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  1. That was a fun mission! ... even with the rag-dolling lol
  2. Alpha Engineer please .. Alternatively I can fill slot as needed, no real preference.
  3. Make sure to download the beta version TFAR from the Teampseak 3 SOG channel, your teampseak TFAR version should be 1.0 higher
  4. Hi all, I've noticed a constant frame rate issue with the VG Liberation server. I'm not sure if this can be resolved, I know it is related to the server capping the client side fps. Wondering if this can be adjusted or if its something on my side, let me know. I greatly enjoy playing on VG servers and with its members
  5. Not to poke the bear here, but @Rotblut as Melon said PM him about an admin issue as it happens, not at a later date complaining about admins doing something wrong. As it doesn't resolve the issue. Apologies for directly it at you, but i've seen some complaints made about admins wrong doing on unrelated posts, with vague descriptions of misdeads. For the most part you can find a VG member on the website/teamspeak that can deal with a non-VG PR admin, also screenshots/recordings are your friend. Friendly reminder what qualifies admin misconduct, as i understand is willful disregard of rule breaking/breaking rules themselves. I've had people complain to me ingame and in teamspeak of me not admining quickly enough or admining at all. Reminder that PR admins volunteer their time. Sorry for taking over the post
  6. Zzang is on point, biggest step is regularly joining ts and talking with other players/admins. That will help you establish a presence in the community. Obviously VG needs to know more about someone to make them a moderator/admin on there server, as they represent the VG community on PR when a VG member is not present; ie a bad admin sets a bad example for VG's PR community. So make yourself known, and get to know some people in the community
  7. I might go, i've been thinking of taking a trip to the states for such an event. I would know for certain if i could go or not in March. If i'm able to get the time off work i'd love to meet up with people there from the community!!!
  8. Dragon Fly- SAS Medic Bijar- CAS pilot 1 Baracude- Specialists-Medic open to being placed into different squad(s) if needed
  9. I think your CPU is probally killing you there, as Sem said. Although video card probaly isn't helping...
  10. I think there's two kinds of new players; 1 those who don't know what they're doing and purposefully refuse to learn just to troll. These players waste assets, ruin squad/team cohesion and then blame it on lack or experience and/or game knowledge. 2 is the guys who don't know the game and actively try to learn, sometimes causing frustration with more expirenced players. The attitude and willingness to learn how to play properly is a major component is the newer players. I know some players may get frustrated with them and place them into the same category as group 1, being ignorant on purpose. When then getting yelled at and kicked from a squad these new learning players can lose heart in trying to play PR. Although i am an admni now, i was once a wide-eyed scrub at PR, and thankfully many frequent players on this sever understood this and helped me get better. That can be, as an admin sometimes hard to tell the differnce between group 1 and 2. Don and Gaz both have good points, we need to help foster new players into how to learn how to play properly and at the same time curb the troll trolley. That being said, generally if a player is brand new to the game, I usually strongly recommend running infantry before trying vehicle assets, on low population servers or in local. Thats for me where the "this is not a training sever" comes in.
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