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Server Maintenance Downtime


Event details

VG Server Standard Maintenance & Updates - Monday January 7th 2019 0000 ZULU

All VG Game Servers* and TeamSpeak 3 will be going down for routine maintenance for approximately eight hours on Monday January 7th at 0000 ZULU

Normally, we only need an hour but we have budgeted additional time for this task to completely reinstall all three VG PR Servers and recreate VG server settings without importing old files.  This is also the reason this task is scheduled for normal operating hours and not non-peak game times.

The VG Website and the *Falcon BMS Server will be unaffected by this, and will remain online.  Project Reality, Arma 3, and TeamSpeak3 servers will be offline and inaccessible to the public and server admins.  The VG Discord will be available to handle VOIP for those who need it, and a permanent invite link will be made available on the front page before this date.

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All done.  Battlecorder isn't a simple "on" switch.  I'd have to set up FTP to handle the files and the traffic.  Was not on the list for this round of updates and backups - but the server is back up and running, and everything should be as stable as if it was freshly downloaded and installed because that's what I just spent the last eight hours doing.  Cheers!


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stupid question: how does it look with individual sessions? So if we have an event, for example ... could you then record this and publish it in the forum, for example, without having a lot of work?
that would be much nicer than taking a singleplayer recording for a movie ...

but in any case, thanks for the maintenance of the server.

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I have no idea.  If you all want to do the research, find out the positives/negatives of that system, we'll weigh them and make a decision on implementation.  We have capable hardware and have been doing this for years, I don't want to assume but there may be a reason we do not do this, or have not done this for so many years we've operated.  Sounds cool, if it works, but again I have no idea.  It's a discussion for a thread all it's own. :hi:


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