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  1. Keep it up mate, we are all here for you!
  2. Who is this guy? Anyone seen him before? ...Welcome back!
  3. Welcome back. Funny enough, I've just purchased a few add-ons for FSX and I am currently learning how to fly the aerosoft A320. Look forward to seeing you online soon!
  4. Thanks for the info @Diguelo. I will update my original post with the information you have provided.
  5. I've just discovered Planetary scan missions from all the boom deliveries I've been making. This game will be the death of me, its an absolute blast!
  6. Space Station Arrival

    From the album Elite Dangerous

  7. Takeoff

    From the album Elite Dangerous

  8. Return to the "Valiant IV"

    From the album Elite Dangerous

  9. Lunar Landscape 2

    From the album Elite Dangerous

  10. Lunar Landscape 1

    From the album Elite Dangerous

  11. Right. So we can definately confirm the Vadso Standard is FUBAR - Anyone tried alternate and/or large yet?
  12. Just to clarify. Does Vadso crash on all layers or is it one layer in particular? I'm guessing it's only standard that's crashing, not so sure about the alternate or the large layers.
  13. @DarkCottonTail Thanks for your assistance earlier. Ill definitely be using TeamViewer next time another user has technical issues.