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  1. Considering building a new PC around my new RTX 2070 Super...

    The RAM should finally arrive today and I can start testing parts and building, but there's one last thing I'm thinking about buying... since I never get these things to look as good as those pictures of Gaming PC's.... what do ya think?
  2. SQUAD Registration of Interest

    The VG SQUAD Dedicated Server is now online. This is a sort-of soft launch announcement, we can do something fancy down the road with pics, links to rules, etc.. It's not quite the time to plaster this info all over the Twitters and Facebooks and such, we're not configured yet - but we will be soon! ( @=VG= BLuDKLoT ) We need to configure many things - right now, the entire list of maps and all available modes are selected. I've added basic MOTD and Server Messages, and name. We will need to decide on a number of factors including the maps, their rotation (or randomization), etc. Also, we need to evaluate server performance over time, and that will only happen once we have an event with more than a few people. The server must remain passworded for now, as we get our feet under us. This is not a licensed dedicated server under SQUAD, and will appear under the CUSTOM BROWSER selection in-game (select the filter "show empty servers"). We will not meet the requirements to be approved for a license from the SQUAD Dev's for some time, won't bother listing the many things we don't yet meet - but feel free to check them out for yourself. They take the term "dedicated" very seriously, so for the foreseeable future, the VG SQUAD Server will not be an "official" server, and will appear under that CUSTOM BROWSER list. Also, for now and for a little while, we will be keeping our server passworded, but feel free to share that password of course (just not in the MOTD/Server messages). Server name: VETERANS-GAMING | Training Grounds | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM Password: vgsquad Requesting =VG= Members who want to babysit this thing and make it their own: I set it up for you, but I'm not taking a new bouncing baby server under my direct control, I'll just make sure it's online and running day after day, paying the bills and applying any technical help until the server has it's own dedicated tech, I'm honestly not yet big into SQUAD, even if I will get hooked in future - gonna eventually need a dedicated tech person and/or someone to watch over it, research how to do Admin-y things, the banlist stuff, RCON, etc. and manage the server's in-game admin base (whether current =VG= members, PR Admins, or out of any new player base of regulars, to the same standards of all VG game server Admins) As always, feedback, support, or questions are welcome. I don't know everything about this game, how it runs, or even how to ban players yet. This is just the beginning.
  3. Volod.41

  4. Volod.41

    We don't ban people for these things, we talk to them and give them an opportunity to correct their behavior. We are NOT on some mission searching for worthy people to ban, just waiting for that legitimate reason to drop the hammer! Our first and foremost goal as Admins at VG in any server we run is to correct behavior to re-establish order on the server. These are not platitudes, but a core principle we constantly train and reinforce in our Admins. Only in severe cases does this involve a direct and immediate ban - and often the case is a matter of a warning, a kick (or kill if appropriate such as the asset theft you mentioned), and finally a ban if all those chances given are exhausted by the player. We share this information between each other in a forum section here you cannot see, and in that forum are names and discussions about players and the best way to deal with them, often with our PR Admins stating that they do not wish to ban X player but need to have other Admins watch to be sure it is not required, when previous warnings, kicks, etc. may seem to have little effect. So not only do we extend the benefit of the doubt in-game during gameplay, but outside it as well where we take additional factors into consideration including cultural/language barriers, age groups and/or maturity level as appropriate to our younger crowd, and history of behavior over time on the VG Server(s). If there are legit Admins who are using their powers to abuse players, they will either be retrained (up to and including diminished PR Admin command access such as no ability to ban, etc., to be earned back or not) unless it is clearly obvious that their behavior will not change, and only as a final resort do we remove a PR Admin (or ban them) from our server. That last bit has only happened 4 times in 10 years across hundreds of player Admins and VG Admins here. So, @Big_Papa when you assume our course of action for us, and you withhold information that may help us improve the behavior of our PR Admins, you are essentially allowing these things to happen, fostering these unfair and unacceptable activities, and allow them to persist by not requesting that such persons should be investigated by the Administration here at VG. Luckily, you're not the only one playing on the server, so even if you clam up out of some misplaced sense of righteousness, eventually some player will let us know if one of our PR Admins is not upholding the standards we set forth in our =VG= PR Admins Guide and the training we have drilled into them. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -Edmund Burke
  5. Volod.41

