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  1. I liked the event we did a while back where you had to capture the vip in ramiel. Maybe something like that?
  2. The bots will always end up right behind you after a little bit of fighting. The only way you can break away is if you go straight up in the air then once they stop chasing you can find them again.
  3. Be gone foul demon Xvanillapopx UWU
  4. Recently started sketching what do you guys think? Good or no.


  5. Vanillapop


    When youre flying trans and a squad your not familar with says dont crash
  6. Better question would be who flys by only using the keyboard and no mouse. Geroy does
  7. Most of the guys here have played for so long that they have a beautifully orcastrated song and dance, and after playing for about 4 years i can easily say that coop is predictable and a commander throws off the dance as well as makes it inconvinient. Once you play for a bit you will see that pattern
  8. This battle would be a great event series for Arma 3. If not still like this channel they lots of great animations and accurate story telling of modern battles.
  9. Um can we have that Subaru for the next capture the VIP event?
  10. Should put @LangMaster s face in there somewhere haha
  11. Just combine the task with trans. I always tend to grab a logi if i *crash a chopper*
  12. When youve been gone for months, and you dont recognize anyone and they you.
  13. The bar is set here and xor's vertical landing
  14. Is this for clan tag recommandations?
  15. Oh ya about tanks, why is it a 10 round auto cannon? Lol
  16. I played it last night and enjoyed it, it is a run and gun shooter tho and thats okay wish it had bigger maps.
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