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Melon's Final Revent

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So let's get this out of the way, my final event for a while. It's aulmination of all 3 events plus a few extra maps. I have tested all maps ticket counts and bleeds and as far as I can tell non are going to end in 5 minutes.

There will be no signups, just typical coop fashion join or create a squad on the day.

The rules are the same as the last, if you don't remember, here's a recap:

Rules are standard =VG= coop rules but the commander has final say in squad movements and attacks, obstructive squad leaders will be resigned. Expect zero tolerance to rule breakage and bending during the event

Entry is simple, download the files (LINK). Check the forums on the day for server password. Join the server. Have fun.
The files for event 3 and the revent are both included in the same file, it is a large download for this reason (12 maps)

In addition there will be changes to the coop gameplay:
FOBs, foxholes and razorwire will need to be shovelled
Squad leader spawn-point is removed
Ticket count will matter
2 minute wait between each kit request.
Squadless kick is in effect
+Map specific changes

Full Details can be found in the Event Post:  Click Here for Complete Details


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