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  1. Blizzard

    Honestly thought this was gonna be a complaint report about @=VG= .Blizzard. What Blizzard games do you play @=VG= BLuDKLoT?
  2. Reputation

    For the admin-related stuff: meh, haters gonna hate. We welcome people from all over the globe, so statistically a portion of them will not like us. Whoopsie daisie. It's true that many players see you differently once you're an admin, but this differs between players. Some give 0 fucks and some nearly address you as Mr. Admin (I do approve, can we get this as a standard? Pliz?). Some agree with our principles and some don't; some speak up and others don't. You'll get more complaints in the future, that simply comes with the 'job' That's why we we're all here to look out for our peers and to nudge each other to the 'right admin path' if someone loses track. Not that this was needed in that reported case, you handled that round impeccably =VG= can proudly unite many good-hearted gamers who find their 'game home' here, like yourself. Those are the ones we do it for!
  3. G'Day

    Heyyy he finally got here! Happy to have you Sciddley. Always a pleasure to see you in-game and on TS. Did he just call PR a young man's game?
  4. Arma III- mission features you like the most!

    Most important to me is a good mission story and 'movie-realistic' risks. Not the classic 'we need to capture this point from the rebels' or 'oh no! Enemies want to cap this base. You must defend!.' Give me something with betrayal, intrigue and surprises. Something like driving to a mission point but the road is suddenly blocked by a million sheep, and as you drive either left of right to avoid them you'll get ambushed by the enemy because that was their plan. Now you're crunching how they knew about it, and story guides you into a traitor who will become a kill target later. A bit of Cluedo mixed in with the shooting. Have a war criminal somewhere who needs to be captured but then when you're in the room with him he just starts laughing and goes 'allahu akbar' before blowing himself up, so survival depends on who understood what was happening and either killed him before he could push or ran out to cover. Have a VIP enemy warlord who has to be taken out because he's been ethnic cleansing some hutu's , but you need to sever their radio comms first because if you kill him and his buddies are alerted, they'll send a barrage your way to destroy evidence etc... Have a night mission where you need to infiltrate an enemy camp to rescue hostages, but your breach point needs to be cleared of guards. You gotta kill them simultaneously so they can't raise alarm, but once they're dead you're on the clock because in 10 minutes their superior will do his name calls on radio and notice something's amiss. Missions that really require logical thinking, terrain strategy and well-timed cooperative action. One that may take you 3 hours but feels like you were playing in a movie.
  5. !unflip [revised]

