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  1. Im back!

    Welcome back.
  2. Radio =VG=

    The only Thing that is fat and true is your skill bro and that Counts, not the bodyindex. Biggest respect. Like drums like hell. You know cannon rock from Jerry C. ? I like this Girl beause she FEELS it.
  3. Trivium!

    I used longtime ago (was it hotspotblocker? dont remember the name). You suggested it to me Longtime ago, Semler. The problem is it cannot solve every problem. How many Clips in YT got castrated because the makers implemented a melody or small part of a song in their Clips? To many ….
  4. Trivium!

    I can hear Nothing because the Music got deactivated because of copyrights. Germany sucks.
  5. Wifi

    I'm so lucky that i decided to install in every room except kitchen and bathrooms cat 7 cables. I never trusted the wireless shit. Caused to many Problems and pingspikes. Radiosignal distortion can be caused by many metall pillars in your house and wood really block radiosignals. On work, we was forced to install more hotspots because our highracks was full with pallets and electronic parts. and our RF handguns lost connection.
  6. cant connect to pr mumble

    You running any other applications in Background like overlays? What kind of Operation System you use? Compatible mode? Run as administrator. What kind of antivirus?
  7. The memes

  8. Radio =VG=

  9. COD MW free day 3/10

    There exist COD mods, right? Free for all …. with modtools it has potential.
  10. COD MW free day 3/10

    Is this complete free or only for a short while free to play?
  11. Project Reality Loading issue

    You have this Problem now with everymap? When you Restart your pc and start PR, how the first round Looks? Same issues? BF have a problem with cleaning its Memory from the round before.
  12. Radio =VG=

    You all forgot the best from Prodigy
  13. Radio =VG=

    Ok, and now you going to make a funky Soul mix out of it?
  14. Radio =VG=

    This song is compared to the other funny stuff a really nice find Ciro. Also Binaries Clip from Socalled - You are never alone is nice to listen.
  15. Why Bots Fight? - Suggestions To Improve PR COOP

    I tought more on a system where i can place all the xxx_randomaiassets_xxx in the GPO. For excample, i placed all ammocaches manually. Multiple times i set more than 300. For better explaination: The xxx_randomaiasset_type1_xxx doesnt exist yet. The xxx_ stands for a name of the asset and get replaced by the original name of the asset. Like This: The nl_bipod_alt would be cloned and renamed to nl_randomaiasset_type1_alt Now i clone the insrg_bipod and rename it to insrg_randomaiasset_type1 Now i place 99 nl_randomaiasset_type1_alt and only 1 insrg_randomaiasset_type1 When the pythoncode only checks for the middle part of the name, (randomaiasset_type1), i will have mostly of all rounds the nl_bipod_alt on the map spawned but one day ….. the insrg_bipod will spawn. Now, Imaging, if the insrg_bipod would be a tank! I would mostly have nl_bipods_alt spawned and one day a Tank. That's the reason why i want the script only looking for the part of the name. If it would check for the full name (like ammocache) i wouldn't get this variety. Another reason why the script should look like this is IS because the PR python mostly a created in this criterias. The reason why i want to place the randomaiassets manually is because i must be sure, that all asset get randomly spawned on the NAVMESH. Some bipods would also be placed on roof where or balconies where no navmesh is but that can be solved with "DONTALLOWEXIT" tweakline to prevent exiting. Sofar i understand you, if you let spawn assets like you wrote (via rcon invoke), you need a database with coordinates (x-y-z) for a good spawnplacement but what is with rotation? Also, to get the infos for the database, you have to place bipods on every nice Location on the map. So when all bipods already placed why creating a database when everything is already done? The advantage of your database system is you can add all time more bipods without modifying the map, so nobody needs to redownload it. That's cool. Same like ESAI. You can modify strategies on a map without touching the map. Exist there more advantages for your system like better performance or is the main PR python structured like you explained above?