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  1. BF3 project reality

    What's the max size for an map? Can BF3 go up to 4 km or higher?
  2. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    Bump ....
  3. Game Start

    Can you all stop that downvoting etc. now ??? It will only hurt us at all. I think it's better we close this thread now because Melon already gave a final answer to this.
  4. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    I hope well. I was close to get it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7ZbmCTc0Ig Edit : The link could not be embedded because an error occurred on www.youtube.com. Can someone tell me who is the the guy in the middle? There are 4 seats (not including the bench seats).
  5. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    Why not this weekend? ...... and next time, i will capture the fucking SOC
  6. G'Day

    Hello and welcome back
  7. Dak

    Welcome on board, have a nice time here
  8. Another Free Game: Tom Clancy's The Division!

    You forgot 2Pac
  9. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Sorry for not joining but i was so tired and dead as fuck. I wake up 3 hours after event and still feel dead as fuck.
  10. Training Grounds ARMA III

    Engineer please.
  11. 42oman Back!

    Was about time oman. Welcome back.
  12. Music in trans

    No, no sorry. I like music in trans. Remember Lashkar Valley, 45 Golden Days and Rammstein. Sometimes, music helps alot to have fun if you use it in a good manner and not trolling around with it. Here my wishlist:
  13. HELLO !

    Hi and welcome to Veterans-Gaming. Have fun.
  14. PR coop maps that you hate

    I think if you spend at least 24 work hours on the map you could expand the navmesh to the maximum by morphing Terrain (preventing tris clusterfuck), turning overgrowth into staticobjects to remove some of them(reduce navmeshtime), adding here and there some cool stickies, cutting of the combatzone with walls and Melons new method and taadaaa. Fools road and navmesh in each GRID.