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  1. This is something I should not miss... Where to extract .rar file?
  2. 1. I agree that CoopPVP is great fun but, in my opinion, I think it is better to keep one “Coop” server, and to organize “CooP-PvP” every week. (It doesn't have to be just a weekend, say Wednesday, Saturday Sunday ...) And think Its cost effective among other options. 2. CooP-PvP has a lot of poorly balanced maps (one side has a lot of advantages over the other) and it is simply impossible to leave the vehicle without the bot stealing it ... Another disadvantage of CooP-PvP is the lack of communication + poorly managed squads ... On the other side I would like to see =VG= IP (maybe under password) in Deployment mode ... Let CooP be Coop
  3. https://theculturetrip.com/europe/serbia/articles/11-traditional-serbian-dishes-you-need-to-try/ Literally this
  4. When Keed hit enemy tank, B0Ts get killed and banned at same time...
  5. Well, i must say that, this one is pretty well balanced mix! "Poly-Ticks-mobile crematoriums that run out of gas.mp3" i also laughed hard AF...
  6. =AMPH=

    Operation Marlin

  7. =AMPH=


    CAS power 180%
  8. KafrHalab Colorized
  9. Kashan Desert LRG - Enemy Vehicles appear on screen when you get close to them - Enemy AI dont even shoot you
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