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RE: UA MilSim Community

=VG= SemlerPDX

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FYI - we have some old friends from an eastern european group that play Arma 3 exclusively which will be hanging around for some months, or longer.

The UA MilSim Community is mostly non-english speaking folks, yet their squad leaders all speak English as far as I understand it.  We will be hosting a couple A3 servers for them in addition to providing a dedicated set of channels in VG TeamSpeak for them as well.  Their modset includes ACRE, so this means that VOIP in their actual server channels will be restricted to those on their server and with the ACRE mod installed.

If all goes well, and they are pleased with the servers and service we offer, after a 30 day trial, they will donate each month at a regular set amount for compensation of the hardware provided and service of assisting and maintaining these servers under our roof.

Please also remember that not all of them speak English, and that they mostly will be doing their own thing with their own people.  They may likely run events now and then, but it will be up to them whether it will open to just UA MilSim Community members, or including the general public and/or VG Arma 3 regulars.

Expect to see users with the =JS= tag on VG TeamSpeak and other places here, and know that they are welcome members of the UA MilSim Community.



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