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  1. Hello @Dquar41, if you want your unban request to be considered, please fill out the correct Unban Request form.
  2. Oh yeah sorry my page wasn't refeshed. Can I get Not Tonight?
  3. Thanks for the games Sausage. Imma yoink Minoria and The Haunted Island, A Frog Detective Game.
  4. Oh no! Who's gonna do a logi squad now? Take care, and hope to see you again.
  5. Yes it's true, but on Jabal they come back to Dam/Bridge. On Charlie's they stay there until CAS kills them.
  6. I just wanna add one thing: Charlie's Point std - bots go to and stay on Point Lookout (the first cap) even after other objectives are secured by US forces.
  7. I don't know man. He's not complaining about the tank squad not doing their job.
  8. I think he figured it out, I saw him on the server today.
  9. @Plaintaxplease create a separate unban request. Fill out this form pls https://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/unban-requests/project-reality/&do=form&d=7 Take some time and read the PR Manual and VG COOP server rules.
  10. I own BF3 with DLCs but don't know if I have time for that right know. If more people are interested then I'm in.
  11. I'll grab the tank gunner sit if LangMaster doesn't mind.
  12. Server is down after a crash at Bamyan std. Need someone to take a look.
  13. Server needs a restart after crash on Black Gold alt.
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