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Project Reality Co-Op Event

=VG= Melon Muncher

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Saturday, 6th November. 1500 UTC

Download here

extract into to PR/LEVELS folder. Do not overwrite any files. Ask on TS or discord if unsure

Hey guys, been a while since we had one so let's do it.

There's not really a story behind the event other than it's main focus being some good old infantry fun.

Each level will be run with 48 bots and 32 humans, there are no signups for squads but if somebody wants to organize themselves that's cool.

There will be some maps to download and install soon.

The event rules are as follows:
Squad size is limited to 5 men (unless there is an odd man out in need of a squad); these are CQB maps with lots of objectives and are intended to be played in small squads.
Pilots need to cycle between rounds, no one person piloting on every map, share the love.
Other usual PR rules apply

Death will not cause ticket bleed. losing will be caused by vehicle loss or bleed.
Vehicles cost 20 tickets

All maps will be USA vs Insurgents
There are no kit requests, select the kits wisely before spawning

Because I don't want to put most of my time into making the game look pretty and missing important things the loadouts will be put here. In game they will look like normal PR kits until you spawn.

Officer: Knife, Pistol, M4 eotech, Grenades, radio, smoke, med-patch
Officer alt: Knife, Pistol, MP5, Grenades, radio, smoke, med-patch

Grenadier: Knife, pistol, M4 UGL, med-patch
Grenadier alt: Knife, pistol, MP5, M79, med-patch

Rifleman: Knife, pistol, m4aimpoint, Grenades, ammo, med-patch
Rifleman: Knife, pistol, MP5, Grenades, ammo, med-patch

Support: Knife, m249, med-patch
Support alt: Knife, HK417 marksman, med-patch

Specialist: Knife, M4 eotech, mossberg590, c4, med-patch
Specialist alt: Knife, mp5, mossberg590, c4, med-patch

Medic: Knife, m4eotech, smoke, epipen, medkit, med-patch
Medic alt: Knife, MP5, smoke, epipen, medkit, med-patch

AT: Knife, psitol, M4 eotech, Grenades, m72, med-patch
AT alt: Knife, pistol, MP5, Grenades, m72, med-patch




A raid on a chemical Facility has turned up empty, secure the nearby weapon bunkers and don't let the chemical plant fall into enemy hands

2x UH60


In retaliation for seizing chemical plant a warlord has managed to bring down the two blackhawks.

6 survivors are able to spawn on each of the downed UH60's and hold the points while reinforcements prepare and arrive for the extraction.
Neither UH60 (PURPLE) can fall.
A small motorized convoy must make their way to each UH60 following the designated route (Yellow) and securing key points (Orange) on the way.
Only vehicles can capture the Orange and extraction points
Capture the airbase after the securing the extraction to evacuate.

2x MH6 littlebird transports (can fly through OOB)
3x 50cal humvees
1x repair humvee



After tracking the warlord down to his fortified city it's time to take him out
Assualt the Anti Air Emplacements (RED)
Then move secure the four most likely hideouts (YELLOW)

4x MH6 Little bird



The starter map. defend the safe house and secure the perimeter flags.
Ammo is only available at the safe house and by riflemen.


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