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  • 06/22/2021 06:00 AM     06:00 AM

    This event repeats every year forever

    VincentJames96 Annual Memorial - 24 Hours at Muttrah
    0600 PRT
    In remembrance of our dear departed friend H8CrazyVet67, also known in games as VincentJames96, whom we lost in 2018, we will be hosting a 24 hour event based around his favorite map.  All map layers will be included in the rotation.  Please join us as we remember the good times we had with our old friend.   In game messages will help inform our regular players of this change, but please be patient with those who do not notice and may complain, and kindly explain this temporary event to them so they may know to conduct themselves with respect accordingly, or to choose to play on another server for the remainder of the day. Thank you!

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