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  1. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Please do!!! You ARE VG - all of the resources of VG including pictures, the website, and the dedicated game server are at your disposal and should be considered tools for you to use anytime you want to do a project. If any VG member need access to something, or help with making something work in an area where we are unable to grant access to every VG member, we will do what we can to make it happen. Want to dedicate yourself to hosting a new game server along the lines of what we play here? Propose it, we'll get it installed, you put in the time, manage your baby, make it your own thing at VG - totally cool. Anything you want, game servers, a forum section, gallery section, website element, some website forms for bug reporting on some gaming/other project your working on at VG? I'll toss something up and work it out on the backend of the website. Most recently, I'm using this website to power my voice control projects. We can make stuff happen if you want to get creative with anything, and always feel free to use any VG imagery or resources to promote or create VG related stuff!!! Again, all of you with VG tags ARE VG - it's your community, and those of us who push the buttons and pull the levers are happy to help you make VG even cooler if you want to step up in any way! Cheers!
  2. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Or ACRE, or any radio mod... People are use to that stuff, and it's not hard to train up in a pinch, too. Just FYSA -- totally cool to use TS3, we can always get into more stuff down the road. We have a lot of interest from old and new members for Arma mods servers, so this is just the start of things to come!
  3. Campaign Restart Request

    I'm on it! Sorry for the late reply, been sidetracked by a dead server for PR here... Cheers! (will also see about modding the day 1, not now, but asap, so BLUFOR doesn't roll over the DPRK so quick)
  4. Yea, see, that's what I was thinking ... that it wouldn't take a hacker (or bot) more than a second to scan for any/all open ports on a machine..... Personally, FYSA my issues with Win10 would have to do with a few core operations, and that's all -- but at first, it was the interface change shock (is that a thing?. So, persistent issue I get around (but would still share with you as a nag) are: Extremely slow file searches (especially for searching all installed or attached storage devices, as opposed to a more directed search) Along the same lines, searching for file / file contents from start menu text entry box when the file exists off C:/ (using multiple storage devices and/or attached storage) Default windows and windows title bar color are the same - a personal gripe - making it difficult to know which window is the active window - and so I just do it myself when personalizing (not sure if this is still default when installing Win10, admittedly I've not had to reinstall Win10 since the first time, so I'll defer to those who know more) Still have not successfully turned off one feature (without also disabling other desired features) regarding "shaking mouse" to minimize all or most windows. Any tips greatly welcome!!! Windows Snapping not very intuitive for Multiple Monitor Users, should be a simple detected option or manual option in Settings / Display for example, for an improved snapping respective of attached displays, their orientation, and resolution It's 2020 now, and all 5 people who EVER used Sticky Keys in the history of Windows could very well go into options and Enable it, leaving it completely disabled by default on first install for the rest of humanity. Cannot access 'Manage Audio Devices' from Start Menu text entry anymore, must type (or start to type) 'Control Panel' then click on 'Hardware and Sound', then click on any of the three options 'Sound', 'Manage audio devices', or even 'Change system sounds' which opens the same dialog but to the Sounds tab, of course. I realize Win10 is trying to get Home users to direct their attention to the new GUI and I suppose what they feel is less "tech-y" looking options screen - but if I want to still access my nerd pad version, I should just be able to type (or start to type) 'Manage Audio Devices' after slamming the Windows key on my keyboard. And I understand the look and feel is fully up to user preference, and for true comparison we should just discuss operations, but that list is longer than my appearance gripes. Maybe after sharing this, you'll share a bunch of ways I've not found to better get around these issues, but I've basically had to do much more work for Win10 to get it how I like than Win7 and I don't say that to mean Win10 is "bad" just ... in some ways, different for no apparent reason to the end user, especially when legacy modules of the same thing persist just less readily/easily accessible. Finally, as you are a professional @Xenalite, I gotta ask - do you do calculations in windows, or maybe only in other software you use? Because the Win10 calculator sucks HOT ASS! And I can't imagine such a simple utility (which pretty much drove the first microchip industry in handheld calculators) would be anything but less useful to a professional (if they used it in Win7 vs Win10) when the former layout allowed things like a programming calculator display with a unit conversion area on the right, on one screen, one display, for example. I totally like the dark background and light text of the WIn10 Calc App, but for utility and just "fewer clickthroughs for results", I am happy I was able to find a Win7 'old calculator' program so I can do my thing like I used to, whatever that is. Thanks for your time, man! don't wanna make you work when it's time to chill - your help with PS was much appreciated- cheers!
  5. Yea, but that's just a good reason to use a non-standard port, right? We practice that at VG. I don't think the dedi would get attacked "less" if there was another 'dummy' server on with a standard FTP port, but I'll defer to the actual professionals here as always. Fun fact, the VG Website gets attacked on average at least once per second, every hour of every day, and often more closer to one attack attempt every 0.5 seconds. Apart from actual "hackers", there are literally legions of bots that constantly "test the fence" for any IP that's been on any sort of public list anywhere, including some that are not listed and just 'probed'....
  6. Server issues

