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  1. Bots have AIM, can we get something like this?
  2. 86542286_VGGOLDDogTag300x150.png.b205d2fdae8970ac217ef3244ca8c0d3.png

    1. Allie2


      What's that?


    2. =AMPH=


      Its a Veterans Gaming Premium DogTag, meant to be used by admins only...

  3. I cant believe how balanced your mix is since it hasnt been edited in DAW. My plugins tell me that you know your speakers / headphones very well, as well as the acoustics of the room. The mix is very dynamic, up to 12db range, pleasant to listen to better said ... Btw, this is close to "Minmal Techno"
  4. =AMPH=

    Too much...

    @=VG= BLuDKLoT Eyes see what they want to see :D
  5. =AMPH=

    Too much...

    Things like this happen if you are not on the site regularly...
  6. =AMPH=


    33 peoples vs 1 grenade
  7. =AMPH=


    33 peoples rushing
  8. =AMPH=

    PSU help

    Its a PC actually, from 2011. Before I inserted the Radeon 4600 from my very old computer, I had an GTX 660. Since I dont play games as much as before, until the Radeon turns off, there will be no GPU update.
  9. =AMPH=

    PSU help

    Rule NO.1 never cheap on PSU My baby Opinion: -Antec -Seasonic
  10. =AMPH=

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