency Projects.

The server run stable with a modified version of original gaza (gaza_insurgency) and is password secured due to license politics.

The other maps i already prepared need to be re-done because some maps got new navmeshes like fallujah and instead of reworking it i decided to scrap everything and starting from scratch.         

I kept gaza's gpo simple due to new known problems with the new 1.6 update. 

So, if anybody here is interrested to play and to test it, here the download:



Serverpassword is : vg989

Enjoy and have fun



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Server crashed or you game crashed Blud?

I know that 45 Golden Days has a problem with pc crashes. We all played it without servercrashes.

And for you info, rushing the harbour (ALONE) will end in death. Gaza's street and beach arent safety :biggrin:

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Bump! Would love to see this running on a server one day. I had a lot of fun with just Fastjack and a couple other people playing Gaza Insurgency on the VG test server. Didn't crash one time personally. It was pretty stable.

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