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I want that Osprey back lol. We need to make a Private server with all the mods we've made, make an installer and then run another server with all the old maps (even the BF2 imports), our revisions, etc.. Oh that would be really nice. 

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Technically, all stuff i made isn't a mod of PR. It's still PR.

All modding content like the Osprey, or AC130 is a part of the map and not main PR Mod.

All damagevalues-, damaging/armor materials etc. use the original unmodified PR Mod values/materials.

The Insurgency Project is also not really a Mod, it's only a special server setting that runs a modified gpm_coop.py but the main gamemode pythons dont get touched, only combined.

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Oh and another question:

Is this optimized for Blufor forces only, or can you theoretically play as Opfor against bots who are trying to attack your point.

Also, are these maps using coop maps for a base (like Asad Khal coop) or are you making entirely new layouts (so you can make your own navmeshing)

Either way, great job like I said, I seriously can't wait to try this out

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