    Dude! Sweet! I've been delving into IPS (system that runs this website) and learning more about how to use it's modules. We have a forms system, but past attempts to make pre-populated fields for use as Unban Requests (or examples such as Acro's form up there) have not panned out. If I can ever find a way for this sort of form here at VG, I will, but for now, this amazing form system by Acro will be perfect for the job, for anyone who would offer their time to fill them out. Thanks Acro! *edit: FYSA, if needed, remember the server is in Germany, so it's ZULU+1 or +2 for file date/times - will be fairly obvious which one when correlating a single map time since our maplist is always varied.
  7. Server issues

    I'll see about making a button in TCAdmin that can trigger the debugger to log 'next crash' -- I don't keep it on all the time because it does create fairly large files. And if those two don't have TCAdmin, we'll make sure they have it for the servers they play on. Any PR Admin or VG Member who needs access to be able to start/stop/restart the server in a time of need just has to ask - the reason I've kept using it all these years is because I can give selective permissions to anyone without also giving access to things where one comma in the wrong place would ruin the server. Feel free to pass that around, if you can use it, I'll get you set up. Just msg me. The method would be to have some Admin push the "watch for a crash" button after a known trouble map starts, then just play -- if it crashes as anticipated, the debugger will create the crash dump file, and turn itself back off. Then a report can be made to reference the time/date and details, and we can forward that along to the R-Devs.
  8. Server issues

    Thanks for the play-by-play! Can help us track down things!! This one is going on the list, should be no reason for the server to not restart within 2-3 minutes unless there are deeper issues.
  9. Server issues

    Lowkey - were you in the server, and it crashed, or you just went to join randomly, and it seemed down well enough to report (which we appreciate!) ?? If you're in it, and it crashes, give it a good minute or two and it can be joined by IP if even not in the list, BUT if you randomly joined and it WAS crashed that's crazy timing or something we should reference in the logs eventually. If we can replicate it with a debugger running, we can capture the issue for the devs, but maybe it's nothing. Anyway, like Stark said, thanks for the report - if you could reply to my question, would be cool. I don't think this is anything major of course.
  10. Radio =VG=

    VETERANS-GAMING IS MY BLUE HEAVEN! ... a bit o' Americana from generations ago, a hidden gem:
  11. FYSA: trustedtechteam.com/pages/windows-10-pro-vs-enterprise-guide For the record, we are all equals here, I mean I lika da ladies, but some of my best friends pack fudge or chow box, and all are welcome here at VG... except hackers. Fuck those guys right up the ass. (er... I mean 'backdoor')
  12. Operation Frosty Dagger

