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  1. Banning myself.

    I remember those days when Volod yelled At you, now you probably yourself began to understand a little bit of his behavior when you reached a certain level of the game) kidding. Don't go long on Ghost, you're one of those people for whom I play PR, one of those who is always a pleasure to play, one of those for who i ready to run with a epipen in hand under heavy crossfire M42)
  2. Troll Clan.

    Faced with these retards repeatedly both on pvp and on pve servers, finished scumbags, I suggest that all admins when finding players with this tag immediately issue a ban without trial
  3. Troll Clan.

    "REMEMBER SNG".... Faced with these retards repeatedly both on pvp and on pve servers, finished scumbags, I suggest that all admins when finding players with this SNG tag immediately issue a ban without trial
  4. PR 1.6 [PRE! release] changelog

    KARBALA 24/7
  5. Runner and unit101-Ori mass tk

    these players need to be banned for life
  6. How long will PR last?

    Yes I will shoot bots until one remains on the server)) I remember how I first got to VG, I remember how I more or less learned English (I didn't speak it before), I remember how Dyson (old-timers will remember) taught me the basics of the game and the rules of the server. I haven't played a game for so long. I go to the server more to see the players who have been playing on this server for a long time. The fight continues...
  7. My first attempt at capturing video

    I hope this is not your last video from the battlefields of the server =VG=. I for example would be happy to review videos of the hottest fights and funny moments! Maybe such videos will attract a large number of new players to the =VG= server. Big Up! 😎👍🏻🔥
  8. I finally joined this forum for good. Hello!

    Hello comrade
  9. PR v1.6 Announcement

    I remember the time when some maps we played for three hours, I'll look at 600 kills made on Havoc. Golden time....
  10. PR v1.6 Announcement

    return Karbala and infinite tickets, nothing more is needed
  11. Server down

    for all
  12. Reporting DrJon teamkill for air assets

    I was AFK when it happened, and I didn't see the moment when DrJon killed AMPHETAMINE, and after I came back I saw reports from amphetamine about what happened. To be honest, I know DrJon as a good player and at first did not believe that this really happened, since teamkill on the base, committed with a knife - this is a serious charge for which you are entitled to a ban. For this reason, I did nothing and advised Amphetamine to write a post about the incident on the forum in order to check logs.
  13. Volod.41

    Where did the server's first machine gun go? I haven't seen it for a week or more, heard that it was banned (it's not surprising if it is)
  14. Radio =VG=

    Ehh, ok
  15. Checking in