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  1. It looks cool. I'm a vision whore though so these gfx don't really work for me, but it looks stable and engaging for sure. Thanks for sharing man!
  2. Anyone have a good pic for this with vg logo?
  3. I upgraded my internet today. I was at 100/100 for $55 a month. Now I'm at 500/500 for $49 a month. 

    New Tab - Google Chrome 3_24_2022 2_57_24 PM.png

  4. =VG= BLuDKLoT

    Too much...

    why do I see coke?
  5. wow nice pics reminds me of when I was in the Marines and traveled around Thailand and Singapore during deployment really fun to see the architecture of other places
  6. They don't like us at realitymod? Was it something I said?
  7. Ya it was server side stuff they fixed it
  8. Anyone playing BF 2042 or is it just me? I'm not sure what I think yet. So far, meh. I was expecting so much more, but I'm still trying to experience everything. The gfx aren't as good as modern warfare, but it's more immersive. The portal seems to be where it's at. You can make it how you want it and so there is probably something there for us to take a look at. No map, Caspian, infantry only, has been fun, but I suck with these weapons and people aren't really team players like we are here. Let's go! I need some help lol.     

  9. Anyone getting "unable to load persistence data" error? I can only access coop and get that error when trying to connect to anything else.
  10. Sup bro, good to see you around. Hope you're well and good. Thanks for your service, and for joining our little club of vets. Blud
  11. I made a new one like that vid and it worked thanks kav
  12. ya i pay like 6.99 monthly for full ms office but I only use word and ppt lol.
  13. IK sent you file needs to be line chart but I think your version too old
  14. =VG= BLuDKLoT

    Excel Graph

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make a graph in excel but only 2 data cells out of 4 are graphing and I can't figure out the axis stuff, never tried this before, lol. Watched some vids, but still isn't working, I'm getting stressed. Anyone out there with mastery in excel? Please help! I can send you file. Thanks Blud.
  15. So.... I tried every mouse in my house and it was all the same game. Anyhoo, I returned it on Origin and bought again on Steam because I just don't like Origin. I'll wait to release and hopefully it'll be fixed. Blud
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