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  1. Blizzard

    lol - you could always just drop the "B"
  2. Alecskell (hello)

    Hello and welcome! See you on the front!
  3. Need your help guys!!

    ↑ Teaching myself programming, I can at least concur that I have used very little "extreme math" in almost all the projects I've done. It all really comes down to logical problems like "if this then do that" in whatever syntax is required by a particular programming language. I think it's the most empowering thing you can learn with regards to computer work, since it can translate into personal projects as well as a career. When I need a simple task or tool for a VG server, I can just create it myself and have some new button or executable to instruct VG Admins to use. Took years to slowly learn, but when you are driven by personal motivation, it's much easier. Check out this, some programming can look like this and it's easy to look up any of these things online for more info once you know where to look. I'd say some of the craziest math in any of my programming projects merely amounts to number conversions, and for that, I simply googled my problem and had an example I could easily follow and apply to my needs: elapsedTicks = Math.floor(currentTicks - previousTicks) elapsedDays = TimeSpan.FromTicks(elapsedTicks).TotalDays elapsedMinutes = TimeSpan.FromTicks(elapsedTicks).TotalMinutes (programs can tell time in "ticks" which is a very accurate measure for elapsed time, where one millisecond is 10,000 "ticks" - here I use a previously save value of elapsed "ticks", subtracting the current "ticks" to get elapsed time, and then had to look up some maths on Google to convert that to seconds/minutes/days of elapsed time using pre-made functions embedded in the C# "Math" library). So, you can see here in this example that I didn't even "do" the math myself, I just used pre-made functions that are part of this programming language already. Later in that program above, I can recall the variables "elapsedDays" and "elapsedMinutes" to refer to how long the program has been used for (this is part of the timer for limited use beta tests, for control of my versions etc.) This is an example of a C# ("C Sharp") snippet from my voice control stuff -- this is the sort of stuff you may use in programming, some conversions and equations that turn one number into another, and unless you're creating physics engines, it's prolly not gonna get too deep on you. There are some people that can keep all this stuff in their head; personally I'm an amateur self taught tinkerer, and I pretty much rely on methods or snippets of stuff I find online and change/alter to my needs, or I use examples from previous works I've done that are similar (and again, change it up for whatever I'm working on at present). Like others have said here, programming is like working through logical problems to achieve a goal, so I personally think it's very rewarding (even if dull and boring at times) because it's essentially problem solving. Another example of the type of math that may be needed - I had a problem when I created my rotary dial controller for BMS, once it circled back around, all the numbers were wrong and the dial in-game jumped all around. I needed to correct that rotation to "reset" once it turned a full 360 degrees (back to zero) so it worked properly - and for that I had to apply some basic math, but nothing too extreme or crazy: //Correct Rotation within 360 deg. if (val < 0) { val = val + 360; }else if (val >= 360) { val = val - 360; } return val; This little function let me provide the value, and it returned the value corrected within a 360 degree range ... if it was too high, it subtracted 360, if it was below 0, it would add 360. Not so much hard math as logical problem to sort. I think it's important for you to sample a little bit of each of these jobs before you decide which one interests you enough to keep driving you forward, see what they do and what that looks like, and talk to more people in those fields if able. I hope we have some more career computer guys here with actual jobs in these fields who can post up advice. I had a personal passion to learn programming, because when I was a young man in my 20's with an interest in computers, someone told me, "You were bad at High School, you'll never be able to learn the math you need to learn computer programming". IF I COULD GO BACK!! I would only tell myself to dive right in, avoid certain types of programming that require calculus-levels of math, and focus on object oriented programming and application development. It's really not that hard once you get down the basics, everything builds on previous knowledge, so you start out small, and within a few years you are blazing through thousand line scripts to make your visions into functional reality.
  4. Reputation

    Hey man, thanks for the intro! And thanks for your help volunteering on the server as Admin. We do our best to make sure everyone knows we're all equals here under the rules, but there will always be that disparity or difference between players and Admins. All you can do is be the best Admin you can, keeping emotional reactions in check and acting with honor and integrity in support of the rules and the spirit of those rules on our server(s). Haters gonna hate, but far more players appreciate the work you all do to help host a game where incidents are few and far between thanks to the attentive Admins who don't just drop ban hammers at the slightest infraction, but instead actually take some time to evaluate the situation and provide the benefit of the doubt as appropriate to all involved players. Our escape here from real life at VG should never become some loathsome job we have to slog through, but a place where we can chill and have fun. VG should be a place where we can deal with an incident, and get right back to playing our favorite game(s). Hopefully, all these well established systems make "working" for VG easy, and not too much of a burden on you Admins. If anyone ever wants to take a break and just be a player for a week/month/year, we can do that, and if/when someone feels like putting back on the VG tags or PR Admin role, we're more than happy to bring back on old members right where they left off (so long as they haven't been AWOL for too many years). I won't name names, but there are several people here who have taken an extended break from VG, only to return in future. Having a large team of Admins around here makes light work, and we can always ask each other to handle some things if we're off our game (I do it plenty, too.. I msg to m823us to handle VG, and I'm off for a few weeks/month). It's less noticeable since I've not been playing many games lately, schoolin myself in programming, etc. but even I take extended breaks from VG from time to time, but not always leaving ... just letting others handle work and getting some chill time in. Not sure if you have any counseling or psychology resources available to you, but if so, I highly recommend having a professional to talk to at least once a month as part of treatment for depression and just general life stuff. It's a hell of a ride, and helps to have someone on your team who spends their career learning all sorts of strategies and skills that can help you live the life you want to live despite all the drama that we all go through, some more than others. It really helped me through some rough times, but I will say that it took time to find a psychologist I could connect with and open up to, because the wrong person can make that difficult. Keep that in mind if you go down this route, and keep an open mind to give it a try, to give some counselor or psychologist a try - and if it doesn't work out, try to find another one, try try again. You are worth it, your good mental health is worth it. Flash forward 20 years, and I am good friends with my ex-wife, a well working team dedicated to the common goal of making sure our (now grown) kid is raised up proper. Wasn't always that way - there was a time where I wanted nothing more than to dance on her grave, but time heals all wounds, we just gotta keep our heads above water and keep moving forward in life towards what we want. In the immortal words of The Beastie Boys, "You gotta fight for your right to PARTY!!"

