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  1. Couldn join at first. I had to manually delete map folders and re-unpack the files again, restart game and then I could join
  2. Thank you for this. I really appreciate you sharing this in our community. Farewell Skiddles.
  3. I managed to completely miss this. Didn't even see the announcement until now Such is life when you have a life I guess.
  4. Sadly, I cant join. Already have other plans. Already missed last time
  5. Hello. Today I played a few maps on PvPvE server. Observations: 1. The majority of the maps was designed for PvE and therefore have a heavy bias regarding assets and flags in the beginning. Few maps are balanced. We will need careful map selection for even matches, and possibly remove some maps from rotation. Example: Asad Khal is very balanced and offers a good fight in the middle. Silent Eagle Std is not really balanced but still offers a great fight for the city in the middle. Jabal al Burj is totally unbalanced. WW2 maps like Reichswald and Merville look like great maps to play on this server setting Point is: lets not throw every unbalanced map off the server, because some unbalanced maps still make a great fight. Will need testing 2. Team selection. Everyone seems to go Opfor (=side we usually don't play in COOP). This makes for unfair team balance right from the start. Dont know if this will even out. 3. The fighting was really different. I move very carefully always expecting to be shot at any moment. In COOP I know exactly where the fighting gonna be. Here, I don't. Interesting fact is that you have mixture of bots and humans against you, so you never know what you are up against. Treating everything with the same caution. 4, One potential problem I see in the bot+player mixing is maps with heavy foliage. Bots shoot right through it, humans cant see you. So this means you cant rely on lying down in some forest expecting the (human) enemy to not see you. Might be annoying in the future, because I usually adapt my playing style towards bots OR human players. But it was great fun altogether. I see a lot of potential in this. Logistically it makes sense to leave the PvPvE server on at weekends or specific dates. Because otherwise we might end up with two servers filled with <20 people and will slowly kill our community.
  6. Really nice. Consider me envious. One day I will make a trip like this in south east asia.
  7. My 2 cents: Ramiel was a great design. Even though I am a person that likes tactical freedom, I like levels that force you to walk through "corridors" and protecting assets. I remember an event map where we had one tank and only it could capture flags and we had to protect it. That was great. Here you tried doing the same. And I saw one squad going for the desired cap order. While my squad, for example, was being flown in to one of the crash sites were we just sat around doing nothing. I kinda felt sad, that I couldn't go for the natural cap order. My point being here is that you have two options to "force" people into playing the map how you want it to: 1) Do a premap briefing where you quickly talk the do's and dont's of each map, because most guys simply wont read your forum descriptions. Or at least make sure beforehand in the event thread, that you have prechosen squadleaders who have read and understood what the maps are about. Something like that. 2) Force the ppl through choice of assets. On Ramiel it might have been good to have 1-2 Humvees right from the beginning, because it appeared ppl were just too lazy to walk all that way from main to first cap point. And it might have been a good idea to let trans spawn with a heavy delay, so people get bored and stop lazily standing around main waiting for someone to take them by the hand. People are sheep and you need to herd them the right way. Do so more forcefully in the future, And thanks for making events. I really enjoy them.
  8. Fuck yeah, this looks good from the maps already Anything with an MP5 I will play.
  9. Why is the relationship that bad? I always remember us being seen like the retarded child of the community (because we play against bots I assume), but why so much disdain? We have been pulling in new players pretty much daily for the last 6 months or so. Because everyone first tries to play coop, and we are a rather welcoming community. And then some move on to deployment and some stay with us. They should be thankful. But I guess I miss out all the drama behind the curtains between all these development divas.
  10. Hey man, just wanted to say a big thank you for your work! I only played Adak twice, but I really enjoyed strolling around in that eastern city. That part might look a bit monotonous or repetitive, but it has a great feel to it. Whole map feels like a nuclear test site, with an artificial town built next to it. Great work.
  11. No. On a wasd layout this leads to uncomfortable little finger acrobatics. Same with sprint on shift. I put it on x so I can hit it with my thumb. Same for c as my crouching key. Such is life
  12. Thank god, fucking finally. I changed my keyboard layout to have crouch on c from whatever it was , so my hand wont get tired when I crouch all the time
  13. We all do that now, but what made you come here for the first few times , Skit?
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