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  1. Music in trans

    No, no sorry. I like music in trans. Remember Lashkar Valley, 45 Golden Days and Rammstein. Sometimes, music helps alot to have fun if you use it in a good manner and not trolling around with it. Here my wishlist:
  2. HELLO !

    Hi and welcome to Veterans-Gaming. Have fun.
  3. PR coop maps that you hate

    I think if you spend at least 24 work hours on the map you could expand the navmesh to the maximum by morphing Terrain (preventing tris clusterfuck), turning overgrowth into staticobjects to remove some of them(reduce navmeshtime), adding here and there some cool stickies, cutting of the combatzone with walls and Melons new method and taadaaa. Fools road and navmesh in each GRID.
  4. PR coop maps that you hate

    @Melon: Watch out by fools road. There is a place where bots try to walk up a hill but the hill is to steep and many bots will stuck there. I killed there once 26 bots with only ONE grenade.
  5. Actual Return

    Welcome back.
  6. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    Tetra (Socom). Want to blow up things.
  7. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    I want minisub
  8. PR coop maps that you hate

    You can get some extra percentages for 2k and 4k Maps when you prepare the staticobjects.con for the navmesh process in a special manner. 2k Maps can have also nearly 90% playarea but it depends mostly of how many tree's (vegetation) you have on the map. For excample, the combatarea edges get tesselated and creates an amount of triangles (poly's) where they arent needed. Ecxample: I placed walls as combatarea and placed the original combatarea a Little bit outside of the walls. All edges was straight navmeshed without small poly's at the edges. Here a Picture of one edge of the CombatArea (CA) without walls. Here one CA Edge where i used walls.

    Sitrep on the situation. With patch 1.6, many new people joined the game. Try to teach them first. Have Patience and dont get crazy.
  10. Event Teaser

    Is it "HIM" ?
  11. Event Teaser

    Wooooooooooooow, a …………………………………………………. windmill
  12. Event Teaser

    DAYZ ??? WWII ??? Antistasi ??? C'mon, a Little bit more info. Asked me the whole time whta happend your arma Server.
  13. SQUAD Saturdays (Public Event)


    Status of the Squadserver? Is it up again or patched?
  14. Battlefield Project Reality, game closing itself

    The last 2 days i was working on albasrah. I made a new gpo for the coop insurgency gamemode. I kept it simple but i got many crashs and i was forced to pinpoint the errors by deactivating every objectspawner from vehicles. Here what i noticed after testing - crashing - making changes - testing - crashing - making changes … (at least 20 times). Pure frustration, i wished i spend my time on more important things. I used the gb_trk_logistic_cage and hitting a yellow oil barrel at the vcp crashed my game. AI was shooting at me as i drove another logi truck = game crashed. When AI shooting me in a landrover with 50cal, i die normally and can spawn normally. I was bleeding and as i entered a landrover, it teleported me to desktop. Putting the landrover gmg in the gpo. Crashed in loadingscreen. Same for the warrior with cage. INSERT HERE RANDOM CRASHES without having a clue of WHY? I need to know, if the people on our server (or other servers) having crashes related to factions. In the moment, it seems to me, that GB_sp faction has a issue or the meinsurgents_sp faction causing the problems. I will check, if i get ame problems, when i use another Blufor faction on basrah. AFAIK, us faction dont have issues on Kokan. I also checked, if one kit could cause problems by giving the kit a weapon that dont fit to the aiTemplate for the bot. Some weaponslot (itemindexes / IDX) are hardcodded for some bots in the bf2 ai. Sidenote : @=VG= melonmuncher I found out, that many spawnscreen kit setups are loading only 5 different aitemplates at all. officer kit ai = specops medic kit ai = medic (must have : epipen on idx6 / medikit on idx5 / grenadier kit ai = assault rifleman kit ai = support specialist kit ai = assault (again???) LAT kit ai = AT AR kit ai = assault (again and again???) The aiTemplate for sniper and engineer are only available for special kits and not selectable in the spawnscreen. BF2 ai / bots only using kits from the spawn selection menu and the bf2 ai should have all 7 different ai kit templates in it or bots acting weird but doesn't mean to crash the game.
  15. New coop insurgency testsession

    Server crashed or you game crashed Blud? I know that 45 Golden Days has a problem with pc crashes. We all played it without servercrashes. And for you info, rushing the harbour (ALONE) will end in death. Gaza's street and beach arent safety