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  1. Gotta love playing my Warspite... British Steel any day,
  2. Sure as hell loved this game. Not played it lately as I am waiting for the next big update coming later this month. Once its out, Fancy all coming together to kick some Thargoid ass?
  3. Loving these posts Pinch! Really informative and neatly laid out. Keep up the good work! So glad you mentioned this; It pains me every time someone calls the Scimitar a "LIGHT TANK". I always seem too spend the next few minutes explaining how its a Reconnaissance Vehicle and not a Tank... I'll show them this post next time. EDIT: Added this video as a bit of fun.
  4. Christ. Totally miss playing BFP4F, shame they shut it down. Welcome to the community!
  5. Beach Assault 2

    From the album FOXHOLE

  6. Task Force

    From the album FOXHOLE

  7. Invasion Staging Area

    From the album FOXHOLE

  8. Ferry Crossing

    From the album FOXHOLE

  9. Beach Assault 1

    From the album FOXHOLE

  10. D-DAY Preparations (24 Hours real time)

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  11. A Bridge too far

    From the album FOXHOLE

  12. Think everyone has pretty much summed it up. Unlike @=VG= Kavelenko (The crazy nutter), I fly using the bog standard keyboard and mouse - I'm currently trying to organise and film a video about Squad Leading but Ill happy make another about the basics of "keyboard flying" in the near future. Also, I'm very sure that the experienced pilots will happily show you the ropes in game if you ask nicely Noted that various guys suggested different helicopters to learn in. Personally I found the Huey to be the best helicopter to learn the flight mechanics of PR. Its simple, stable and can take a good beating! As with all new things; "usus est magister optimus" - Practice is the best teacher.
  13. Welcome. Totally agree with you, do a job you enjoy doing and don't do it for the money! Thanks for the information about SID's and STAR's the other day - Might even have a session on FSX together in the near future.
  14. know me better