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NOTICE: Our Project Reality Demo / Tracker files are not getting uploaded here to the website.  We are working on the issue and expect it to be resolved within a few weeks.  The files are still being recorded, and will be provided to anyone including public players via direct request.  Send a message to (in order of availability) SemlerPDX, STARK, or m823us, with the date/time and map name, and we will provide you with the corresponding file.  Thank you all for your patience!

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  1. Support your Community! Fundraiser Goal Active

    Thanks for the amazing work you keep up here, have a fiver on me!
  2. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    Thanks for the effort lads The entire team had fun working together in what must be some of the best cooperative matches of the past months. I've got some bloopers on tape and Ramiel was an incredibly fun duck hunt! Can't wait for the next one. A few notes for next time perhaps: - Remember the roadblock bug - NEVER let Hellcruizer drive anything motorized again. Shoutout to the volunteers and the good work of everyone involved. The whole team had an amazing time!
  3. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    Server password is vip all lowercase!
  4. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    Setting up some final details, we'll get there shortly ;)! Thanks for your patience!
  5. Assets waste / break server rules

    The recent increase in asset waste is actually due to many newer players entering the server. This is good news! When a player wastes an asset, we tell them why it's a problem. If they continue to waste or bitch about the rule, we deny them the asset through resigning or kicking. If they dont care and keep doing it, they are griefing with intention and will be banned. TL:DR Vehicles can be wasted for many different reasons, but the punchline is the same: If the player can't or won't improve their use of the asset, they will be removed from it. If they keep wasting or start trolling about it, they can be kicked and banned. Bots have OP anti-air and good pilots will die too because of it. HOWEVER, players who keep doing the same dumb shit and keep dying because of it are breaking the rules: ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE CONSIDERED PURE WASTE AND CAN BE REPRIMANDED. Vehicle waste examples include: Flipping a helo on takeoff / crashing a jet into a wall. Stunt-flying and crashing into the ground or building. Always driving armor into hot zones, getting ganked by bots and dying. Armor has an enormous effective range. Dying because of a YOLO playstyle IS asset waste. Intentionally destroying vehicles. Dumping any vehicle in the middle of nowhere. If you can't bring it to main, drop it at an FOB or flag. Flying CAS and not providing fire support despite being requested, and without a good reason (reasons include too heavy AA etc) Having such a high ping that flying is nearly impossible, causing crashes. Losing several helicopters in a row because you ignore friendly warnings about enemy AA. These actions are at your disposal to deal with asset waste: Talk! Inform the player, tell them why its bad, get them to improve. Warn them to get the point across. Kill them to prevent take-off if you are almost certain they will waste again or they are acting up. Resign to deny use of the asset. Kick if the abuse keeps happening, and ban if they really won't stop or start trolling about it. If you notice asset waste, don't hesitate to bring it up. Ask the person if they did it and why. 90% of players respond well and say "sorry I'm noob". Deny them the asset and explain that we are no training server. Don't forget: PR Admins have an exemplary function! Anything we do regularly will be taken over by players. The more we promote vehicle preservation, the more players will get it. Waste is not as 'urgent' as a mass-teamkiller but will NOT go unpunished. I keep a shadowplay active when I play and keep footage of vehicle waste when I see it, with their response to warnings if possible. I know the players who waste a lot and deny them the asset if they haven't improved. When it happens too oftenly, they clearly don't care about our ways and should play somewhere else. To finalise: Players who don't want to play by our standards, rules and principles are NOT welcome to play on =VG= and won't be missed. People have been banned for 'minor' infractions because they keep persisting without improvement. Ask questions, act accordingly, reward the pure of heart, toss out the bad apples. Rinse and repeat. This is why we have the stripes.
  6. Noobs in CAS / TRANS

    It can indeed be tiring. Sometimes you'll punish a teamkiller while someone else nine-elevens a Huey and a third guy is insulting everyone as 'dirty negros'. Moments like these are actually not so common if we think about it We notice them way more because that's how humans work. The key thing is indeed to keep thinking of individuals, not numbers. When 4 people are doing BS, it doesn't matter if you warn, kick or ban. Either action will show and spark a reaction. A ban will not make a troll realise his mistake sooner. Pre-emptive banning ,even if done rarely, will appear very abusive. If there are 4 a-holes, we must treat them as individual a-holes that each deserve a separate observation and action (unless they coordinate trolling like SNG did). Us humans tend to generalise and quantify. That's how we tick. It actually leads to misjudgement and even costs companies money (!). Being a PR admin lets us show that we overcome this fallacy by keeping a cool mind in situations where most players would forget the individual people and focus only on the numbers.
  7. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    The map bug research file is now view-only to the public. Those who want to contribute, DM me your gmail address or test data to be submitted. Click here to view the research file.
  8. Noobs in CAS / TRANS

