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=VG= SemlerPDX

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Welcome!  If you're new to the VG Air Force, post up here to say hello and let us know a little bit about yourself like what jets you like to fly, and types of missions you enjoy here at the VG BMS Server.  We don't immediately toss the Enlisted ribbon on someone we don't know (yet) just joining the VG Air Force, so first please reply and say hi!

You don't need to write an essay - it's just good to get to know who flys what, and which missions we enjoy most in BMS.



Just a reminder to new VG Air Force members - we typically assume most members fly on our BMS Server already, but if we all don't know you from BMS as a long time regular, please post up to say Hello and let us know what you like to fly!  We just started this new membership path, and it seems the best route so that we don't accidentally award Enlisted group/ribbon to a semi-automatic bot preparing to fire off spam rounds in the club forums. ;)

We are glad to have you all - a simple reply from standard website members including what you like to play here will be rewarded with the entry level Enlisted website group!


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Ok let me start this thread off. For those who don't know I'm Kavelenko or people just call me "KAV". I've been flying Falcon 4.0 BMS since roughly October 2016 or thereabouts. I spend most of my gaming time either playing Project Reality or flying BMS. These two games couldn't be so far apart from each other, PR is pretty easy to play but requires good team work whereas BMS is a whole different ball game. I'm pretty much self taught, although credit has to go to @=VG= SemlerPDX who helped me to get started with his tutorials, helpful tips, and training flights.

I started out following the Training Engagements in the BMS manual, watching YouTube videos, and just plain crashing and screwing up big-time. This flight sim is not for everyone and I've noticed that the fall out rate is high due to the steep learning curve needed to get anywhere. I enjoy mainly air to ground missions but also don't mind the odd dog fight with a stray MiG-29.

The Jets I fly are the F-16 and the AV-8B Harrier but these days I concentrate more on the F-16.

Cheers =VG= Kavelenko

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2 hours ago, =VG= Kavelenko said:

Can we develop a squadron patch for Veterans-Gaming?

Sure - I was never sure if we'd have people belonging to more than one squadron here, like if squadrons were dedicated to a specific aircraft or type of target, or if just one VG Squadron was the idea - anything is cool

I'd not be able to design anything for awhile, it's not easy to use the PC right now, but if anyone wants to submit some for review so we can all decide, that would be great.

We can even get them in-game if we all get a copy of the squadron texture file, and use that aircraft in the sim (graphics are local, but if we all share them, we'd all see each other in them).

 :hi: great idea!

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Understand that you're busy but I was thinking we could develop one for VG pilots who wish to use an "Official" VG patch in their log books, someone could also develop variations on that patch for AV-8Bs, F-16's, FA-18, squadrons etc. They could even extend to tail art and squadron logos on skins at some point down the track.

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11 hours ago, PutinVla said:

Hello everyone, I've been playing PR for a while, I love flying planes, I hope to learn from everyone's experience.

Welcome!  Thanks for posting up an intro!  If PR is what you play, and not flight simulators like Falcon BMS, the VG Army is the club for you!  See you around 🍻 

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