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  1. Anyone needs an SL or Medic? Really excited for this one especially for that MP5
  2. Hi All! Syntaxx here! 21 yo Engr. Student from the Philippines. I have been playing for a year now since I joined this community, I primarily play in the VG PR Coop Server as a Squad Lead or most often as a Medic. I've gained and learned a lot in this community, mostly about teamwork, respect and discipline but the most important thing is to always have fun. I mostly play FPS, RTS and Tactical Shooter games like the Ghost Recon Series, Insurgency 1, Socom Series, Delta Force Series, Men of War Series, Company of Heroes , and War thunder. That all folks! You can approach me in game ( join my squad ) or through the VG Discord Server. And also Quack!
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