    @=VG= Skitalez Deliberate or excessive asset waste has always been an offence that players can be warned, kicked and banned for Many newer players enter the server these days (surprising, I know). Unfortunately, some of them will overestimate their skills and waste vehicles. In my experience, most players respond well if you tell them that this is a serious server and they need to practice elsewhere first. If they refuse to do so, or keep wasting, they are hintering gameplay and can be removed permanently. Players with a bad attitude don't need to return, but players with good intentions need to get a fair chance. Would we punish 2 newbies who try out the cobra and are actually good, but dont know about the quadcannons in each map yet? No, because we all started as those newbies. Becoming a good asset user requires some trial and error unfortunately, and not all of that can be learned offline. They could apply for an unban yes, but it's very demotivating if you try your best but get banned because you were unlucky. Bans should, IMO, be kept reserved for the 'harsh criminals' and offenders without improvement. The south-flying bug is unknown to people who never fly. Those who give it their first shot will not know and will possibly crash the server (I had a guy who did it yesterday, and he was a good dude who didnt know). We can't blame or punish people who didn't know, we can only inform them. If they get warned about waste and keep doing it, they can be kicked and banned like always. Simply banning someone to keep the game going seems like a bad idea though. Even our great pilots have days where they lose 2 birds in a row due to lagspikes or bad luck. The only 'fair' solution for southflyers is for that bug to be fixed, which is why we're putting much effort into that right now. Players who intentionally fly south are identified quickly and banned. This happens very rarely. I feel you though, it's annoying to deal with yet another waster or map crash at times. Unfortunately that's our job as an admin, to inform and improve the quality of life for all our players, and that begins with a fair chance. Inform them, warn them, remove them if necessary. If they will not learn, remove them permanently. That is how we've always done things.
  9. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Semler has the spreadsheet, I backed it up and released it as editable by all, for now. We'll limit the access to those who have any business with it. They're all devs or administrators so I trust they know how to handle data, and if something goes sideways we'll just roll-back the data. I don't think iFrames are worth the hassle here.. It's taken Semler and me some back-and-forth tweaking to get the PR admin time schedule to fit, and the research file is way bigger and has many separate datasheets for map testing, hypotheses etc. I think it's better to keep a URL to the file in a sticky post, and I'll limit writing access to those who need it. Devs and testers who want to join the bug hunt can DM me their gmail address and gain access.
  10. Introduction - Back in the seat

    Welcome back to the team @MOKUM! Hope you enjoy the campaign as much as ever. Do fix your TeamSpeak push-to-talk though, please. I was on the verge of reporting you as a troll when your music was blasting incessantly in the Welcome channel .
  11. Need help making a blueprint prototype

    You know I could have helped you if you didn't ghost me on PM , right ? Did you end up going for the rod or the claw idea?
  12. Just for laught

    EVEN MORE SAAAAAALT??!? The guy really doesn't care much about life, does he .
  13. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    In my testing at JTG: Bijar Canyons STD, flying IDF: Could go oob east, west, south, any combo. No crash. Tried in jets and helos. Khamisiyah STD, flying US: Could go oob east-west, no crash. East/west oob and then south while still oob: no crash. Flying south oob first: crash. I've never seen the server files, but this sounds like perhaps the OOB mechanic checks if a player is oob already before executing the rest of its code, to avoid running the script multiple times. Again, I have no access to those server files yet so I'm purely hypothesizing based on my coding knowledge. @=VG= ciro Do we run Procdump or Procdump64? Both come in the download you specified.
  14. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Lads, can we please take a chill pill nobody is doing statement vs statement, no personal attachment is involved. This is a thinking pool, not a debate. Let's focus on the essence and not jump on our horses if someone disagrees. We strive for the same goal . There will be enough to read through as is.
  15. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Thanks Though I don't think many answers will come, I'm keeping tabs on that page. Never know if something good comes out of it! @=VG= SemlerPDX Does Realitymod provide you with the necessary files once you become a contributor? I'm submitting an R-CON application somewhere today.