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  1. Well I guess it's about time to check it out then.
  2. @batmemeDo you still have the video of that?
  3. The problem was that the FOB deactivated before we could spawn.
  4. I don't think it's a bug. It is supposed to look like this. It looks just like before the update, but it isn't stretched anymore. So you and everyone else need to get used to it.
  5. PR:BF2 v1.6.5.1 Changelog (2021/04/02) ----------------------- General: Added back transparency to in game map. Removed blur from focus to prevent game freezing. Fixed sometimes being able to use focus on scoped weapons. Fixed sometimes optics shader not activating after using BUIS. Fixed crash when deactivating thermals. Fixed HUD getting cut off on square aspect ratios. Kits: Fixed Hamas engineer IED not rearming. Vehicles: Fixed LG missiles not working correctly.
  6. You mean the button that was there before but it was merged with "give up" button? It already was in the game you just had to right click to call for medic.
  7. I think there is a way to avoid crashig while swithing out of thermals. The problem is that death is the solution. From I saw it doesn't crash the client only when the operator gets killed either by enemy or suicide. Probably works too for the !kill command. Another way is to stay in thermals to the end of the map.
  8. I actually like the new GUI. I don't care about the map transparency because I fly/drive with the minimap, open the map for a moment or just use my knowlege of the map. I still can see it being a problem for people who used to fly with it. The menus look good and I like that they are not stretched. I feel like HUDs in air vechicles are a bit better this way. I pretty much like all the changes except the removal of the mutiny button and number of players in the Caps menu. Other that those two things, big thanks to the DEV team.
  9. Hello @Dquar41, if you want your unban request to be considered, please fill out the correct Unban Request form.
  10. Oh yeah sorry my page wasn't refeshed. Can I get Not Tonight?
  11. Thanks for the games Sausage. Imma yoink Minoria and The Haunted Island, A Frog Detective Game.
  12. Oh no! Who's gonna do a logi squad now? Take care, and hope to see you again.
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