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  1. =VG= Social Meeting

    I'm part of team 'FuckZoomAndTheCCP' Apart from that, totes down
  2. Server down

    Issue resolved. Merged original posts by Kara and Hater. Please note that admins can request TCAdmin start/stop access by messaging @=VG= SemlerPDX
  3. VG Branding Material And Ressources

    Also @=VG= keed the logo font is called Fenix Blackletter Caps, and can be downloaded for free here This makes designs a ton easier i forgot to include it in my other post, oops.
  4. VG Branding Material And Ressources

    @=VG= keedUploaded to this drive I put the SVG's together, and both =VG= and Veterans Gaming as PNG of 25MP each with transparant background. Let me know if you need something else!
  5. VG Branding Material And Ressources

    @=VG= keed 600dpi? You know I can just send you the SVG's, right ?
  6. VG Branding Material And Ressources

    @=VG= keed I made some 2D and 3D models of our logo (full text and '=VG=', as well as a 3D-printable coin and some other WIP mockups. I will upload them when I'm home. Which formats are you looking for? @=VG= SemlerPDX has a few resources too.
  7. VG Website error: Your connection is not private

    Thanks Flame! Resolved, locking.
  8. Hey all When loading the website today, I was presented with Chrome's warning message saying "Your connection is not private". If anyone else has experienced this, please post below.
  9. Need help deciding....

    While not impossible in the future, there's no focus on our ARMA III server right now to become highly populated. 77th JSOC, au contraire, runs an entire clan ecosystem around Arma with events, many active admins etc. They have a very nice, teamwork-based server like Blizz pointed out. Do note though that 77th JSOC is very strict. Literally waiting in line, strict hierarchy, and certain commanders are even such doofuses that they won't reply to you unless you address them in the exact way they want . That said, there's an amazing grade of teamwork to be found. The 77th JSOC servers always run Invade And Annex, which is a mission system that spawns a main and side objectives. The main objective (Area Of Operations) has a few tactical targets and enemies. Take them down and the AO is over, and it will respawn in a new place shortly after. While Arma 3 has a VAST range of vehicles, you won't use many on that server. It's highly infantry-tailored gameplay. There are 4 helicopters, 1 jet, and 1 armored unit max. Armor can only serve as support and must stay out of the AO until called in by inf, which RARELY ever happens. Command can flat-out refuse to issue armor squad and then you're out of luck. It's a very fun way of play in itself, but bear in mind you will be waiting and walking for very long times. Depending on the commander, it's not uncommon to wait 20 minutes between deployments or to be stuck in base for half an hour before you can be sent out. If this is your style of play though, there's no better game and place than Arma 3 and the 77th JSOC at the moment.
  10. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Hey all, if you can find the time please report your server crashes through this form instead. This allows us to easily compile our gathered info . This is only for crashes, not for other 'server down'-issues.
  11. Some trolls trying to be funny.

    Thanks @Ereen! I'm compiling a report of what happened during that round and sending it to our server administrators. These players will be dealt with swiftly. Thanks for bringing this in !
  12. Some trolls trying to be funny.

    Hey @Ereen! Thank you, we're looking into this ! Could you please make our search a little easier by answering these questions: - Are you sure the map is Jabal Al Burj? - Please confirm the time: 8:30 pm (pm = evening) in the timezone you indicated. - What time is it right now in Baghdad?
  13. My Modding Skillz & Tutorials

    Is there an up-to-date guide on how to set up BF2PR map editor somewhere? I've followed the one from Suchar to the letter, but my editor still throws errors including that I need DirectX9C or higher. The tutorial dates back to 2007 though . Any suggestions?
  14. So I did a thing

    Yeeeesssss I love how more ppl started recording. We're gonna flood VG with videos now!
  15. PR v1.6 Announcement

    @=VG= TEDF Nice! Can't wait I'm not seeing the fastroping mechanic that was rumoured and shown earlier tho. Any news on that?