    @=VG= Kavelenko - So, those mods would basically download when you join the server, you don't have to do anything, and with that list, you can simply open the mod folder after the event and delete them.... The space they will take up on a hard drive which has no write limit to exceed would be less than a few GB of data, many of those mods I recognized as rather small in size. Buy the ticket, take the ride - it's worth it. With mod events, we will have the server up and running the day before the event (or maybe a few) so people can join, try out the mods in some generic map, make sure they're all working if needed - but seriously, Arma has come a long way since the Arma 2 days and SixUpdater.... Just assume everything will be fine because we'll have tested it prior to the event. Only thing to consider is not joining the minute the event starts if your internet is slow to download files from the VG Main Dedicated Server which is located in Germany (with seriously high bandwidth).
  13. Happy to announce version 1.4 just around the corner! Coming next, I've created a save file system to maintain user defined settings (PTT Mode On / Audio Feedback / Keyboard Regional Layout / etc.) between updates, as well as a live update system for minor patches to systems initialization, where a majority of my AVCS4 profile gets it's operating information. To put it plainly, in the next and all future versions, a missing variable or typo in one of the commands like INIT_KEYPRESSES can be pushed out almost instantly to any users of AVCS4 when I receive the report (1.3 exists because 1.2 had a simple typo in the new Carrier Ready for Departure command, in the init file only). Imagine one of the text-to-speech item variations had a problem, and was saying a word wrong, I could change that TTS variable on my end, and push it out to all users who would get it almost instantly when loading the profile. I tried a test of more than 2kb (the entire keypress init without comments is only 7kb) of info and a hundred variable updates and couldn't increase the profile init time past 1 second, so it's fast, powerful, and will allow featureless updates without re-downloading new profiles. Additionally, the 1.4 version will feature an update notification system, too, to let users know of any major updates that require a manual profile update, with minor bug-fix patches being installed silently on profile load. Never again will a typo require an AVCS4 "download new version"! For every AVCS profile or profile builder module I make for any game (BMS, Elite Dangerous, ARK/ATLAS, the Voice Controlled Profile Builder, etc.), any custom user saved settings will no longer be lost due to profile update/delete, or even complete windows reinstall (save file backup system included). Thanks to everyone for your continued support and feedback! Happy New Year!
  14. I run Win10 on my main gaming computer, and am KICKING myself for settling for "Home" or basic version; all the things I might want for some serious personalization and more direct control over certain services, etc., are part of the rather more expensive power user versions of Win10. That being said, I've gotten by for several years now, like STARK said, there are things you can do for look, feel, operation, etc. but in the end, like the actual pro here said, use the latest - it exists for a reason. Win7 fully patched uses on average 10GB more space than Win10 (obviously, 32bit v 64bit matters, of course), and Win7 on average used around 20% of total RAM, where Win10 has gotten that down to an avg. around 17%. After the culture shock, and having to learn a few tricks if extra user control is needed (at least in the basic home version), Win10 is the leading edge OS and has all the best bug fixes, security patches, and new/improved tools for users and developers (and prodding amateurs like myself), and if a tool changed (I hate Win10 Calc App) you can usually find a free and safe tool to install (see my cool awesome lucky #1 best Win10 article ) Best wishes - backup! and backup your backups! *EDIT: I should note I still have Win7 on my laptop, just gotta slide that arm over and update it one of these days, laziness mostly... it works, I use it 1% of the time unless I'm flying BMS, and "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - used for google searches or info while overclocking and restarting gaming PC more than 8 times an hour, or for BMS, and that's all. And OS tests for my voice control stuff, to make sure it works cross-platform in case I missed something (I always miss something)
  15. OPFOR weekends/days for PR?

    Was a matter of creating custom settings for the Opfor COOP maps to work, otherwise the BLUFOR AI would just stand around or something stupid, I forget. Anyway, basically, any time a PR update would occur, these changes would need to be made again..... for... every... map.... Not sure it could become a permanent thing, because after the third patch update in as many months, Melon realized the scope of what it would entail to keep up that option here at VG, and we had to move on without it. Just a little info on that. It wasn't that it was unpopular, though there are those who greatly disliked it so also greatly disliked having to take a day off from their favorite COOP server, but it was a technical thing (along the lines of consuming too much personal time)