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  1. hell yeah brother! well you will get plenty more and hopefully plenty more great memories with us!
  2. Nice! Like most people then, me included around 6 years ago now. Glad you are enjoying this ancient game! Hope to see you out there.
  3. Hey! Welcome. Quick question if I may; How did you find out about this game? I'm interested in how people still find this game today. Cheers!
  4. Seen people use this and talk about it before. Never fiddled with it myself, I guess I could give it a go!
  5. Yes siirrr, I'm excited man, I hope all goes well, otherwise we will have to wait for next update to play again (At high player count)
  6. No doubt, I just mean for "testing" it's not going to be very good for you personally either, as we can run it, but if it crashes with lets say 30-40 people, you wont get an answer straight away, and we obviously wont run it again after it crashes. So for more consistent results for you to play with events would be best
  7. This isn't a good place to test. Testing requires to run the map over and over if crashes occur or if you want to reproduce shit, which we wont do on the public server for obvious reasons. For testing player count and seeing how it runs, events is a great way before pushing it to the main server (In my opinion. Just to stop any problems for admins having to restart server or cause players to leave because of crashing maps)
  8. Before you judge, I KNOW it's not hollywood grade editting, I just always wanted to make a video from an event with us guys. This event wasn't the best one to showcase because it wasn't as action packed but good none the less. I also had audio corruption in one of the recordings so I ended up making a mini trailer at the end lol. Anyway enjoy, was pretty fun to make, most of the beginning of the video is just us guys having a laugh, so skip to 8:20 if you wanna get to the action! SKIP TO 8:20 IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE ACTION
  9. Heres some screenshots from playing with Keed and Orracis today! Heres also a small clip of the great atmosphere this game brings you: CLICK HERE
  10. I struggle to find the relevency to this post lol.
  11. Hey guys! If any of you have been wanting to grab Arma 3 and want to play with us lads, now is a GREAT time. We do events very often and we would love for more players to come along! I HIGHLY recommend you purchase the Arma 3 Apex Edition. It will get you set for our events and make everything MUCH easier when setting up mods. If you have a little spare dough, then grab the new DLC - S.O.G PRAIRIE FIRE It's amazing! Hope to see you out there! SALE ENDS -13th MAY (6 DAYS)
  12. Hey! Thanks for your service! Welcome, you will enjoy your stay I promise
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