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  1. In loving memory of Trans, cut down by a rogue Havok.
  2. Golden


    Massive CPU bottleneck to be sure. RAM is good though. SSD good. Definitely a PC worthy of PR and Arma 3. i5 probably suffers bad from Arma 3 though. Considering how CPU intensive it is. Even for my i9 extreme. 100 player servers I rarely see more than 50-60 FPS at 4K.
  3. The set up was server side by my understanding, not the devs, and it was indeed a pain in the ass from what I heard. Very tedious to have to convert every map layer over to OpFor.
  4. Golden

    So, today...

    Sporadic contrails. Ambient Air temperatures, wind velocity, barometric pressures, and several other factors contribute to this phenomenon. It's why they're spread out like morse. Used to see this a lot when I lived in San Diego. I was only 10 miles from MCAS Miramar. Huge Air Base. They flew training sorties daily, C-17's, Hornets, Blackhawks escorted by 4 Apaches, Ospreys, etc. This kind of trailing was a very common sight.
  5. Was playing Grozny STD last night, BMP-2 coax was doing no damage to enemy infantry. Marshmallow gun. Anyone else had this issue? I tested it several times, got out and back in to see if that fixed it, tried firing the whole box and reloading. Nothing. The only thing I didn't try was shooting coax after the BMP died and respawned, but I never died. Edit: Tried to recreate the issue last night on Grozny, wasn't able to, coax worked just fine and was shredding enemy inf.
  6. Ah, Le Cyanide returns to the forums.
  7. Golden

    PR game

    You're not the first, nor the last, to complain about a bot not dying when you're shooting them accurately, and you can even see the blood flying. A lot of us experience this, despite our connection quality. It's always fun to dump 50 rounds of .50 cal into a bot, turn them into a blood fountain, only for them to ignore it completely, whip around and RPG your vehicle. All I can say is to learn to compensate for it like the rest of us. Welcome to PR. We have Terminator bots!
  8. Maybe that's the case on Shahadah as well. Haven't tried to kill AA with the tank on Shahadah since a couple updates ago. But rockets and cannon from CAS definitely can't destroy the IGLA emplacements, hammered the shit out of them too to be sure I wasn't just really bad lol.. Was able to destroy the quad though.
  9. I can confirm Sahel crashes immediately upon finishing loading. Map randomizer doesn't seem to work correctly either. Not quite sure.
  10. Can't destroy IGLA emplacements on Hotel, or Gas Station on Shahadah.
  11. Outstanding! Would be a great addition to PR.
  12. Inverted pitch for mouse and keyboard. Normal pitch when I'm using a stick and throttle. Wouldn't feel right if you pulled back on a stick and the nose went down lol
  13. AI will only engage fixed wing aircraft when in any form off AA and/or AAA. Pavlovsk is especially easy. Infantry will not engage fixed wings, nor will any of the armor. Once all the AAA guns are destroyed on Pavlovsk, Harriers can VTOL around the map undisputed. 1 tap inf as you fly around, 50 or so rounds to the top of a BMP for the kill. EZPZ
  14. This is gold. Right there with Melon's TS avatar.
  15. I haven't tried with the PTF. I know that CAS and Trans can rearm off of them. But it can be difficult to build on the banks of the river, and if you pull up to player built objects and accidentally bump them with the boat, sometimes Arma physics gets crazy, then you spontaneously combust. You have to be really close to find the hitbox for the context menu of maintenance structures, which makes the risk high for physics to get wonky. I've just been using the trucks and backing them up to the river so the ass end is in the water.
  16. This is the only way to rearm and repair the PTF Nasty. I spent some time testing last night. Had to park a couple trucks at the bank of the water and pull the boat up next to them. Rearm and repair trucks have to be unlocked in order for them to function. Hopefully, in a update, they add a dedicated service point that does it all at the naval base.
  17. Also for the love of God someone tell me how to rearm and repair the PTF Nasty boats. I pull up to the docks and I can get it to refuel. I can't figure out how to rearm them or repair. I never get a context menu pop up. Refueling seems automatic when you pull up to the dock and kill the engine. You can refuel while the engine is on, but it will refuel forever if the engine is running and you can't sail until refueling is complete. It simply won't let you use the throttle. Any ideas as to rearm/repair for the PT boats?
  18. Press esc and at the top left of the screen are the prairie fire DLC settings. View distance is one of the options and I can confirm that it does indeed work. But people aren't realizing that the map is vietnam lol. It's humid, and foggy. 85% of the time you can't see past 2-3 km because of the haze. Sometimes even as low at 1km visibility due to fog. I had my viewdistance set at 500m at one point and changed it to 5km as a test. My view extended only slightly due to the dense fog. I know it works because I have to lower my draw distance to 1.5km sometimes to get a solid 60FPS because Arma lol.
  19. My muscle memory doesn't allow for c or x as crouch/jump. Ctrl and Space for me since 1993.
  20. I'm down! I downloaded the DLC last night and played a round of coop with some randoms. It was night and all I had was my M2 and a flashlight. Some spare mags, and a medkit. NVA tracers from the trees are the scariest shit. Oh and friendly CAS wiped our whole team on accident towards the end haha. Just like PR!
  21. @LangMaster Still though congratulations on getting the map through! Even though there was a foul up lol.
  22. Golden

    Cant decide

    I totally agree that the newer AMD CPUs are tanks, but I've had issues with thermals in the past under load with AMD. Throttli g and what not. Before liquid cooling was a norm. Combine that with poor mobo choice (ASrock) I had issues in CAD and some of the rotor balancing programs I use at work when I was on the engineering side of my shop. I wanted to be closer to the engines and build them rather than trouble shoot 24/7. So I'm not as active of CAD and things anymore. I've never really had any issues with thermals in any Intel CPU. That's really my only gripe. I made my decision to not use AMD anymore years and years ago. When I finish this year out and get my christmas bonus, I might build another AMD machine, but for my living room as an entertainment system. See how it goes. My son loves offroad racing games and he likes to play in the living room. He has his own PC in his room that I built for him. But he would rather play in the living room on the older PC I have in there for movies and stuff.
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