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  1. Introduction - Back in the seat

    Welcome to =VG=
  2. Representing

    The highlights of this round was the double kill from the AA manpad. He killed the BlackHawk and our friendly MI with ONE missile.
  3. Your Favorite Song?

  4. Arma 3 server possibilities?

    I got a message from =VG= Speirs. He told me that he's hard working on creating missions. He invited me to test some of his missions in a small group. I will talk with him to get him back online but his reallife needs almost all his attention. I think with Ciro, Blizzard, Sausage and Speirs we could build up a good A3 crew for Veterans-Gaming.
  5. Mug Shots - 2020

    Nah, i'm only 1.84 meters tall
  6. Mug Shots - 2020

    @Rabbit : Congrats
  7. ScarecrowDX

    Welcome to Veterans-Gaming
  8. Leaving...

    I suggest Arma 3 ..... more variation and entertainment cya buddy
  9. Operation Slayer |Day182|

    Grenadier in Bryan's squad.
  10. Making it regular

    Was also ordered by amazone but seems like they have zero stock. The gamepad is already delivered so it's only a matter of time. Keed, what does this advanced flight model? Is it made for flightsticks?
  11. Making it regular

    You mean this nose dive forward thingy over and over again Blizzard?
  12. Making it regular

    Saitek but dont remember exact typ (something with T50 or so). Brother ordered it. Something around 45 euro. That's enough for my needs (Elite Dangerous) or other games. Can you use a flightstick in ARMA or is the movement much more clunky?
  13. Making it regular

    When i get my Flightstick (already ordered - still waiting) i will have a look into flying helo's in Squad. Helo's already integrated? Not upto date to this.
  14. I dont feel offended. There also no harsh tone from me. I'm only saying all things straight out without turning left and right. English isn't my native language. You know what happened in the past? Dont think so. Isn't so that we never tried to make things better. It's only about that the Devs should fix those issues and not community X,Y,Z. There are ways to reduce drastically the loading times for everyone. Overhauling datastructure and not pack every factionstuff into the same zip.file is a good solution. Why your rig must load all stuff that isn't needed on the map?
  15. TEDF has a good point. Why =VG= should implement new scripts to give the long loaders the same benefit as the short loaders? Is it our task to fix that? Go to the Dev's and ask them for help or start a nothing more nothing less discussion in their forums? We had already enough Bullshit talking from the Devs because of SCRIPTS and we where accused of breaking server licenses.