    Thanks for the intro, man! Glad to have you on the team! It's so awesome to make some lasting real friendships from around the world here at VG. Always reminds me that for all the things our various cultures do not have in common, there are so many things we do have in common. Truly is a small world. Cheers, brother!
  6. Arma III- mission features you like the most!

    DAC for the win, brother! The only bot spawning script you should ever use. Highly polished around ten years of development. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/167033-dac-v31-dynamic-ai-creator-released/
  7. G'Day

    Welcome! You're not the oldest around here, and not the youngest... you'll fit right in
  8. Arma III- mission features you like the most!

    The VG Arma 3 Mission Framework has this feature. BLUFOR and OPFOR bots within visual spawn range will fight in 3D models that can be participated in, etc. -- but when there is no one within the visual spawn bubble, the fight continues, but in a digital sense (on paper) with units still moving, shooting, taking and losing ground (and units) until someone once again comes within visual spawn range, to where it switches back from a digital conflict to a fully modeled 3D conflict. This is very similar to the way our Falcon BMS dynamic campaign functions, and we just need to poke at @=VG= ciro until he gets this finalized and released for active play on VG Arma 3 Servers. It's 98% complete, last bug that needed to be squashed was a simple SQL database function, but I'm sure if we light a fire under his butt, he will hurry up and get this finished up for public testing here.
  9. Arma III- mission features you like the most!

    IRL weapons such as RH packs feature, M-16's, A-4's, AK's, Glocks, Colts, Barrettas... all that. Same with vehicles -- Humvee's and BMP's, Longbows and Cows and Little Birds.... (basically, no future-puke shit) My 2 cents
  10. CO-OP Suggestion

    It's quite a bit more involved and complicated than setting bot ratio, as noted by some of the replies above. Maps for OPFOR COOP need to be changed on a per-map basis, and these changes are undone by PR Updates more often than not, requiring all that work to be redone each and every time. We've never been fond of the idea of running a second PR COOP server, especially for OPFOR COOP only, because we don't like the idea of splitting up the already waning player base of PR COOP between multiple servers. The idea has always been more of a public event day on the main VG PR COOP Server, and has been "OPFOR Fridays" in past. If it returns, it would likely follow that same idea.
  11. Happy Veterans Day!!

    To all our American Veterans here, thank you for your service!
  12. Hi

  13. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    Chernobyl, eh? hmmm.... I hear Somalia is nice this time of year. The poorly buried toxic waste that seeps into streams has such a beautiful apocalyptical glow at night. (just kidding, man! be safe, wherever you travel... looking forward to pics!)
  14. !unflip [revised]

    Once again, we do not currently run any scripts that make us any different than any other PR COOP server and we never have. Maplist Randomizer is a cool feature, for if/when the server crashes or restarts (far less of a frequent thing these days than in past, thankfully) but essentially we are the same and have been the same as every other server except for our well trained Admins and how we direct players to play with regards to our rules, and general game flow (forcing COOP to more closely follow Deployment rules rather than a free-for-all of squadless blueberries, etc.). Basically, we don't need gimmicks, and support overall the betterment of Project Reality itself as a whole. (I mean, Xeno has even shared his Randomizer, not many were interested tho anyway... w/e)
  15. !unflip [revised]

    I am not trying to shit all over your suggestion, brother! Misunderstandings are just that - innocent attempts to assist or to redirect to an appropriate venue for maximum result. Respectfully, we did not develop PR and I was under the impression that there WAS a command for unflipping vehicles, and that it was the 'flip' command noted. The people who did develop the game are ALWAYS the best place to suggest such improvements, and if this is an issue that needs attention, I imagine plenty of people would support such a suggestion. Since it is apparently not already a function on the PR server, feel free to discuss whether it should be included or not, again not trying to shut you down, but I do feel like you should bring this up with the folks who made the game.