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VETERANS-GAMING is celebrating 10 Years of COOP Gaming! For the last ten years, VG has been proud to host our servers and website for so many COOP gamers and teamwork focused players, and we are thrilled to be a home away from home for anyone looking for a casual place to hang out and play games with friends!  It's been a long road and many people have come and gone over the years, some even come back after awhile, happy to see their old stomping grounds still filled with the best COOP gamers and games, and with plenty of Bots ready to give a fight and to eat some virtual lead!  We hope you all will stay with us through the next ten years, and on!  Long live VETERANS-GAMING!!


Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

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Operation Red Dawn


1800 PRT

Download : Click Here

Server Password :  event42

Situation : 

Early 1989 - Soviet Union's leadership, paranoid of imminent NATO invasion, decides to launch a preemptive strike against NATO in Western Europe and the United States.  

After years of development, Soviet scientists have developed a computer virus that when inserted into radar comm link, will effectively disrupt any radar connected within the system and will make it near useless for hours. Using this to their advantage, Soviet leadership authorises the launch of operation code named "Red Dawn". At 0300 in the morning, several Spetsnaz units are sent into Western Europe to infiltrate key enemy radar bases and to upload the virus into the network...

Equipment : 

Rifles : AK74 / AK74m / AKMS / AKS-74u / Saiga12



Rifleman AP has access to RPG 7 w DZGI40 airburst HE-FRAG

Medic bags haven't been developed enough for area effect ( Deployment settings, meaning that medic has to treat people one by one)

All units have binoculars. 

Heavy AT, AA, Sniper, Spotter, HMG kits are currently unavailable.

All deployable assets except HMGs and Sandbags must be dug. HJ-8 / AA / Razorwire is unavailable.


Mission 1

(Original map : Siege at Ochamchira by Irontaxi)

assets : 

8 x RHIB - 1 minute respawn


While the main focus is on attacking the Western European mainland, a Soviet naval battlegroup is sent out to attack British isles & Norway. Under the cover of darkness, Soviet Spetsnaz platoon is sent ahead to infiltrate British naval bases and to upload the virus into UK's radar network so the main invasion force may approach undetected. Weapons are free and we are now at war.

The enemy will be unaware of your presence. 

Mission objectives : 

1. Infiltrate British mainland, plant a jammer outside the base  to block any enemy radio traffic.

2. Capture the base entrance (Objectives Anna & Boris) 

3. Upload the virus into British radar network by capturing two enemy HQ buildings ( Objectives Dmitri & Yelena)

4. Exfiltrate

(5.) Supplies are unavailable. Use rally points for additional spawn locations.

(6.) To avoid people abusing the boats, off map timer has been reduced.


Mission 2

(original map : Borovsko Bridge by [R-CON] Rusty_42)

assets : 

4 x Tigr (Unarmed) - 5 minute respawn (2 at obj. Anna, 2 at Obj. Gregor)

2 x Tigr (Armed) - 5 minute respawn

1 x Logistics truck - 10 minute respawn



The main invasion has begun. Spetsnaz platoon is paradropped to British countryside with the objective to capture and secure vital supply lines. British fusilier company and some scorpion IFVs have been spotted in the area.

Mission objectives : 

1. Establish a perimeter around the drop zone. You will be dropped from relatively low altitude, so be ready to open your parachute quite early. ( 9 )

2. Capture objective Anna so we can open up the supply line and send in additional equipment.

3. Capture  two villages to the south west.

4. Secure the main road by capturing the objectives along the way

5. Eliminate any British resistance

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5 minutes ago, Luisitoo said:

do these maps have to be downloaded?


On 23.1.2019 at 5:25 PM, TEDF said:


1800 PRT

Download : TBA

Server Password : TBA


btw: if I can do it, I'll be there.
What about a dog-sqd?

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Download added to the main post. If you have any questions or problems with installing the maps, feel free to poke me on ts.

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Thank you all who joined. Not sure why the AI was so insane on those maps, will definately make the next one easier with SQL spawns enabled. Anyways, we kind of managed to do the job. Virus was uploaded (kind of) and the fusilier company ran out of manpower in the end and had to retreat, so supply route is captured. 

Thanks again for joining, thank you @=VG= SemlerPDX for setting up the server in such a short notice. Next part of the campaign will be in 2 weeks, so stay tuned.

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