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Welcome to the VG Army Ratical, Skrappy, Aquila, SilentGrizzly, stepextra, and jack_black! :drinks:




Just a reminder to new VG Army members - we typically assume most members play PR COOP, but if we all don't know you from the games as a long time regular, please post up to say Hello and let us know what you play here!  We just started this new membership path, and it seems the best route so that we don't accidentally award Enlisted group/ribbon to a semi-automatic bot preparing to fire off spam rounds in the club forums. ;)

We are glad to have you all - a simple reply from standard website members including what you like to play here will be rewarded with the entry level Enlisted website group!


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Greetings Ladies and gents!


My In game name is Eros or ErosShultz 
i started playing PR four months ago and it is a very well made game 
Before playing PR i played fps games like COD CSGO and mostly Valorant 
i also play Real time strategy games as well 
for chill games however i play minecraft to just chill and maybe cure anxiety or depression

So yeah that's pretty much it 
Nice to meet ya'll 

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Hi my name is AJ, I go by Holes, or Holeshot.
I play a lot of FPS games such as Hell Let Loose, Battle Field 1-5, Starwars Battlefront 2
Titan Fall, etc.
I really Enjoy Project Reality, and am a decent Helicopter Pilot.
Thank you, hope to see you in the field!

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