    ↑ same here. Wish he would just make his Unban Request so the dialogue can begin, and he can be informed of what is expected and what will not be tolerated, and have a chance to change those things and move forward, water under the bridge. Same with .SUGAR. We all follow the same set of rules, and same thing would happen to anyone -- it is never personal. Standards are standards. We only issue such bans as a last resort, some people exhaust their warnings and force the hand of our Admins, and that's on them. Without rules, we might as well all be up in the trees flinging our shit at each other.
  6. Flight sim set up suggestions

    If you have a webcam, you can attempt basic head tracking right away. The highest precision is in IR LED positional tracking with good software, TrackIR is the kingpin, but there are other solutions. FreeTrackNoIR and OpenTrack are viable options for webcam (and other) methods. Can't hurt to play around while you await your packages. Best tips are to control light glare off glasses if any, and to control lighting behind you such as a bulb or window. If you set your turning acceleration curve manually, you can achieve best performance by having a maximum (looking behind you) when your nose is pointed at the left/right bezel of your display. Up and down may be best for you with a less aggressive curve, and all of this is gonna require testing to get the best feel for you. A head movement dead-zone in the middle will seriously help avoid neck strain if that is something you're prone to, as a tendency to hold still can cause some stiffness in the absence of a reasonable central dead-zone. Using head tracking in flight games (even with triple monitor setups) is like night and day, and you should move into it as soon as you can.
  7. VG Campaigns ?

    Thank you for posting up @arrive123! Concurrent campaigns cause a serious hit to the main campaign that we run, we are already at 70% CPU usage and 90% GPU usage 24/7 -- basically, we're at capacity, except for the random dogfight or small TE. As Crab pointed out, you can edit down the time of your flight as low as 14 minutes rather than 20, for a RAMP Start, or even lower if you plan on launching from TAXI or TAKEOFF. There are guides to fragging flights on a server, and this website is overdue for a personalized one as well. For now, please join our server campaign in progress only, and thanks for understanding!
  8. Flight sim set up suggestions

    Can't go wrong with the Logitech G Pro Flight yoke and rudder pedals combo. Flown quite a bit with those when I set them up at my Pop's house a few summers ago, and with the throttle combo, feels pretty good. Rudders are a little more plastic than the original version, but plenty good enough if you respect that they aren't gonna support the entire weight of a human. Price only goes up from there as far as build quality, and anything lower starts sacrificing the same, some CH Products are decent, but the ones I've handled at Fry's Electronics made me glad my Pop's invested in good gear. Same with his racing setups, Logitech G920's FTW - a good brand with well made peripherals at a price that reflects the build quality for the most part. Just don't waste money on a bunch of dials and gauges and radio stacks before investigating the second monitor display extraction methods that most of us use, even with touchscreen support or controls that stick to the monitor itself. For fun add up the costs of those USB gauges and dials to 1:1 a very basic Cessna cockpit - it gets ridiculous very fast.
  9. VG Campaigns ?

    Well, they are gone again. I don't recognize the callsign. Please keep posting if you see them again. I will catch them one time and will talk with them. Thank you again!
  10. VG Campaigns ?

    Please post up here whenever you see that! I must get them to understand that it is not going to be a good stable campaign for them, and a waste of their time. Maybe they do not understand how to join the campaign in progress. Either way, I must speak to them. Thank you for telling us. Cheers!
  11. VG Campaigns ?

    No, you cannot - and it will probably crash. Not worth wasting the time. Server is being restarted.
  12. Can not connect 4.34.3

    No, the Falcon BMS Sever maintenance was completed -- Server now running 4.34.3 (U3) -- what remains is our other dedicated server in Germany, it will have downtime but that will not affect Falcon BMS Server or it's IVC Dedicated Server Today, I found the server CTD at 1900 Day 2 -- exactly 24 hours after the last CTD. I'm watching it closely, this is atypical. Please let me know if the server is not joinable and I will jump on it.
  13. Checking in

    Cheers, m823us! VG is lucky to have you on the Administration Team!
  14. Im back!

    Welcome back! Cheers!
  15. Wifi

    Sorry, but I can't take anything you say seriously with an Avatar like that.