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Favorite Car you would want / Currently own?

=VG= Alaura

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Currently own a 1969 dodge charger, my baby, always been with me during the good and the bads. 

Got it 10-11 years ago, been remodeling / remastering it, trying to make sure everything works and its in peak performance for when i wanna drive it. Would post pics if i had a phone to take pictures of it with. 

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Currently hab a Skoda Rapid

Want: Dodge RAM, Ford F150 and moar, Toyota Tundra / Sequoia, Land Cruiser 200 / Prado, Chevy Tahoe / Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Hummer H1 / H2, GAZ Tigr, BRDM, MTLB, stop me pls


(i hab normal dick)

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On 26/09/2020 at 10:09 PM, ranger_12 said:

uck cars all i wanted in my life is a superbike. :( 

Yep it's the best way to fly, 3 feet from the ground hahah my fav ride was a Honda fireblade, and around town my CBR 600 its better in traffic. I got the Yellow one so people could see me. 





 sold my BMW S 523  as the shipping abroad was crazy long and i had to drive it on and off boats for weeks when it arrived, and got the only ride i can get new parts for on my small island. A Honda XRM 125  kids bike no helmet and sandals make it fun to use.







But my dream car is a electric golf cart  : )  as i can use it on the roads here as there are almost no road laws tax or insurance. 




Best car i ever owned was a triumph spitfire as i never had to pay for airport parking as it went under the toll gate barrier, and was so light it was faster than a porsche :) and it was super easy to work on and fix no computers needed, and a adjustable spanner and hammer would do for most repairs  : )  




Worst car i ever bought was a Alfa romeo spider, rubbish.......... lost heaps of cash on that one, the seats had paper thin leather so they got more puntours than a bicycle,  maintenance costs were freeky, and speed humps would grind the chassis,  I had planned to keep it for a year and sell it when a new long job contract came up.  and make a few bucks on it,  but it turned into a black hole lol. 

And builders in Vans, would shout " wanker " at me in traffic jams lol that was completely justifiable as the car made me feel like a wanker lol.

Never ever buy a newish expensive car ever.............  especially if you can't afford one LOL 






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Motociclete Romanesti - Mobra, Carpati Had one but sold it -->Mobra

Bmw R850r | bmw r850r, bmw r850r battery, bmw r850r cafe racer, bmw r850r  crash bars, bmw r850r for sale, bmw r850r rev… | Bmw motorbikes, Bmw  motorcycles, Bike bmw

Wish i had--->BMW R850R

HONDA NSR 125 R specs - 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 -  autoevolution

Honda NSR 125-- had it for a time... used to be my brother`s but now its scrap metal-- Model in pic is exact model- same color and model.

Opel Corsa B Kit Car | All Racing Cars | Opel corsa, Rally car racing,  Vauxhall corsa

My car but rally mode :))) .. NOT MY PIC. Just the model is the same, but without any modifications. I own a corsa C 2002 sport which can get a engine change. Car is very tiny but you get more air time/ fly ( tested it with my car) as it is very light. Literally you can have 2-3 guys with muscles lift it. Almost around 855 kg at max without conversion for comfort version or even less depending on version. Mine has close to 780 kg since it s sport and get more hp -- around 75 if I change engine. Now is around 65 hp. But I dont need more since I use it to drive in a busy city. 

SEAT Cordoba autovehicule second-hand cumpărați pe AutoScout24

Also have this one, but my manly my pops use it. Seat Cordoba 2000-2001

Dacia Logan 1.5DCi 75cp Facelift - Laureat 10.2009 FULL, 2.280 eur -  Lajumate.ro

And this is my mom`s personal vehicle. Only for work. Renault Logan 1 Facelift

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The meanest Shelby Cobra of them all. 1967 Super Snake, one of only two built for the street,
Engine: 427 cu in V8
Turbo Charged: Twin Paxton
Horse Power: 800
0 to 60mph: 3 secs
Top speed: 200mph

"When I built this dual supercharged 427 Cobra in 1966, I wanted it to be the fastest, meanest car on the road," - Carroll Shelby.


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I do love some JDM's, US, EU cars. They all are great, tbh. But, i'm throwing these here, probably the kind of car, that i would like to drive.

Represented by regions: (EU, JP and US)


'79 Volkswagen Scirocco, I like the modern one, but i wish that i can hop in to the older one, to understand it's heritage, because late Scirocco stopped its production in 2017. I like Golf, but i think Scirocco deserves more attention.



'85 Nissan Sentra (B12), i always wanted to drive this car, since i was born in late 90's. Fun fact, it was an executive taxi under the name Silver Bird (part of Blue Bird Group) back in the late 90's in my country (but, i believe it was the B13 one, not B12. I like B13 too though.)



'68 American Motors Company (AMC) AMX, very nice muscle car, needs some love tbh, has a history. This my first one for favorite US cars ever produced in 70's (alongside Oldsmobiles like 442 or Cutlass, loved both as well). Yes, i always wanted to drive one, so badly because its rare.


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