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Memorial for =VG= Skiddles

=VG= KaraMara

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Hi all!

Its been almost a year since =VG= Skiddles passed away.

We should come together and play some PR in his memory.

Throughout 2024 April 10-11 (wednesday - thursday) hop on PR and get some proper teamplay going, something that he would have enjoyed too.

This is not an official event so no special map or anything, no start or finish time. If somebody knows his favorite maps post it below so we can set some of those.


See you all in game!

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We have decided that VG will be hosting a singular memorial event in June, every year.  What began as a memorial for Vincent James will now evolve into a memorial event for any/all past members, and we will soon adjust the event details to reflect that long prior to the event taking place.

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