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  1. You MUST sign up for this even or you are getting Coal in your Stocking this year. I'll take Phantom 1 Please
  2. Hello! Welcome! Glad to see new faces, especially around the BMS crew. I don't personally play but the guys here that do play are super chill and awesome! This is so cool haha, pretty sure that might be a first around here (At least from what I've heard) and thank you for your service! Hope to see you around some of our other games if you decide to hop along!
  3. Anyone that flies with mouse inverted are the kinds of people to wear socks in the shower. Shameless!!!
  4. Connor


    Bit messy, but I am too lazy to make it any neater. PC Specs GPU - RTX 3070 CPU - i5 10400f @ 4ghz Ram - 16gb Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz Storage - 500gb m.2 SSD & 1tb HDD Peripherals Monitor - Acer Nitro VG271US (1440p, 170hz) Mouse - Logitech G Pro Wireless Headset - Logitech G Pro Keyboard - Corsair K70 MK.2 Microphone - MAONO AU-PM421 Pedals/Wheel/Shifter - Logitech G920
  5. Fallujah POG, hopefully i can make it
  6. Wish I could join, shame I will be out for dinner for my Birthday. Hope you have fun guys!
  7. Hey! I recognise the name. I am glad we have helped you learn and grow! I hope basic training went well!
  8. Hey guys! Just thought I should let you know (in case you didn't already) that there is a Summer Sale right now on Steam. These big sales usually have really good deals so it's worth the look! Some Examples: https://store.steampowered.com/
  9. Welcome! Thanks for your service! Enjoy your stay.
  10. no no sir, i did not vote yet! Honestly though, I don't really see the issue, even when we have a great CAS squad, we still sometimes struggle on Pavlovsk. Sometimes we straight up wipe them in no time, it just depends on the infactry we have on the ground. And like in Soul, if you hover there, either you will be rammed or shot down by a mig, unless you manage to kill them in time, which a lot of people find hard whilst hovering anyway. The sound part I can understand though, they are pretty loud, however I have no issue myself, I still hear others fine and the game. I do feel like melons fix did work in game for a while though, pretty sure we got shot at, but not long after everything seemed to have been reverted?
  11. When can I use GYRO on my phone as yoke??????? ALSO F
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