    @X0RI remain where I stand Your code looks great, the functionality has it's use, but I consider 'flipping vehicles' a necessary hazard of the game. Deep ditches and steep terrain should be able to neutralize your vehicle like they do in real life. If everyone can unflip: YOLO'ing everywhere and even less care take of the vehicle, cuz "we'll just flip it". If only admins could do it: that's another frequent request they'd be bothered with all the time. I like your idea about limiting to engineers, but I'm afraid it's easily circumvented and doesn't play nicely with the game: 2-seater APC flips: driver takes engi and poof, vehicle good. Essentially 'always' has an engi on board. Vehicle flips completely: Will likely go kaboom before an engi can be flown in or someone can switch to the kit. If it survives: will likely be severely damaged. Vehicle is stuck in ditch: command may place it in a position where it simply falls down again, and the almighty PR physics will likely send it to heaven instantly. Vehicle is flipped on side on a sloped surface: Depending on the slope, it will likely tumble down again or get rocket-launched by almighty PR physics. Considering this all too, my sentiment is pretty much the same as before: Un-flipping vehicles by command is too arcade-y and not realistic/hard enough for PR. You hit an obstacle and flip? Vehicle lost. You underestimated that gap in the road? Start walking. If anything, the 'flipping weakness' in vehicles illustrates that they should be cared for, not expended freely, and that adds to the realism aspect of the game. Vehicles are already getting dumped way more often than they should, and this would only add to that 'expendable' notion. One should actively keep their vehicle from flipping by not hitting the obstacles it can't cross and by not crossing insane ditches. A while back, there was even a warning in the loading screen telling you to be careful when off-roading vehicles, since eg trucks flip easily. I think it's still there. So in summary again: Fan of the idea, the work and the code. It's clear that you put good thought into this . Not a fan of having it in PR. Had this been BF2 vanilla, that would have been different since that's a shoot'em'up gallery anyway.
  6. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    True Inch, I'll be touring through Yogyakarta, Lombok and some others myself somewhere next year if all goes well. Heard many great things about them. I still love Bali though, because of the many things to do and the island atmosphere (I have a thing for islands ). I avoid the tourist traps like the plague but I do like expat/long-term traveller environments so I feel like Bali has a bit to offer for everyone, and the less touristy spots are still pristine if you avoid the beaten path. In my opinion
  7. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    So for me the list, in no particular order: - Brisbane, Australia: some of the nicest people I've ever met. It's as if the US and Asia had a baby, the resulting geography and architecture is Australia. Very laid back culture and hospitable people, at least where I was. Cheap coffee, great eats and an amazing Saturday market. Honestly, I wish we had that market here. Advise you go in September if you hit Brissy, that's when they have the Brisbane culture festival. Loads of unique activities. Brisbane itself is beautiful to walk around already tho. - Chiang Mai, Thailand: my fave place in Thailand. It's a town in the mountains with a TON to do. Visit the highest mountain temple, try local specialties, or enjoy a great sunset in the local swimming lake. Massages come cheap, and nightlife is fun! Clubs and karaokes and amazing, and the people make a great atmosphere of 'anyones my friend'. Adventure calls, as you can go river rafting, skydiving and ziplining through the thick jungle, and the zipline includes spending a night in a tree hut. Waterfalls are aplenty and you can swim in certain ones. Cooking classes are the o-so-typical Westerner trap, but they're great fun and you get great food. -Bangkok, Thailand: Full of unique buildings and restaurants. Has some of the biggest malls you'll ever see. My fave place was Chatuchat Market, a weekend market of 8.000 stalls in one place. Can spend hours here looking around and eating. It's right next to one of Bangkok's biggest parks, where you'll see sportsy folks and group dance sessions oftenly. I loved Bangkok for the myriad of foods to try, with many all-you-can-eat BBQ places. One of them is only 4€ a person! Thai milk tea is the shit! Bali: I've seen the holy trifecta of towns: Kuta, Canggu and Ubud. Each has it's own perks. Kuta is westernized and dirty imo. Rushed, rude and full of shopping centers and McDonalds. You'll find many Brits here! The same type as in Magaluf lmao. Canggu is a great little town area focused on surfing. It's 1 long road that forks into the ocean, where you have the Old Man club as your one-stop-shop for drinks and fun the entire night. Great breakfast places too with amazing coffee, and a superb restaurant that offers gourmet-style meals at 7€ a pop AND has a swimming pool! As a bonus, Canggu is home to the Black Cat Cafe. Can't spoil the surprise though, Google it . Ubud is a bit more up in the mountains and is laid back. Often deemed the 'meditation center' of Bali, its more filled with smaller shops, boutiques and warungs. Great place for a chill retreat. Italy's Lago Maggiore and Lago de Garda are beauuutiful places to stay and have some pretty deceny priced AirBNB's. Coming from the UK you can trip back through Germany's Black Forest too, thats what I did. Closer to home I love Scotland. Was there in 2019, and was amazed at the beautiful combo of lakes and mountains. Many fisher towns that look straight out of the 60's, but very idyllic. The weather isn't always great tho, but you know that. Sweden is pretty beautiful all-round, from south to north. Lappland area has endless forests and rivers to swim in, with scattered towns here and there. The rural parts often have tint grill shacks next to river banks that are free to use. Malta has been my stop for 5 years in a row, because I have a friend there, and it's a great island. A paradise for divers with the many wrecks you can find here. Great nightlife districts, beautiful malls, and affordable food too. Culture paradise with many fortresses etc from the world wars, including under water! Mallorca is my 2nd favourite island in Europe. Beautiful beaches and again a load of water activities. Diving with floaters and snorkeling are some typical ones, and there's ziplining parks with good value for money . Great sunsets too. You can try the Magaluf nightlife but yeah... You know what that's about
  8. Some good countries to visit & explore?

