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  1. I got a Ban

    OP can be unbanned. I believe his story.
  2. I got a Ban

    If i was the banning admin and it was on ramiel map than your tk showed up between the 5 other tk's . It was end of round and the ENDOFROUND Teamkilling started. I believe your story but i'm not sure yet if i banned you but your name sounds familiar to me.
  3. I got a Ban

    I think i was the banning admin but not sure. To much smacktards the last 2 days. Was it on Ramiel last flag? If yes than my Action wasn't overdrawn. I think your Action firing nades into the blueberries is overdrawn. Everyone is running to the last flag and you spam nades into them.
  4. The hardest Vietnam ever that can be

    I would stop with that dear sugar. You using EXPLOITS (Glitches) to get unfair Advantage. Also please, no Posts anymore with such Content.
  5. Time to brag

    Holy shit. Woot is this? Your Provider use Alien Technology ?
  6. Hacks or bug/feature

    Since when you need this exploit when you camp spawnpoints? No offence to volod. Also it's not his fault when there are not many Options (spawnpoints) for the bots they can spawn in without getting camped.
  7. Re-introduction (and a call for help, I guess?)

    Did you changed something in the keybindings, like adding Controller or Joystick? If yes, did you changed it in the 1st column or 2nd column?
  8. Time to brag

    i pay something like 50 euro Edit: Included phone, cable tv and some other Goodies
  9. Time to brag

  10. Hacks or bug/feature

    I heared that this can happen. You can reproduce the bug? When yes, report it to the Devs via PrivateMessaging how todo it and they will look into this. Edit: Or report it in a thread so everyone seeing it and the Devs are forced to fix it asap. Your choice
  11. ArmA 3 Modded server

    Thanks Binkle, i'm aware about Antistasi. I wachted SovietWombles Youtube Clips. Looks amazing but i dont know if i can handle the Ai Squad command thingy. The main thing is what we doing with our Server?
  12. ArmA 3 Modded server

    About Desert Rats. Pleaso no. There comes so many WWII stuff in the near future on other game plattforms.. About Vietnam. That's an Option. Tbh. there are so many mods and addons outside ….. Maybe it would be better to know what kind of ArmA 3 sandbox game we want to play. I would like to play something like been a insurgent on Altis where we have to gather equipment of an opposite force that occupied the island. We playing the resistance side and can build up an Insurgent HQ hidden in the marshes or elsewhere and build up weaponcaches deep into the region. But we need ACRE mod for amazing radiotalks. I dont know if we have Arma3 technicans here who can puzzle some nice mods together and make a real survival, basebuilding, guerilla warefare teamplay insurgency server. Also ZEUS is a really good gamemaster tool to create events on the fly. Playing vanilla ARma 3 feels so empty to me because of the amazing mods experience. What is with @=VG= Jaki. Didn't seen him for a while but he is good in Arma Things sofar i remember.
  13. Application to be =VG=

    Your wrong. They will not take soon … they already have that done longtime ago. In the old egypt, the pharao's decided to gave them godstatus and statues. All what cats has todo is to come to you and make meow and the owner has nothing better todo as to feed/play or open the door so they can get out. Cats have a strong skill in human mind control.
  14. Application to be =VG=

    you forgot the part that we once will dominate the world dear Binary
  15. Assets waste / break server rules

    Depends on the Situation, bra. Wasting assets like crashing each helo/jet against the next closest wall is asset waste. Getting downed by AI anti aircraft missiles isn't nowadays assetwaste. It's more bots are OP in a broken Aircraft vs. AA Missile world. You have the power to resign them. If you ingame and the assetwasters disrupt the gameplay of the server in your opinion, you can act but keep it by tempory bans/kicks (including procedure of warning and kicks). Project Reality hasn't the biggest community anymore.