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In memory of H8CrazyVet67


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It has been a year since we've lost a great man H8CrazyVet67 aka VincentJames who's real name is Scott Lalumondier at June 22, 2018, a great man whitch we all we are missing.

In his memory, i'll be using his game name as a part of mine for 3 days from today, june 21, 2019: "CrzVet WarGhost", (tag is the only thing i could change and have limited chars and changing full name requires make a new account).

In VG PR coop server: I also wish if we could make a video where we all drop our kits on the USS ship (muttrah map), be perfectly alligned and give him a salut for a minute, maybe admins can find a good time when maximum players are joining server for tomorrow (I believe 6 pm GMT is good).

For me, it is a way to say: I did not forget you.


Any followers ?

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8 hours ago, =VG= keed said:

Muttrah 24/7 as a tribute count me in!

@=VG= SemlerPDXCan we make this happen? Rotate all Muttrah layers (STD, ALT, INF, LRG) for 24h with a note in the server description?


I'll set it at around 0600 ZULU for Muttrah All Layers 24 Hours in remembrance of our dear departed friend H8CrazyVet67 aka VincentJames, and an in-game message will display such on the server title, and at the join screen & in-game. 

*(the denotation of 24/7 implies seven days a week/twenty four hours per day -- this will be a 24 hour event)

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3 hours ago, =VG= SemlerPDX said:




1 hour ago, WarGhost said:

Thank you all of you guys for being a part of this.

good that you have thought of it. I would probably have noticed that in one to two months ... so we have to thank you.



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Dear Vincent

Well my friend, its been a whole fucking year man, and Im sorry that Ive drifted away from my VG roots.  You and Hater really opened the door to PR for me, but since your departure, Ive just lost the excitement that you would create when we would get into the HMMV and bomb into East City with the dam wheels on fire, guns blazing, and you screaming OH SHIT. OH SHIT. OH SHIT.  Some of the most enjoyable online experiences of my life.   It was so good to hear your voice today buddy, but sadly, I could only bear a small sample, as it literally tears my heart out ...Im still having trouble wrapping my head around it ...man I really miss ya bro.  I did get a chance to play yesterday, and what a thoughtful tribute your old Hommies put together, although I regret not making the tribute photo.  Sorry...you know me..always fakin LAST.  Bunch of the "old crew " made it...Anyway, just a quick note to let ya know" YOUR NOT FORGOTTEN MY FRIEND", and I vow to never forget you Vincent!   Peace be with you buddy!!

Luv ya Bro,



I miss ya Scott  #VETSFORLIFE 

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