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  1. Hallo I am Ratical and currently I am 18 years of age some may know me as C|HINA Ratical in-game the reason for that prefix (C|HINA) is because I participated in the PR teamwork tournament early on this year never really feel to change it, but that's besides the point my love for FPS and military games like Counter-Strike, Golden Eye, Splinter cell and planetside just to name a few I was on the lookout for a slightly better military game which had lead me to YouTube video of the Bf2 project reality mod which I currently love. After the tournament have been dissolved I have been playing on your VG dedicated Coop server for a while now, its been a blast so far I do a bit of everything form CAS, tank, APC, Inf, and a few time trans, and also I prefer Vg coop over every other Coop or Deployment server/ community because Admins are easier to reason with and they aren't toxic and their is fewer toxic players. I know I should've done this Brief Bio a while back but I guess this is it.
  2. just perfect right after my logistics management test day.
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