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  1. I made a new one like that vid and it worked thanks kav
  2. ya i pay like 6.99 monthly for full ms office but I only use word and ppt lol.
  3. IK sent you file needs to be line chart but I think your version too old
  4. =VG= BLuDKLoT

    Excel Graph

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make a graph in excel but only 2 data cells out of 4 are graphing and I can't figure out the axis stuff, never tried this before, lol. Watched some vids, but still isn't working, I'm getting stressed. Anyone out there with mastery in excel? Please help! I can send you file. Thanks Blud.
  5. So.... I tried every mouse in my house and it was all the same game. Anyhoo, I returned it on Origin and bought again on Steam because I just don't like Origin. I'll wait to release and hopefully it'll be fixed. Blud
  6. It's something else. In game I just noticed when I look right it looks left and when I look left it looks left too lol seriously messed up. Connor said he had it but his fix didn't work for me.
  7. ok so tried that but it wont load profile when game starts and mouse still isn't working ugh.
  8. well it's been unplayable for me, my mouse reacts so hard I can't even play. Something is wrong, but I don't know what. Even at lowest dpi my mouse is beyond light speed. Any ideas?
  9. So, BF 2042 is out on Beta for a few days, apparently for those of us that have preloaded the game. I'm on origin as bludklot add me please. Blud https://help.ea.com/en/help/battlefield/battlefield-2042/battlefield-2042-open-beta/ STARTS ON THE 6TH
  10. oh cool. Sem offered to help out again I forgot most of this shit it's been so long. I'll update and take a peek. Thx guys. Blud
  11. I would love to play BMS again, but I'm currently stuck because the profile I use changed with the updates and I can no longer slew my cursor in the MFD's. I've tried everything, but I can't figure it out. I use x52 pro HOTAS, if anyone knows of any good profiles please lemme know. Blud
  12. Ummm. What? No way, I don't believe it!
  13. It was in the sky with no sound, nothing was visible, just that what you see. Wasn't any reflection tho.
  14. =VG= BLuDKLoT

    So, today...

    My gf see's this. I thought maybe drones, but I dunno. It's weird. Thoughts?
  15. cool can u make me a theme song?
  16. Happy Birthday Rainbow GIF by Justin

    1. =VG= Fastjack

      =VG= Fastjack

      Happy Birthday and nice to see you're back.

  17. Please stream that shit!
  18. Happy Bday man! 

  19. Yup, sem is awesome. I'm glad his project helps you so much, that is amazing! Blud.
  20. You found us, welcome aboard. Blud.
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