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  1. I also cannot open that file, getting the same page upon clicking. Sorry X0R!
  2. @X0Rwill have a few words to say about this game. Maybe not Dragon Rising though
  3. Whats up man! Thank you for your service! Squad is pretty great with the right group, I've played quite a bit and yes - there are a lot of keyboard warriors over there. Hopefully when we start getting people over the our Squad server we can all have a seriously, fun experience together. Until then, stick around for the events and definitely give Project Reality a go: https://www.realitymod.com/. Old mod for Battlefield 2, it's where most of us hang out!
  4. Connor

    Why We Fight?

    Lets be honest here X0R, you come to PR for one reason: Connorsponner01
  5. He doesn’t stop posting, he just takes a while to upload because takes him a bunch of time to research, edit etc...
  6. This post was inspired by Skiddles recent post. It reminded me of a Youtuber named LEMMiNO - He makes some of the most interesting and high quality videos on youtube. Please, PLEASE, give him a watch, he does many subjects, but if theres one I can recommend it is:
  7. Huh pretty cool, even shows top users
  8. I have no clue at this point. They should save wherever it says they're being saving in the settings. You could try to reinstall it, could fix it? Or re-enable Highlights? Sorry!
  9. Did you check in the "Recordings" section yet? Should look like this:
  10. It should save (by default) in the drive where Windows is installed in “Videos”. If you can’t find it, just press Alt+Z and go to Settings>Recordings and there should be an option to change the location which will tell you where they’re being saved to, and of course change that if you wish. Hope this helped, I use GeForce Experience a lot!
  11. The beast inside, looks great! PC Builder too :)) cheers Sausag3 you MAD LAD
  12. I would just like to say thank you to @=VG= SemlerPDXand Solar for the hard work upgrading and maintaining this website for us to use, and thanks to anyone else behind the scenes working their asses off to keep the user experience smooth for everyone else whether it in game or the website!
  13. Well hopefully one day we help you get over that! But it’s totally ok, you’re still a great player and there’s no rush
  14. I find it mind boggling that people care about their stats in PR?? The only reason I ever check my ‘stats’ is when I want to see my playtime. I haven’t met many people that do care or are at least open about them caring but if you disable these stats it can definitely stop toxicity from some types of players and stop this Call Of Duty mindset that we need to be top of the scoreboard in game and in GameTracker
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