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  1. Volod.41

    Easier, but sending a horrible signal to all players around. A TK is a TK, and we'll get a swarm of reports with contradicting information which will eventually lead to nothing but confusion. I admire your idea of general human decency, but in reality this is just not the case. False reports will happen, reasons will be mistaken, and admins will be overwhelmed. I don't know, which is why we would like to investigate these claims. Without proof or information to work with, we cannot accept them as true. I'm willing to believe that you and some others would be capable, but this most certainly does not apply to everyone. Then we will end this discussion here. Intentional teamkilling by weapon/vehicle is a heavy offence, it's disrespectful and cannot be allowed as a tool to regulate the server, for it would cause more chaos and give our admins 10x more work to keep rotten apples in check. It would be abused from the very start, lightly and heavily. I appreciate your point of view and it certainly helps us to look from different perspectives. Note though, that this is a matter which we have many years of experience with. Rules surrounding teamkilling stay in place, period. Let us now end this discussion, as it will not lead us anywhere worthwhile. The matter is clear and concluded .
  2. Volod.41

    @Big_Papa I understand your point of view and getting a player to ruin a match is annoying, but we have a dozen reasons not to allow teamkilling. We have the !R and !RP commands, TeamSpeak where you can find other admins, and you're very welcome to report players here on our forums. Proudly, I can say that the =VG= admin team looks into every report in detail and we will take appropriate action. As to why teamkilling is out of the question: Teamkilling is extremely disrespectful and trolly in every way. Similar to punching your football teammate in the nose, you're incapacitating them from playing the game. Just like real violence has no place in any team, teamkilling can never have a place in ours. Admin !kills show up as admin kills, not a regular TK. They require a reason which is displayed when the !kill happens. Admins are trained and told to ONLY use the !kill command when necessary. This differentiates a 'licensed' kill from an illegal one. Perhaps the biggest one: If you teamkill a troll who wasn't teamkilling already, he will just go on a TK spree. If one player can do it, every one can and they will. Action = bigger reaction so if your helo gets stolen and you shoot him out of it, he'll probably be waiting with a SMAW at your helipad. It may seem like a doom-thinker scenario but you'd see full-on friendly fire wars very soon. Our admins are screened and briefed thoroughly. They have an admin guide to refer to and a lot of info in the PR admin-only forum section, so everyone is on the same line. Regular players are highly varied, some will TK for nothing, others will never do it anyway. Don't forget that every action you make can be taken as an example by someone else. This is why we have the zero-tolerance against TK. Any teamkill left unpunished/uninvestigated can be picked up by another player as a sign of 'hey, so this is ok to do'. Reactive teamkilling is hard to define. Like the point above, players will get into discussions quickly on 'Why could you TK but not me??' 'What have I done wtff??'. The team structure will quickly collapse. Teamkills show up in the logs without specific info. We don't have as much data as with a !kill command. Our log-sniffing work would increase tenfold to investigate all these cases. Bottom line: Allowing teamkills is allowing chaos and disrespect. Vigilante justice in a server where people from all over the world, of all ages and all social groups come together is a recipe for disaster. To help us punish trolls and rulebreakers faster, you can do the following: Report them using !r (report) and !rp (report player). Try to be precise in your report. In-game admins will see it pop up, but it also shows in our admin log files, giving us data to work with. If no admin is around and you need one, join our teamspeak at or ts3.veterans-gaming.com. PR admins will have a PR logo next to their name. You can report players here at our PR Player Report forum. Our forums are visited frequently every day by many members, so you will get a response quickly. To provide further proof of a player's trolling, you can record them using screen capturing software like OBS, then send us a link to the video. Hope this helps you in some way!
  3. No VG server

    No worries Issue resolved, locking thread.
  4. No VG server

    VG server is now up and detectable in the list again Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  5. No VG server

    Thanks for bringing this up boys looking into it now.
  6. cant connect to pr mumble

    Hello @soldfive! Can you still join TeamSpeak servers? That way you can at least have contact with some of us while you play. We can also walk you through some possible solutions there. I'm on Teamspeak now, so feel free to hit me up. TS3:
  7. Craziness!

    Another favourite of mine are health quacks If you want some good eyes-stretched-wide-open Youtube shenanigans, check out Sun Fruit Dan and Happy Health. The stuff these people promote is downright dangerous, but it's a good testimony to good ol' Darwinism . You'll notice the same kind of praise and anti-corporate-system speech in the comment sections here. People drowned in bias, kinda sad.
  8. Craziness!

