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      Thank you all for your patience this Saturday!  We had a bit of an issue with the PR COOP Server that started as a simple editing error, and you can blame me because I approved the !rules edit, then outsourced the task to someone I've just began training to help manage the PR COOP Server files (one of only 5 people, including myself) and things went sideways with some missing commas in the Admins python - then, unrelated I'm assuming, our entire AI folder was wiped possibly during the 5+ hours of troubleshooting that happened before I woke up.  The R-DEV Alon was kind enough to help me troubleshoot my dump files and logs in Discord, and I got it all back online after that.

      TMI -- Server back online, and that's why it was offline.  Won't happen again like this, making new SOP's and communications protocols among those of us with file access.  Cheers!
=VG= Sausag3

Operation Frosty Dagger

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I managed to download the mods your server requires last night and got on to it for a few minutes, looks good so far Sausag3!


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On 1/24/2020 at 8:14 AM, =VG= Blazer said:

Awesome - Also a Tad surprised you didnt go for ACE

Or ACRE, or any radio mod... People are use to that stuff, and it's not hard to train up in a pinch, too.  Just FYSA  -- totally cool to use TS3, we can always get into more stuff down the road.  We have a lot of interest from old and new members for Arma mods servers, so this is just the start of things to come!

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I've created a Steam Workshop collection for those that are too lazy to look up all the mods one by one. this way you'll just have to click the "subscribe to all" button.


Alternatively, you can also just go to Library -> Arma 3 -> Workshop -> Hover over Browse and select Collections (pic below) -> search for Operation Frosty Dagger -> subscribe to all


PS.: Hope you dont mind me using the VG icon. Steam demanded i use a Icon for the collection. Got it from the twitter page

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