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Project Reality Event Week III

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Project Reality Event

Week III


2000 PRT

Download : Click Here!

Mirror:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YcRYiCzS03i9u-MBn2wrhlZfv12r07li/view

Password : cucumber


Third part of the campaign. This one will be a bit different and will have sign ups for the assets. INF players don't need to sign up. 

1. Important : 

This event features combined operations between two factions which means the main faction is modified. Asset players who have signed up must spawn in with the crewman kit provided on the spawnscreen. Same goes for the players signed up as special INF (see figure 1). This is the only way to get the crewman kit and correct faction. Other players should not touch it. It is required that asset players stick to that crewman kit and signed up INF players to the inf kit on spawn, even if they don't use the asset (You can still pick up other kits after you have spawned in). Third APC is reserve in case we get a lot of people joining.



Sign ups : 


American / British infantry : 


Solider : Zeeeeeeeeee

Soldier :  Kavelenko

Soldier : RussianStalker

Soldier : Nikitos26

Soldier : Sciddles


Command APC / Logistics APC

Driver/Commander : Keed

Gunner : Melon


APC 1 :

Driver/Commander : DankyTheFemboy

Gunner : Stark


APC 2 (Reserve) : 

Driver/Commander : KaraMara

Gunner : Ranger_12


Tank : 

Driver/Commander : LangMaster

Gunner : The_Polish_Guy


2. Situation : 


After weeks of fighting, coalition advance has been slowed down conciderably. After the crushing defeat at Bazman oilfields, the remnants of Iran's 22th Infantry and 92nd Armoured division have pulled back and dug in at the city of Bam and have succesfully repelled coalition attacks so far. At the west, Iranian special forces made a daring counterattack at the port city of Gerouk and forced the American forces station there to pull back.



3. Missions : 


3.1. Mission 7 : Lost Brothers


German KSK unit is tasked to infiltrate the city of Gerouk and assist the surrounded American armoured convoy still stuck there. Their objective is to link up with the Americans and then escort them out of the city following the preplanned route. 

The American general Thomas Mcgillon is reported to be wounded on board the stryker command vehicle and must be transported out of the area.

Mission notes : 

This is a special mission. Only assets can capture flags. Non of the assets respawn. If you lose them, the mission is failed. The command stryker is your only respawn and repair point. Loss of the command stryker will result in mission failure.


Assets : 

1 x Command Stryker

1 x M1A2

2 x M2A2 Bradley



3.2. Mission 8 : Battle of Bam


After the heroic victory at Bazman oilfields, French Commandos Marine are sent out to support the British Royal Wessex in an attempt to force the Iranian forces out of Bam once and for all. 


Assets : 

1 x Logistics Warrior (Repairs & Supplies)

2 x Warrior APC

1 x Challenger 2

2 x VAB (No kit requests)



3.3. Mission 9 : Siege of Dumak


Polish GROM is tasked at capturing the city of Dumak


Assets : 

1 x logistics Rosomak (repairs and supplies)


1 x pt91 Twardi (no respawn)

3 x Honker



4. Rules


4.1. Standard Veterans - Gaming server rules

4.2. Asset players must stick to the crewman kit from the spawn menu.

4.3. People who have not signed up as asset crew are not allowed to spawn in with the crewman.

4.4. People who have not signed up as special INF are not allowed to spawn in with the other faction kits.

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Sorry for the late upload, but it seems you guys got my account suspended on dropbox for generating too much traffic last night, so we'll try out google drive this time around :D. I've no idea if this works, so if you guys have issues with downloading, let me know and I'll find an alternative.

Note : These maps are not meant to be played on local and will most likely bug the hell out for you.

Download : Click Here

Install instructions : 

1. Download event3.rar

2. Unpack event3.rar

3. copy/cut & paste the 3 folders (c20_3a, c20_3b & c20_3c) to your PR levels folder (default - C:Program Files (x86)/Project Reality/Project Reality BF2/Mods/pr/Levels.

*4. If you participated in map testing, delete the 3 folders from your levels folder before installing the maps. Do not overwrite.

*5. In order for the maps to be loaded, restart your PR if you installed them while program was running.

6. If you have any issues or find a game breaking bug on the maps, don't hesitate to let me know.

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Slots for the american/british INF squad have been filled. Thank you all who signed up.  Currently missing the crew for the command / logistics APC and driver for the reserve APC :) .

And just an additional note in case it got missed in the wall of text above : Signups are only for the assets and the custom infantry. Everyone else are free to join and participate as regular infantry like in the previous events. 


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15 hours ago, LangMaster said:

just don't use beirut map for event please.


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7 hours ago, =VG= Melon Muncher said:

I will annoy him with my no miciness

If I name my squad "mic only" then, will reality cease to exist?

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Can I sign up as a logi ? WAIT I realize that there is no logi truck. Nvm

Edited by Aori
no logi truck for cheeky reason

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