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  1. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    Tetra (Socom). Want to blow up things.
  2. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    I want minisub
  3. PR coop maps that you hate

    You can get some extra percentages for 2k and 4k Maps when you prepare the staticobjects.con for the navmesh process in a special manner. 2k Maps can have also nearly 90% playarea but it depends mostly of how many tree's (vegetation) you have on the map. For excample, the combatarea edges get tesselated and creates an amount of triangles (poly's) where they arent needed. Ecxample: I placed walls as combatarea and placed the original combatarea a Little bit outside of the walls. All edges was straight navmeshed without small poly's at the edges. Here a Picture of one edge of the CombatArea (CA) without walls. Here one CA Edge where i used walls.
  4. PR COOP thread 1.6

    PR has also the feature with random rally points. Mapper (guy who create the GPO) can place mutliple rally points and at roundstart, the gamemode logic would pick some of them randomly like ammocaches. I dont understand why this never got used in coop.
  5. PR COOP thread 1.6

    You would load a map and wouldn't know what assets you have or the bots get because you would have multiple mainbases. In AAS4 you can have max. 9 routes. If the other system is posible you could have at least 20 routes +++
  6. PR COOP thread 1.6

    good for Project Reality coop, so for the game itself All flags must be placed on Navmesh. That's a requirement. Multiple flagroutes in the GPO (seperated by layers) and the python picks a random layer. Not controlled via mapvote or other voodoo. So not predictable.
  7. PR COOP thread 1.6

    I had in deployment a similiar situation in a transhelo. We got heavily damaged and the pilot made an emergency landing. As the chopper touched the ground i pressed E to exit the chopper and suddenly i was in the middle of the chopper and got crushed.
  8. PR COOP thread 1.6

    I think you can reporduce it by doing the same again. I believe you was waiting exactly where the spawnpoint was and than the Namer spawned and didn't crushed you. Or try to crouch under the Namer and stand up.
  9. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Can the driver or you or who in gods name was involved reproduce this? Try to get out of the Namer when his back is parked at a wall or whatever (like trying to block the exit hatch).
  10. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Good for me? or good for Project Reality coop, so for the game itself? After some conversations in PR Discord, coop is hardcodded everywhere, we can have only ONE COOP gamemode. I asked if it would be possible to reverse engineer the gpm_coop gamemode to include the insurgency gamemode in it. The python would check, if there are any captureable controlpoint or ammocaches in the gpo. If the python finds only capturable CP's it will ignore any insurgency mechanics. If the python would find a ammocache in the gpo and no captureable CP's it would use the insurgency python logic and not the AAS4. Now, Imaging, having also the Option tot have multiple routes --- i would say that's the biggest WOW in BF2 coop modding Scene. Unique. Nothing similiar ever existed in the bf2 mod world. … but hey, ist shitty coop …. Edit : @Melon I found more missing ai Parameters in some weapon.ai's like from the Shilka. It misses one of the deviations (Deviation or DeviationcorrectionTime) dont remember excatly ,yet but i imformed Arab.
  11. PR COOP thread 1.6

    So it picks sofar understand the GSID of the controlpoint. Damn, i thought it picks a sublayer (object layer) of the gpo. If it would pick one of the sublayer, you could create one gpo for the maplayer (like std / 64) but you could have different flags that are related to the objects layer. So one route is in object layer 1, another route in object layer 2 and a 3rd route is in object layer 3. Python picks one object layer randomly and ignores the other layers (including the strategicareas). If it would work like this we could have multiple routes in one maplayer. So no limitations. That means we could have 1 Million differnt Layouts for coop.
  12. PR COOP thread 1.6

    @Rabbit I have a Question. You was a mapper you also created AAS4 and redfor routes and blufor routes? How the random flags system works? The python chosse a specifiec sublayer in the gpo?
  13. PR COOP thread 1.6

    ObjectTemplate.maxNrOfObjectSpawned 4 That means, if one btr (i think he means the mtlb) spawned a left the radius from where it spawned (missing that line, Default value kicks in) another one will spawn till the 4 btr(mtlb) spawned. Edit: why the commander btr acv can spawn 4 times?
  14. PR COOP thread 1.6

    I found on fallujah more than 50 spawnpoints that aren't in line with PR coop standards. Investigating all bugged spawners from all coop maps/layers would end in a report with something around 500+ lines.
  15. PR COOP thread 1.6

    I wish the bots could use them effective. Afaik, i never died do it in coop.