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  1. Yay a new Infantry Map to play
  2. Membership Application - Rotblut - VG Air Force

    Found the CD and install all from scratch. Still fighting a little with the settings in Game. IVC IP and so on.
  3. Name/Callsign: Rotblut Timezone: [GMT + 1] Central European Time Active Time(s): Late afternoon to midnight Time on VG BMS Server: 4 years ago for half a year Time using Falcon/BMS: 5-6 years Confidence Level: New Pilot - (still learning basic flight) Preferred Aircraft/Block: F-16 Other Preferred Aircraft: Might like to learn: F-14 AV-8B Harrier Other games/sims flown: DCS World, Microsoft Flight Simulator Comments/Personal Statements: Playing Flight simulations for ages but never ever really got into it while playing all alone at home. Because of this i really have no skills but i catch up fast and i am willing to listen and learn. If you teach me (=VG= Kavalenko offer this) you will experience a model student. While searching my Falcon 4 CD i also founf my Microsoft Flight Simulator V 4.0 from 1989. But i can not find a 3,5" floppy disk drive. Application Review Status: Membership Approved View full application
  4. HELLO !

    TANJAWI LAD, i am recently not very active but i can say you found a good community here
  5. Yeah it has been some time since we all meet. I've been concentrated to get along with my life, got also back to play my single player games because of i did not want to talk to anybody. Thats life. Now i feel that i like to be more social and sure to talk to all of you will be the beginning. 

    I see you soon and give me some time when you find i am not talking as much as the last years.

    Thanks to all of your PM's and your motivations in it. Life goes on and gaming is a big part of it and tbh, it sucks to play all alone!

    1. =VG= .Blizzard.

      =VG= .Blizzard.

      Glad to see you back! Man it s been a long time since we last spoke to you. How is the house ? Have you finished it ?

    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Hope you're well! Take care and see you around, bro! :coffee: 

    3. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Good to see you back again.

  6. LemurLemur

    Oh Oh! He's back. Hope you're doing good.
  7. Yeah back in the saddle again. This time I will also not forget to fix my house. Even I play PR. ;)


  8. Hey Guys,

    half of my house is fixed and I had to earn money first to go to the next part of my renovation.

    I've heard that someone is telling I had a nasty accident? Nonono. I am doing fine and even my heard is getting better after all the hard work I had to do. 

    The reason why I left for the last month is so easy. 3000+ hrs of gaming last year but 0000 hrs fixing my roof, equals in discipline, which I had to force myself into.

    Hard but nessesary. I guess you all understand. :P

    To withstand the permanent wish to play with you guys, I even deleted the game, shortcuts and favourites in my browser and cut all communication with most of you. 

    Sorry for that but it had to be, for the benefit and safety of my house and own future.

    At the moment I reinstall everything and look forward to game with you the next hours/day. We'll see! ;)

    Sincerely yours


    aka / Rotblut

    Have a look if you like: 


    1. =VG= .Blizzard.

      =VG= .Blizzard.

      Take care and godspeed! :hi:

  9. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

    Nice one. Where to sign in.
  10. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    I tought about a Ultralight Flyer. A Guy here is producing them low cost and you just need a minor licence but have the experience to fly
  11. hey Rotblut...

    i was not here and i did't see the topic of that guy complaining about the verbal warnings....

    im not sure if i heard it or not. but i was going to say: that he was whining about me leading trans choppers and i can't respond to him all the time while AA is hitting my helis and killing my squad all the time. but Melon closed the Topic. 

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      I saw it. lol whining about a kick. rofl - ruin his gameplay. haha. no he was just not listning to others and try to bitch a bit around. Melon knows that and did well closing this useless tread. 

  12. Merry Christmas!

    and a Happy new Year
  13. Can we add discord to our Contacs?

    @Kayip https://discord.gg/NQr5M8C most of the VG people are listed there!
  14. Hello there

    Kebab Lovers are always
  15. Jabal rainbow dam 3

    I think I've just seen a Unicorn running arround the left corner