    I'm also a firm believer in extraterrestrial life, but this video is not proof of anything at all The woman uses bias and forced belief to try and convince us that she's seeing space ships and docking stations, but her methods are simply BS. Most of the 'aliens' she shows are mere photo artefacts, which she produced herself by editing low-quality images. - The telescope outputs a super compressed image full of artefacts. Look at the sun, and you see it's very blocky. She takes a screenshot of this, then inverts it and works some contrast magic (all on her phone, super professional) and BOOM, full-detail space docking station. This is the same as those NCIS episodes where Gibbs says 'sharpen that photo' and the 4x4 pixel grid becomes a 400MP DSLR image. Digital photos don't work that way. She's creating detail where it wasn't before, so the 'space ships' are just bunches of pixels generated by her own editing. Why do they look like space ships? Because their shape resembles space ships like we know them from science fiction. Our brains have that primed image, so we make the association. - The photo is a giant mipmap. Mipmaps are essentially 'blurry pixels'. At 3:40 she's in the editor and you can see the image doesn't consist of nice square pixels. Phone cameras make mipmaps to give an illusion of greater detail, even when taking a screenshot. You don't want this in scientific photography, since it can skew the result. Click here to see an example of mipmapping. - The 'docking station' consist of super static pixels. This is a first red flag that point to a camera glitch. a body this close to the sun should be in orbit, or using constant thrust to not be sucked in by the sun's gravity. Either way we would see some movement, which we don't. - The photos at 8:45 are pictures of asteroids, taken with a low shutter speed. It's like your phone's camera taking blurry photos in low light. You can even see the curvature of their orbit in the lower half of the picture. If they were spaceships, they wouldn't all look exactly the same size despite being 1000s of kilometers apart. -She mentions an iPhone 8 with a clip-on lens, but I don't know why. All these photos come from a NASA camera probe. Perhaps she's confused and think the camera is used to take screenshots too? Gina isn't exactly a model scientist either... - Her videos are all about chemtrails, bullshit UFO theories and conspiracies. - She constantly talks about herself and her excitement, referring to previous discoveries she has made. This kind of egocentrism is rarely seen in true scientific spotters. - Her video description is basically all her social media links + her postal box. Again, pure egocentrism. No link to original photos or the NASA satellite. - The comments on her video are 70% unconditional love for her amazing work, 20% conspiracies and 10% crop circles. This kind of sugar sweet support is common in niche groups like UFO spotters and the essential oil moms. Professional astronomists are analytical, not spraying lovely compliments around. She's not trying to sell anything afaik, but nonetheless her video is a total hoax. I don't think she's intentionally doing it but she definitely craves the attention that comes from her achievements.
  9. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Guys I'm sorry, I have to give my absence on the last minute. Within the last few days I suddenly booked a skiing trip, won tickets to Madrid and got a new girlfriend, and now I'm racing around to get my shit together I cannot make it this time, but will look forward to the next one!
  10. Server issues

    Please take a look at this server crash report form. The answer sheet has been set to zulu time, so if a report is made immediately when server crashes, we can track the necessary information from the server logs. I've omitted questions about faction and previous map cuz we can easily track those from the logs as well. Feedback is welcome ^^! Report form: Click HERE Report collection: Click HERE
  11. OPFOR weekends/days for PR?

    Is it reeeeeeeaaaaalllyyy though?
  12. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Can I volunteer for UAV just to get some inpromptu Arma 3 co-op footage without actually participating in the mission ?
  13. Canadian Kokan (CAS??) Heli

    Because confusion Tomatoes are technically fruits, but due to their usual usage and the volume at which they are consumed/processed, they are considered vegetables by law in most countries. This is the best way, since they are optimally regulated, subsidised and taxed based on this usage behaviour. Similarly, if we call this bird a Trans helo then the pilot's priority is transport and supplying. He must drop CAS activities and respond to trans calls ASAP. On a map with a big-ass Chinook and considering that the Griffon has only gunner seats, it's superior role as dedicated CAS is evident. But as said: Not both because we don't like confusion . We can't have some ppl punished for stealing and some not, but you know that already.
  14. How many people did YOU teamkill in 2019?

    Yeah keep dreaming Added! Go look!
  15. Canadian Kokan (CAS??) Heli

    Kokan has many flat fields that the enemies cross constantly. This is where a good Griffon CAS team can do real damage and halt an attack. Even if hovering high and far for safety, you can just pick off the blips. (After checking map, duh) As mentioned, the bird has only co-pilot and doorgunner seats. The damage it can do as dedicated CAS far outweighs the logistical / transport role it ever could. Kokan has plenty of vehicles and transport isn't very oftenly called in general. There needs to be a ruling, so that everyone (or at least the vast majority) acts accordingly. Having a 'neither CAS nor trans' bird is only going to cause confusion and frustrated honest players. This is why for ease and maximum effectiveness, the 'soft' consensus is that the Griffon is a CAS asset.