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[Arma 3 Event] - Little Green Men #Russians #Fixed


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Event was previously postponed due to an Arma 3 bug where the 'doStop' command on stable branch dedicated servers resulted in infinite loading & spawning as seagulls, It's since been fixed and thoroughly tested prior to upcoming event, SignUp for a fun time worth your 90GB+ Arma 3 Install. o7


EVENT TIME:  Sunday, 8th of August 2021 - 1900UTC/1300CST

SIGN-UP  Please Do, It's Appreciated
, All Who Don't Are 
STILL Welcome To Join using available slots
PASSWORD: sumboody


  •     ARMA 3 installed and up to date

    All Steam Workshop Mods here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2540017521 ) downloaded and installed
[SIDE NOTE ON MODS]  Modset Contains RHS & 15 additional gameplay and ai enhancement mods no more than 50MB combined.

BLUFOR[ MARSOC, USMC Aboard the USS Liberty

OPFOR[  RUSSIAN VDV, AAF ] On the Island of Stratis

AO[  The Whole Island.  ]

All channels are preconfigured so there's no need to fiddle with frequencies, simply switch to your squads channel using tfar default numpad1-9 channel keybinds.

Simply Opening & Closing your inventory automatically assigns the appropriate frequencies for all radios in your inventory.


Channel 1- Command, Channel 2- Alpha, Channel 3- Bravo, Channel 4- AIR(shared by phantoms & FAC), Channels 5/6/7  Reinforcement Romeo Squads. You may cycle/navigate channels using Numpad1-9, default tfar keybinds.

50 is default common long range frequency & it functions as a command channel, with all SL'S having long range radios, others may access long range radios from vehicles or by taking backpack radio of a downed person.

All You Gotta Do Is Show up.

SQUADS (Dynamic Groups Enabled)

    Platoon Lead:

    Platoon Medic:



Squad Lead: KVSH_420
Rifleman:  STIXON

Engineer: X0R 
    Medic: The_Polish_Guy 

Rifleman:  Sausage
Marksman:  Timan


Squad Lead: 





Phantom 1 

Pilot: Connor


 Phantom 2



 5x AH-9/MH-9 Mission Enhanced Little Birds & 1 CH-53 Stallion
    2 pilots, switching aircraft per mission/task requirements, with access to Dynamic Vehicle Load-out for Armament
Aircraft may only be operated by player that selects a pilot role in lobby, though anyone may still takecontrols from copilot seat.

Romeo 2-1
   12 Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED
Romeo 2-2
    6 Playable Reinforcement Slots FOR PILOTS, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS PHANTOM

Romeo 2-3
  6  Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED
Romeo 2-4
   6 Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED
The Size Or Composition of Squads Is Not Fixed, Anyone Can Join Alpha or Bravo after slotting in as one of the Romeo units, using Dynamic Groups, default key 'U'.

Russians have occupied a Greek island as part of  an agreement with a nationalist government in Greece, as part of a ploy to force the EU to expel Greece from the union, after Greeks voted to remain.  The Russians get a Naval Base in a small Mediterranean Island and the Greek Government gets to bypass the popular vote by forcing the EU to expel Greece from the union. You are tasked with denying the Greek government diplomatic leverage by forcefully & covertly removing the Russians from NATO territory and laying the groundwork for a possible invasion of the Island. Detailed Brief in Mission.


A chain of 2 Primary Objectives and 9-12 Procedurally Generated Chained Secondary Tasks
*this sometimes results in an obviously bugged task, MAP on ship contains override to force task completion should  procedurally generated task be bugged*
Mission Succeeds when All Objectives Are Complete and ALL PLAYERS EXTRACT TO THE USS LIBERTY
Mission Fails if more than 10 civilians are killed which surrendering enemies are considered to be, so beware, there are civilians & ai do surrender.
Mission Fails if all players die.
Mission Fails if friendly fire results in more than 5 deaths.


NONE, however....


Vanilla basic revive system is used and will always result in a wounded state for maximum 5minutes, while medics are capable of reviving in only 20sec anyone with a first aid kit may do so in 60sec, this gives ample opportunity for people to stay alive and in the game with medics being vital, best case scenario, you die & there's most likely a playable slot available for you to rejoin as reinforcements. Though to be clear to those not familiar, playable slots get depleted when no respawn is available, so every playable slot used, is one less playable slot for a subsequent rejoin, so stay alive if at all possible.



Due to time acceleration 24minutes irl is 24hours ingame.
For optimisation reasons AI VEHICLES Autorearm every 5minutes as the alternative would degrade performance.
Vehicle HUD is disabled, you may activate it by activating action menu(scroll wheel) or opening inventory.
Fire support is available to platoon lead in the form of a VLS cruise missile battery & a naval gun that may be used as artillery.
You have access to 2 deployable containers at the bow of the destroyer, that allow creation of a very basic field base which gives you access to rearm,repair,refuel & medical containers that may be transported using cargo HEMTT's to any location, with cargo HEMTT's also able to transport vehicles back to field base for recovery.
Limited & function Annotated Arsenal Crates are available on the destroyer to prevent people playing dress up for hours, but crates may also be redeployed via aircraft.
Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts allows Aircraft to configure loadout near vehicle ammo source while having engine turned off.
Vehicle Appearance Manager to change vehicle appearance for meaningful changes like removing doors for FFV, at players discretion.
IR strobe automatically attached to players at night to reduce possibility of friendly fire.
Map is dynamically populated with very few manually placed objects/units outside of primary objectives.
Thermal Imaging, Automated Spotting, Auto Land, Auto Hover and Ammo Count are disabled.
Extended Map Info is disabled,You Need to Use GPS(Ctrl+]) to see YOUR OWN pos on map, and not much more
Finally keep in mind, Loitering Munitions & EMP devices are active so mind your surroundings.

I won't assume your availability, so please RSVP again with your preferred role, thankyou.

First Person Forced, Standard Flight Model

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 bump, anyone is welcome to join once the mission is underway, so if indeed you do, once you spawn in,press 'u' to join any squad using dynamic groups if so inclined & simply open OR close your inventory to have tfar frequencies automatically configured for all radios in your inventory, with default channel or channel 1 assigned to your current squads frequency. 

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