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  1. I would like abraham tank commander please, anvil 1
  2. Bravo 1 autorifleman please *can i have alpha 1 medik insted please
  3. Aww man just got reminded about the fact im not going to be home from the 8th, sorry cant come for this one
  4. its been like nearly 2 weeks since the event was announced, hasnt it?
  5. When are the mods required for the op going to be posted?
  6. Loved the event! Haven't played with this many players on arma for a long while now, can't wait for the next one
  7. Hello there! I'm dogenamite (doge or dog for short, whichever you prefer). I finally figured out the fact the forum and discord exists even though I think I first joined the PR COOP server somewhere around early 2021 (I genuinely can't remember when exactly). The server has been an amazing experience for me so far, and the community is great! I'm not really great at introductions so I think I'm gonna call it there, Nice to meet all of ya!
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