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  1. Sign me up for the last opfor unit if it's fine. Sorry for last minute signing up but I wasn't sure if I can make it.
  2. Maybe 5 jets entered into the contrail layer just for a bit? Or part of it was blown away by wind? I'm not an aviation expert though so probably just UFOs
  3. This was a masterpiece made by a genius.
  4. The_Polish_Guy

    As always USMC disturbing the lives of peaceful citizens of Jabal al Burj with a loud party.
  5. Similar thing on bijar std. Wasn't able to kill the iglas with hydras or guns. Killed them with one shot of HEAT from the tank though.
  6. Quadguns are again able to spot us without us seeing them. They can again engage us from behind the "fog". On maps like Karbala they can snipe aircraft across half of the map.
  7. I felt great getting peppered by 40mm. UAV Op again pls
  8. Oh good I'm still struggling with the 4th dimension
  9. I guess I'm gonna grab the UFO UAV Operator. I assume we are gonna be using a quadrotor one, right?
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