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Saturday, April 18, 2020
19:00:00 ZULU  (GMT/UTC/PRT)
No Password Required - Anyone can join
Max 80 Players On Event!

Due to the last squad event being an amazing success. We will now take the squad server much further than before. 
We will now make squad events every weekend. So that everyone has knowledge of when our community is gathered and playing together.
This also gives an opportunity to seed our server out on the wide range of other squad servers. Letting other players join the game and build a new player base.
This means that we have 1 week to rectify all the rules that we need that are important to gameplay. So whoever is writing the new "Squad Holy Bible". Please get the most essential rules laid out first. 
Please meet in TS prior to start of event. To login to the =VG= server launch Squad and select CUSTOM BROWSER, SET Filters > Show Empty Servers, Show Full Servers.
For the upcoming weekend we will first play a skirmish map to get everyone warmed up and let other players sort themselves out.
The next map will be a RANDOM ASSAULT AND SECURE gamemode - basically AAS on PR but the flags are randomized, and you can only see the flags that you can capture, so you have less time to plan your next move
If anyone has good map suggestions please jot it down and put it on this thread.
ASSETS AVAILABLE: Depending on Map set - Will update in future
Complete Details and Signups here:

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