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Operation Shifting Sands: 16th March

=VG= Melon Muncher

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Download here
Okay download is up, password will be released before the event so it's not spoiled. If you have never installed an event or custom map follow these steps


Download a windows archive program, Winrar, 7zip, Winzip etc.

Find PR install location. Go to PR\mods\pr\levels
Place your downloaded file here
Right click
Click Extract Here
Put in the password if needed
It should look like this when done


Congrats, all done

A few things to note before the event starts.

Most missions are relatively simple to understand, and are primarily AAS. Even still make sure you have a read of the mission briefing before clicking squad assignment


There are no FOBs or SL spawnpoints. Transport is essential. I've removed handheld AA to help with this.

SL and commander rallypoints are still active. Some settings are tweaked. SL rallypoints stay for 5 minutes, commander stays for ten. The entire team can spawn on a commander rally, but requires 6 team members nearby to deploy one.

All assets are delayed 3 minutes at the round start, this is to allow everyone to organise and get kits sorted. Also give us opfor guys a chance to get ready. Don't try and walk from main bases.

Normal coop rules apply regarding assets, correct squads for claimable assets. No mech inf sorry.

Remember to bring ammo in your squads, supplies are in short demand.

Depending on your skills we may not get through all the missions.

At times if your team is struggling I might provide intel to the commander. Provided you have one.


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On 3/17/2024 at 12:35 PM, =VG= Melon Muncher said:

Thanks to all those who joined. Was a good time. 

I might try and run it again another time.

Minus the briefing (need moar), the event was good enough for my immersion, especially when people are also on opfor side ones.


Can't wait for another one, count me in.

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