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  1. Rising Storm Vietnam 2

    The only pvp game i play is League of Legends - ARAM gamemode, zero fucks are given on Summoners Rift, Howling Abyss for the win. Who Need Ranked?!
  2. I have no problems with windows 10 on my machine. But tbh. , I'm not pro in Rating OS.
  3. ArmA 3 Modded server

    We should build an Arma Team. I'm sure everyone can learn from the other one. I mean this seriously. You, Semler, scripted the clafghan Server (spelled Right?). Let's go back and do shit we did years ago.
  4. ArmA 3 Modded server

    @Sausag3 Take your time, years ago, we made many arma events. Not everything went well but after a while our arma scripter grow up and did amazing stuff. We Need more Arma modders in Veterans-Gaming. Arma was our second plattform after PR. We Need more game variation. Speirs told me x-mas, when he comes back he will look into creating missions for Arma.
  5. Operation Frosty Dagger

    That would be great. And at EndofRound a screenshot from the Team like we did Always.
  6. How many people did YOU teamkill in 2019?

    What about the bug with the IDF and next round GB kit? You see a TK message but no TK happen. This TK are getting registered? Sometimes, i saw also that someone tk'ed a guy but the guy was still alive. Once i noticed that Hsc got tk'ed but he was still alive and piloting the cas huey and i was the doorgunner. What about a statistic with TK's / played time. Maybe Volod isnt Nr. One anymore.
  7. ArmA 3 Modded server

    Ok, i want a Guerillawarefare mod including : ACRE Inventory system like Exile vehicle salvage system (remove parts to repair vehicles) vehicle repair and fuelsystem crafting system (IED's, create bombcars) basebuildingsystem that is restricted to the Team/HQ or outpost/firebases coin-/moneysystem blackmarket (like Trader- or smugglingsystem to get better equipment) COS system (prevent killing innocents/civilians or get punished) covert ops missions diving is a must. Best Arma 3 feature in my opinion . Like it much. medical aid system, revive system survival mechanics (hunting, cooking, food, drinks) crashsites to get adequate weapons or better loot looting bodys (because you need ammo, radiocomms or whatever equipment that is usefull) When ist done ?
  8. Canadian Kokan (CAS??) Heli

    Why not both? Actually in the info menu picture (loading screen Picture where you can see the assets) its defined as trans or you would see 2 helo Icons. Maybe i can bring more light into the darkness. Ist because of pythoncodding. The python checks the category of the Chopper. Trans has _the_ and CAS _ahe_. Why? Because of the kits. A CAS Chopper need 2 pilotkits. Pilot and Gunner. A Transport Chopper need only 1 pilotkit. For the Pilot only. Sofar i remember was the python so generated to check for kit restrictions/requirements the vehicle categories and not for each asset names seperatly. Edit: Griffon is called in Editor : cf_the_ch146_m134 so technically a trans: Question: You need a Copilot kit? After old python rules you need not but maybe they changed also that over the time. You all Love me now
  9. Squad

    24/7 Server is waste of =VG= ressources and i share Kav's minds. That was the reason i mentioned the EVENT word. Why making it as Event and not 24/7 is : When we make an Event day for Squad and a shitload of =VG='s joins, we can get a better Picture of this game because we not playing with unknown's, no trolls, everyone of us have a good start. Which side win or lose isn't important. I think after an Event we know more about Squad or maybe we start hating it. Also the missing botsupport ….. =VG= always hosted games with ai-support sofar i remember. Offtopic - And what is now with the Arma Servers? We upgrading and Hosting a modded one or is it on ice?
  10. Squad

    Can =VG= host a Squad Server? I'm not talking about a 24/7 Server. Maybe only for a Event to test the game to give it a chance?
  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

    Happy New Year to all of YOU. Best wishes for 2020.
  12. Ban Appeal

  13. ArmA 3 Modded server

    Thanks Zadra, when we get a good Crew of atleast 12 People together and run it in an eventstyle on each weekend i would give it a go. How it Looks with the antistasi community? Still alive or filled with trolls?
  14. ArmA 3 Modded server

    Question is … we have the Server Population for antistasi? You need really many people to get some missions done and also to defend the fronts. Sofar i know is the insurgency ai not really tough when the russians rolling in. You lose also really quick progress and i dont know if i have the time to play antistasi on a regular base to finish such a longtime campaign and nearly miss the Feeling for the mod. How many different versions of mission antistasi have except going for the infra structure POI's to get the civilians on your side? I dont think we have the manpower to playing it in an enjoyable wise. Can we SAVE and continoue on another day like running it in Event style?
  15. My noobie Helicopter Training base.

    Is it a =VG= Arma3 Server or you hosting a Arma3 Server?