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  1. ima start playing at 11am and hog a spot and hope my game doesn't crash until then
  2. That's so gold bruh. I could imagine a newbie reporting you only to find out you are one of the admins
  3. Ok gotcha, didn't know it was well known coz an admin was surprised when it happened to him.
  4. Hello my IGN is Apologies. I named myself Apologies because I fuck up a lot during my early days in the VG server. Been playing PR coop for more than a month now and loving it. I mostly go SL on broken maps or in maps that I have absolutely no knowledge about and if no one wants to do it. I love being an infantry and I think PR coop is best played as infantry, except in Kashan. My macro gameplay is I fill the roles that are needed or under utilized in order to beat a map. It is an honor to be a part of this great gaming community.
  5. Beware there is a bug where in if you get killed while throwing a grenade out, and then someone revives you, once you switch back to grenade, your character will automatically throw the grenade without pressing anything. Happened to me once luckily I decided to move away first from the friendlies but I've witnessed it happening to 2 people now.
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