    I got a ton of places, but i'd need to know if you have any distance restrictions
  9. !unflip [revised]

    Just my 2 cents, but unflipping vehicles adds a large 'arcade-y' factor to PR in my opinion. The point of the game is realism and no hand-holding, so part of being a driver is keeping your vehicle upright and actively avoiding getting stuck/flipping. In real life, there's no !unflip command if I turn my Toyota sunny side up either . If you flip a vehicle then tough titties, the vehicle is lost amd squad moves on foot. Project Reality. Just my 2 cents, I'm not a fan of removing 'hazards' from this game since there aren't many to begin with.
  10. Banned

    Locking duplicate thread.
  11. unbanning

    Locking this obsolete thread. Plaintax's unban request is handled in a separate thread that already exists.
  12. Project Reality Event Week I

    Yep, our ZULU = GMT = UTC = PRT time. It's actually displayed in our homepage time widget, but one needs binoculars to see that tiny text though
  13. @X0R Sorry for the late reply. I'm a fan of acceptable asset squad names. This could indeed streamline admin stuff and prevent asset use in wrong squads. I'm no fan of timers at start. Like TED said, that's punishing fastloaders for having a better computer. Slow loaders can take more than 5 minutes to load and many go AFK whilst in the loading screen. Those who really want the asset will have timers or other loopholes, and nobody joins the front lines for only 5 minutes. Those who do will have to retreat so we lose a bunch of frontline infantry. They have go to back to main, grab their vehicles and return to the front. This operation takes several minutes during which no fire support is given. As said above, forcing timers will unintentionally lead to slow loaders getting 'blamed' for this new waiting time. This effect is both toxic in nature and unavoidable, and a big reason not to implement this kind of system. Repeating what Semler said: The most viable solution is tolerance and community. Have slow loaders ask fasties to reserve a slot, or to reserve the squad for them. You'd be surprised how many will happily oblige . That Python script is neat though, and again I'm a fan of exploring the idea of acceptable squad names. Great work! Do explore that squad name stuff with Melon!
  14. BF3 project reality

    Venice Unleashed is a modding platform which allows BF3 to be modded, and the BF3 PR team uses this platform to make BF3:Realitymod. I'm excited to see what they come up with. VU isn't released yet, so the BF3PR team seems to work closely with them already to make a PR for that game. Most agree that this mod has huge potential but currently it's infantry-only AFAIK, so the experience can't be compared to BF2PR. No idea how long it will take to put in the vehicles, but I guess it won't be very soon. Another headscratcher is this quote from their own video description: "Reality Mod requires a legit copy of Battlefield 3 as well as all DLCs. Works with both Steam and Origin versions." For me currently that's 40 euros at least. If it's a great game then I'm sure it's worth it, but it really needs to impress me first. Also @X0R A reason people are excited is because BF3 Realitymod will run on Frostbite, rather than Squad's Unreal Engine. BF3 comes with much lower system requirements for smooth gameplay. Also apparently Frostbite has better performance in some areas (especially environment destruction) but I know nothing about them specifically tbh. I'm curious to see if either BF3:PR or Squad would eventually become the 'next PR', but both have a long ways to go if they ever want to match up
  15. Game Start

    @Sciddles Good question! @=VG= Nyther in deployment, there's a few minutes at the start of each round where spawning is disabled for both sides. This is called Briefing. It's when squads communicate about who takes which roles etc. A 2-minute briefing could be an answer to certain nuisances on our server, but also has a few drawbacks. Whether it's technically possible or not is a question that @=VG= Melon Muncher can answer best. I don't know if we can keep bots waiting to spawn until after briefing either, but if they spawn from the start it just means we have more enemies to kill, sooner We wouldn't need more admins active, but there are a few drawbacks. - AFAIK players can still make squads before spawning is possible. Fast loaders can still snag assets. - Loading times vary between 40 seconds and 5 minutes or more between players. A small briefing period will only target affect a small portion of the loading players, and a long briefing will cause people to leave. Waiting 5 minutes for a 2-hour deployment game is usual, but 5 mins for a 30-minute skirmish on certain coop maps is a bit steep. Perhaps an option you'd also be happy to explore is having more delayed assets. IMO a few benefits over a briefing period: - Assets can be delayed for 5 or even 10 minutes. The game still starts and infantry still plays, transport available, no need to wait. - Having longer waiting times for assets reduces baserape naturally, because the enemy is already nearer to the front lines when our assets leave base. CAS will be needed closer to the friendly infantry. - The delayed assets won't cause any 'missed playtime' on several maps, because they don't get to shoot anything in the first minutes anyway. We start out with grey flags in the middle usually, so we make no contact with enemies until 5-10 minutes in. Assets would be rolling out around the time where we actually make contact with enemies - Having no initial heavy support will change game dynamics on many maps, giving a more challenging playstyle. Infantry could have to defend our front friendly flag until the armor is ready to support, and squads will need to have more portable AT ready. Unfortunately, this option won't solve the issue of fast loaders claiming assets either. You can always ask someone with a fast loading time to snag the squad for you though, or simply ask if you can run the asset squad next round.