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ban latamsquad

Message added by =VG= SemlerPDX,

Once again ... Unban Request closed - player is not banned and never was.  User has been infracted for trolling based on multiple members directing his attention in clear English (and their native language) to these facts.

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hola que tal, tuve un problema de baneo en el server [ESP] LATAMSQUAD en Project reality y hace un par de dias que no puedo jugar, alguien me podría ayudar o guiar para saber en que parte puedo hacer mi reclamo, seré muy agradecido con la ayuda

Hello, how are you, I had a ban problem on the [ESP] LATAMSQUAD server in Project reality and I haven't been able to play for a couple of days, could someone help or guide me to know where I can make my claim, I will be very grateful to aid
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Again [ESP] LATAMSQUAD is not Veterans Gaming server community.  If you have issues with them, connect with that server community to get it taken care of.  No further discussion will be held on this subject as it does not pertain to us, our community, or the server we host.  You were pointed in the direction on where to go on multiple platforms, such as here and Discord and provided with exact guidance in your native language on how to fix this and failed to comprehend it.  


Good luck. 

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