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  1. VG fighting the Insurgency
  2. @=VG= Kavelenko It's playing peek-a-boo.
  3. So when you are downed and wounded hitting "D" allows you to still function for a few moments longer?
  4. Destroying Sites in Mike Force. In order to capture a zone in Mike Force players need to destroy all sites with a 1200 meter radius of the zones center point. This is true even if one zone overlaps a neighboring zone. A known issue is the site not clearing after all zones have been destroyed. The current theory is that if no infantry are in the zone and the CAS aircraft destroy everything this will prevent the zone from being captured and will stop any mission progression. Ground forces need to occupy the zone! These sites include: The Mortar The AA Gun Th
  5. A little snippet of info about the snakes. https://community.sogpf.com/threads/735-Snakes!
  6. Testing server is offline. Everyone has moved to the public Mike Force server.
  7. Mike Force mission was completed today. The server was restarted. Remember, on a fresh start the first two zones that must be captured are Ba Ria and Ban Hoang.
  8. Oops. I suppose I should have posted this in this thread.
  9. Here is the current mod list and is subject to change. Vanilla VOIP has been disabled in the Mike Force mission server and at bare minimum you should have the TFAR mod and Teasmspeak with the TFAR plugin installed if you want to talk to and hear other players in the game. Highly recommended and one could say a requirement. CBA_A3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894678801 Optional and really nice to have to make the experience even b
  10. You can use the compatibility data files from the workshop. The only drawback would be the watermarks. Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany: Compatibility Data for Non-Owners https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1776428269&searchtext=compatability+data S.O.G. Prairie Fire - Creator DLC Compatibility Data for Non-Owners https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2477276806&searchtext=compatability+data These files include the maps and the are about 25 gigabytes in size each. As for mods you should subscri
  11. I recommend disabling the rank system parameter for this event.
  12. When you respawn just feed the Checkpoint five sandbags (50 supply) and you can keep the spawn going for quite a while. In fact, several small squads doing this can attack an AO from multiple directions at anytime.
  13. Kav, I figured it out. The short answer is an ACAV Engineer with a shovel and 50 sandbags. You might get 10 respawns out of that. If you have sandbags in your inventory and you use the correct button in the radio menu (keyboard 6 key) you can upload sandbag (supplies) to your fob assets. It just takes forever. So I built this FOB/spawn using less than 200 sand bags. Note that the Checkpoint (spawn) only holds 500 units of supply and that equals out to about 10 respawns. A situation room (HQ) adds the ability to hold 10000 supply units and as a bonus feeds all nearby buildings w
  14. After a second restart tonight we lost the ability to capture Ba Ria. However I was able to activate the module using the admin console. This is what worked. So now we know how to activate the starting zones if they become bugged. This command should be limited to those zones that do not have "two-way connectors" and cannot be fixed with a restart like Ba Ria and Ban Hoang. Please note that these are not the only objectives with one way connectors. Try your best to do these one way areas first before moving inland.
  15. Kav, I had no luck building a FOB without supplies. The jeeps only hold 100 units and the small supply box is 200 units.
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