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  1. We all do that now, but what made you come here for the first few times , Skit?
  2. In another life, a long time ago I used to play in a clan in Battlefield:Vietnam. I was quite good, and so was my clan. Since I always had to play against other humans I felt obliged to always play at my best, and never let go. Always trying to give the best performance. Needless to say my life started revolving around giving the best performance in some shitty online game, and it didnt serve me well. Because gaming grew to stress me out that way. On the other hand I always digged games that had a survival theme to them, or some sort of seriousness. Like you walk for 10 minutes and
  3. Get a microphone man. Even your potato laptop should have an integrated one. My old toaster has one, and the coffee machine. I used to play PR on those when I plugged them together
  4. On one hand I really like CAS being targeted more, resulting in more challenging situations for INF, which is just what we want. On the other hand I really enjoy being shot at as INF with an RPG. Tough call.
  5. I think he means that the bots on one certain flag dont spawn on the exact same three spots but rather in a designated area around the three spawn spots. Example: Pavlovsk bay, Construction site, house of pain. Bots all spawn in the exact same spot on the second floor of that building --> Volod lies there and kills them all Now make them spawn everywhere in a 10m radius around this spot, and you will have them spawning everywhere in this building --> Volod has to run around and possibly would get rekt and needs dependable team mates and communication to cover the spawn. Th
  6. Really liked that German Map. It looked great atmosphere wise and the messed spawns proved to be a challenge in the end. On the pics our squad covers the advance of some other squad across the street. And if I recall correctly the tank is all the way in the back of the street. 7 That Style of mission is really well suited for coop mode. 8/10 would play again.
  7. Fools Road Alt has a problem: Militia Fortress has a spawn point inside the fortress where the bots just keep spawning and instantly dying leading to 1. an uncappable flag --> map cannot be finished 2. horrible perfomance for everyone due to the ragdolls being pushed into some surface
  8. I wont be able to make it in time. A shame, because the first map looks really promising.
  9. So did you make any changes regarding capping time / neutral time?
  10. The new Beirut Large is quite cool. A bit much of a tank spam, but in the beginning you have a nice chokepoint with the bridge. And later on you get two tanks. Needs a good teamwork though.
  11. I would be interested. I started in Deployment, but it became too stressful, so I was looking for more relaxed options and found COOP with a cool community. The problem is, that I don't wanna go back now without squadmates that I can 100% trust. Ideally I know what they will be doing or where they will be moving if event x happens. Could only do that with the old people I know from COOP. So sign me up. Problems from my side: I am drowning in work atm and other very serious real life shit. A lot is happening in parallel and I have a hard time handling everything atm. If we do th
  12. You guys should really look into updating the server to Windows 95, it works like a charm.
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