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  1. Love the garden pic on your profile!  I've been growing for around 15 years, indoors and 'drain-to-waste' hydroponics.  Last spring my crop went to hell when aphids invaded and evaded entire battalions of ladybugs I released to eat them.  One plant was completely ignored by the ladybugs, it was very frustrating.  Haven't fired up the grow room for a crop since, but I better get started soon cuz it's $150 an oz. at the shops, and lower quality that my grows.

    Last best grow was Spring 2019 - pics if you're interested:  https://imgur.com/gallery/K6UIMSP


  2. Welcome! Good to have you here. I suspect it won't take long for you to realize that playing here sh&ts all over playing any where else. Here you find awesome people that share a love of gaming devoid of the crap most other servers host. VG is an awesome group of people. Family!
  3. In order to find the middle, one must have both ends.

  4. For me, the frequency of CTDT is directly proportional to two very different factors. First, as Vanilla suggested, background programs. Things like auto update programs for things like drivers are the worst. Discord for me cause CTDT and memory errors more often when they are running. Second, it depends on how much fun I am having playing! The more fun, the more likely a crash will happen! LOL
  5. Some weapons take time to "warm up". What you are experiencing is part of the game.
  6. Welcome, Walt! Always a pleasure to have you in-game! Shy or not, get a mic when you can!
  7. I am so pleased! In recent weeks this community has embraced what I was trying to say. I see veterans leading squads, teaching, helping. It's F'ing awesome! The best part is I see more and more new names playing. Our veterans are working to grow this community and I love it! Thank you guys and you know who you are!
  8. Went through a mid-life crisis. Not that big of a deal! I spent weeks, months trying to work out what to do. Then someone who I know only a little said something and it hit home in a huge way. "Do what you want but make F'ing sure you love to do it!" For me, it meant giving away the need to have more and discovering how having less pleases me. I focus on what I need not what I want and the result is I want less and less every day. I worked my ass off for 40 years and lost the lot to an evil wife that planned her exit from the marriage for a year. She got all her ducks in a row and ble
  9. Gone Buttlefish'in - James Newton Howard
  10. When Blizzard joined the server to change the map he made comment to CAS about the camping which was, for the most part, ignored. The APC team and SL made comments to CAS about their gameplay which was also ignored, laughed at. "A kill is a kill." AL Basrah has a broken spawn point which is exploited a lot, but someone has to watch the spot until the palace is neutral. IMO CAS knew what they were doing was wrong and had their "fun" at everyone else's expense. My disappointment stems from the fact the CAS pilot is a veteran player who knows better and is often critical of others be it
  11. Disappointing Map: Al Basrah Server Population: When I joined 8 and grew to 18 near the end. A tough map with 8 players. When I joined there was a CAS squad, an APC squad, and an INF squad with a couple of people in it. I opted to join APC. As you can imagine, it was back and forth cap move to the next just to lose the previous one. It went on like this for a while until the population grew. There were a lot of new players as well as a few seasoned ones. At one point in the match, a member of the APC squad said in chat, "that should send them back to base" The SL asked and the pla
  12. Hi Binary, There are lots of reasons why but I don't, and I refuse to believe it difficult to change. I have already seen changes! Veteran players are helping new players a lot more. I've witnessed it and I think it is "f'n" awesome. It was a few days ago when a "newbie" joined the squad. I think it MAD leading. The newbie didn't have a clue. Didn't know how to do anything. MAD told him some basics and the rest of the squad jumped in and helped him. In that 1 hour match, the "newbie" had the support of the whole squad. We all explained, pointed out where to look, how to use the controls.
  13. I know I am just a player here. Not much weight nor reputation yet to be respected. So I am just gonna put this out there because my gaming experience on VG tells me it is the right thing to do. I want Zeee to be an admin. Not that he can kick and ban people but because he knows the game, the maps and when no one else is around this guy can keep the server populated not only because of map choice but because ZEEE picked it. Zeee is here all the time and when is not, he is missed. I have learned so much from him. He is my go to guy when not flying cas which he does much more
  14. Okay, I'll play along. Edit
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