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  1. Please disregard my last statement! Luckily for me I can be online today, I'll join squad 2
  2. Wish I could write it sooner but couldn't, @=VG= Sausag3 I might not be able to join you this saturday so it's better if somebody else picks my role. If I make it in time, I'll be a rifleman/ammo carrier for the guys.
  3. I'd like get get the marksman role!
  4. You've got to admit Alienware made original cases! Love that style
  5. I'm in for a change, in the worst possible scenario we can revert back to the actual mod pack we're using! If we all have the space for momentarily store unutilized RHS, shouldn't be a problem to try CUP for a while. Forgot to vote, golden monkey award goes to me today
  6. Would like to play as marksman this weekend. If we're going to lack on medics, I'll have no problem in being one!
  7. Stixon

    Cant decide

    I would suggest Option A but with lower CAS latency ram... 3600mhz C16. The Infinity fabric clock speed usually doesn't get much higher the 1800mhz (which is equal to the 1800mhz of your ram) so i would just try to lower latencies. Try looking for Crucial Ballistix ram, with the "C16 signature". They might be a bit more expensive, but a kit 16gbx2 is usually 160-170 euros (i guess around 200 us dollars?). Also don't save money on the power supply and take a good case with a good airflow.
  8. 100% agree with your points! This is kind of the summary of all the several differencies in the DayZ's "bio"product, since there is a vastity of mods ( Epoch, Overpoch, Vanilla and so on ) you can also see which pros and cons of each mod. As previously said, I agree with Fastjact and I'd love to see such project take shape. By being highly subjective and personal preference, you can also not take note of this: PVP isn't that cool, unless we have fair people playing in the server. Unless we have very few "Traders", or even none, PVP could still be fine, since there will be less chance th
  9. Stixon


    Welcome back man! While you were away PR 1.6 finally released and we had some nice events both in PR and Arma 3. Hope we'll see you in the game soon. Unfortunately I can't help in your internet issue, I'm sorry.
  10. I'd like to play again as marksmen - if nobody else wants that role - otherwise i can be ammo rifleman, feels a bit simpler role than the others. All you have to do is yell my name and i'll be there.
  11. Nice one Blizzard, I'll be there! I'd like to be signed for Marksman role in Alpha squad. Time to stock up on cookies! See you on saturday.
  12. Some week ago I was thinking about a scenario, but was nothing defined. I'll try write it at my best. Considered we have a maximum of circa 20 players on the server, two squads composed by seven men each would be the active force while the remaining 6 people could have different roles as undercover soldier/soldiers, medics, marksmen. We are looking for an alleged traffiker of arms and our intel reports 4 possible refuges where we could find him and his best men as form or protection. We might encounter heavy resistance on the road from suspect's affiliates, so we must be careful. Our
  13. I've played more Arma 2 because of Day Z mod than the actual game. I'm fine to play it, I've got all the expansions and I have space for mods, what would you like to play? Game modes, mods etc. Let me know, I'll be here.
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