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  1. Happy Birthday Digga. Hope you make it well. :drag_02:

  2. Hope we cya one day back, bro

  3. Incredible Semler your playing minecraft !!!! i am impressed with your build, it is interesting to see people's different approaches.
  4. Teejay has been warned by me many times for his behaviour. Him and Air-pilot tking each other in mainbase, ive kicked both of them for repeatedly ignoring my requests for them to stop. I have also temp banned teejay for tking an afk guy in mainbase. I have also heard several complaints about teejay when there are no admins online. This behaviour has to stop. He continues to disregard the rules and the friendly requests of admins in our teamspeak channel. He seems to think that because he comes to teamspeak and says sorry every time that he is above the law. I am recommending a temporary ban of a week or so, followed by an extended period of probation.
  5. There is already a topic discussing this. Pr is supposed to be hard, the fun is in the challenge. If you want to shoot fish in a barrel, your welcome to do so on another server. While the majority are having fun and getting on with the changes, just a couple of players are making a fuss, making out the changes are some terrible thing, because ..... drum roll........ they get killed !!!!! Welcome to PR
  6. My combat skill ?? lol I couldn't hit a barn door with a blunderbuss.... you got to use tactics and teamwork to outthink the bots, which is not very hard at all .... you just need to take a moment to observe what is happening. I see so many squads rushing around, fragmented and disorganised, Hell only yesterday I saw 20 players let the bots capture the docks on muttrah city, there was a 6man trans squad , and a 3 man inf squad lead by a sniper, and then people start crying about bot skill SERIOUSLY !!!!! WTF
  7. Greetings Nerojr, welcome to our website. Join our teamspeak and spend time getting to know us, you can join any channel and speak to anyone, we have people from all over the world in all time zones there is always someone to talk to.
  8. Balancing is not easy, settings are static and cannot change dynamically during a game. BF2 bots are totally dumb, they have 0 tactics, and their only defence is their accuracy. Having easy settings is fine for low population, but way to easy for medium and full population. And on the flip side, having hard settings still gives a challenge for a full server, but low populations have an impossible task without teamwork. There is no "perfect balance" PR is all about the teamwork, and using that there shouldn't be any problem completing any map. (they are only dumb bots, and your squad has 8 brains)
  9. Greetings Lemur great to see you here, I know you have been playing on our PR server for a while now, Welcome !
  10. Welcome stachoo great to see another pr player here !!!
  11. Great to see another PR player here on our site, Welcome !!
  12. looks like just a silly name for the squad, judging by their k/d and teamwork points they cant have been doing much teamkilling, squad 3 however .....
  13. Greetings Brandon & welcome !
  14. Many greetings and all the welcomes brother of the deep
  15. Tutorial commander is deadbydawn (edited/redacted - see VG Admin Section) Fapuccino Fapoleon are mikeZeplin ive been using alts 100% recently, just to observe performance of new admins and keep an eye on some grunts whom ive had reports of being disruptive when admins are not around. I will make a note that when I do make a ban on an alt I will put my vg name on the end of the ban reason. (edit - SemlerPDX)
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