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ArmA Event Poll

=VG= The_Polish_Guy

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Hello everyone,

some of you probably remember my last Arma poll where I asked for you suggestions regarding future events. Today I come to you with another poll. This one revolves around the issue of our ACE Medical setting but don't worry, if you have other issues/ideas/suggestions, there's a place for that too.

Of course I urge anyone playing arma with us to answer the 12 easy questions. Please do not treat the questions as a preview of thing to come. This is only to gather your opinions. Personally I feel pretty good with where the settings are now, but there's always room for improvement.

So here's the link to the poll. Of course all of your answers are anonymous.

If you think you have something to add besides the questions in the poll, respond below or dm me here or on discord.


Edit: I forgot to mention that in about a week I'll publish the results here and maybe I'll respond to some of the suggestions too.

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All right the time has come. Thanks to everyone who answered the poll.

I will go over a few of the questions and some answers below. If someone is interested in the specific data that  I don't present or whatever, dm me and I'll send you the whole thing.


First questions basically show some info about the group, so most play regularly, enjoy ACE and ACE Medical.



Wound reopening was a NO (sadly but I'll get to that later).


And advanced bandages was a big NO.



Most people support allowing only medics to perform some actions. We'll get back to that soon.


Action length seems to be fine for most.


And now the interesting part. A lot of people suggested to make medics more important. This is something that I've been thinking about for some time now. This was shown in one of the questions above. If we don't include wound reopening this could make the medical system more enjoyable for the ones who enjoy it (because they picked medic) and less demanding for the people who don't want to be medics. Also might increase the tactical side of healing. So I'd say at least blood and morphine/epi just for medics may become a thing.


Lastly I wanted to respond to some suggestions here. Most were very interesting to read.


Events in general are fine, but I really think we need another general questionnaire such as this so we can create a “VG Modlist” so we can use that universally across all events so we don't need to download new mods all the time. This isn’t to say we can never use other mods but I think it would be good.

- So basically there is no official modlist in use, but we use basically the same core mods for each mission. We even use the same optional mods every time. So if someone just wants to know, we pretty much always use: CUP terrains and maps, all four RHS mods, CBA, ACE3, TFAR. Those are the heaviest mods we use and they pretty much never change, unless we use only some of them.


Keep the vanilla Arma 3. Most won`t join because we use ACE. Even though I don`t despise it entirely I suggest we use vanilla. Most don`t come to play a mil-sim.

- With this one I just don't agree. Of course I understand someone might not enjoy ACE (as the numbers show) but also as it is shown above only 20% of people said they don't like it and noone hates it apparently. But even without that, pretty much everyone active in the VG arma community joins events, even the biggest ACE hater himself.


Not played as Medic myself, but don’t make it too complicated. We need to remember fun above all else, spending 10 minutes on one injured player is not fun. It holds up the event a and is too much work for medics.

- If you're spending 10 minutes on one person, I'd be happy to show you how to actually use ACE medical. But hopefully with moving more actions to medics, only the people who don't mind spending some time healing will actually do that (besides some minor treatment).


1. CDLC events, like vietnam

2. Maps are great, maybe something different is not bad, desert maps are pretty cool. Didn't Arma publish a DLC with a new desert map? Let's try that one day.

- I grouped these two together because I think it's the same issue. I'd like to do some 'nam ops but as always it's the issue of people not buying DLCs. Which I can't blame them for, I bought only a few myself. And whereas I can see why someone would buy Prairie Fire, I don't see a reason to buy West Sahara when it's just a couple of reskins and a new map.

After all it's always the same question: Isn't there a free mod that basically does the job well enough? And to be fair, I really do want to make a Prairie Fire mission one day, but I always wonder how many people actually have the DLC.


Let's explore foreign armies? Clothing, full weaponry sets.

- I'd really love to hear more about this suggestion. I know people want different factions, I just need to know what factions you want to see more. To illustrate my point, US and Russia are both foreign factions to me but I assume this isn't what this suggestion means. 


There was more suggestions. Quite a few asking to give medics more responsibility which I mentioned before so won't go into it here. The ones mentioned are the ones I can respond to now to show you my perceptive on things.

I welcome any form of discussion below regarding the poll or anything else.

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Imagine spending 20 minutes getting your fashion armor ready for the mission and you can't take 5 minutes to remember if a laceration needs 1 of 4 types of bandages...

It has less text than the PR manual or the PR server rules... (both of which we urge players to read and know to play)

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@System In PR coop you need to stand next to the person to heal and stab them with an EpiPen to revive. I my option that is less difficult than looking up a spread sheet...

On top of that IMHO if you want to introduce milsim medical you have to have a player base that 1) wants it (in sufficient numbers) 2) understands basic combat formations to reduce the amount of injuries and 3) soft qualifications for those who do want to get milsim medical training.

As seen in the poll most don't desire more advanced medical functions, most don't respect or call for combat formations (as seen when participating) and having only a hand ful of people doing Medic is limiting in numbers and frustrating when there are no-shows..

..but that's perfectly OK. Sure, if there is drive in the arma community to step up the game and dive into a more serious environment no problem, let's try it out. I just don't think it's a particularly fruitful endeavor.

Or just play with LAMBS! They seem to be doing this just fine for decades.





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On 3/14/2024 at 3:27 PM, =VG= keed said:

@System In PR coop you need to stand next to the person to heal and stab them with an EpiPen to revive. I my option that is less difficult than looking up a spread sheet...

In pr coop the emphasis is not on the medic, but rather on retaining other useful information like map knowledge (quad/mortar locations), when to use smoke nades, how to do everything efficiently (as an admin as well), and it's not like 30 people voted here, these are 14 regular pr and arma players - so I don't see the point in not trying out something new when we have the capacity, and to just let go of the prejudice towards the "flawed" system, cause when we first set it up it wasn't properly balanced (it's not now either, I don't use splints or tourniquets at all with our settings as a medic).
I mean if the point is always going to be load in, play the same mods, and just make variations of "take this hill" or "patrol this area and clear it" then why play at all?
Some of the more memorable missions (or moments) for me where I didn't care about how medical was working: polish's drug lab hunt and town raid with the bus, blizzards bistrica map fighting with the brdms, t-72 and bmp-2 and a shit-ton of enemy inf and armor, arguing with that yank that showed up to one of sausages missions (fallujah?) never to be seen again about formations, and ofc operation wet willy with the nightime spec ops blow up radio stations silently...

P.S. Specialized bandage use doesn't have to be enabled, if you get hit patch up quick and then seek a medic to stitch it up, if you're down the medic is already gonna stitch you after he gets you up, makes you stick to your squad for utility, use more comms and gives the medic something actually unique about his role.
P.P.S. Other than our formations and mil-sim tactics (which I guess we won't work on) we could work on communication more, and take more time to plan out attacks and such, it is a milsim game after all, the way that we modded it, at least.

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@=VG= The_Polish_Guythere is a workshop mod that allows people to play praire fire without DLC. I don't know how it works but it does explain it in the description of the mod. Just something worth looking into if you do want to do some 'nam!


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On 3/19/2024 at 2:14 PM, =VG= Connor said:

there is a workshop mod that allows people to play praire fire without DLC. I don't know how it works but it does explain it in the description of the mod. Just something worth looking into if you do want to do some 'nam!

oh that does sound good. I'll check it out thx

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On 3/24/2024 at 6:11 PM, =VG= Orracis said:

Man I don’t want to have to take a virtual combat lifesaver course just to play with some friends on an event! When in doubt, use KISS, keep it simple stupid! Especially for dummies like me. Now when we doing this Nam event? 

I love this MAN

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