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  1. Volod.41

    Volod is a good example of HOW NOT TO. He was warned more than 2 or 3 times and in my point of view 2 warnings were more than enough. I for one banned him once for intentional teamkilling but also decided it was a mistake since he tried, that day, to protect the other guys on the server from a dude that started a rampage just when i came online, thus ending in both geting a ban. But this does not make him an angel! He did teamkill right in front of me and that is no excuse. (also i mistook his name for the other guy who had similar numbers in the name and left the server just when i pressed enter but still i would have banned both directly) Like Acro said no way we are going to change this rule, teamkilling even if there is no admin online is NOT PERMITED! We have discord, teamspeak, forums, EVEN THE INGAME !r command. Those are more powerful than a tk. So, what? You tk the guy and he comes back to take revenge because you provoked him... And then what? Start a war? Fine have it like that, bring the whole server with you against one guy that trolls for fun? Some are there to play the game not to have your fights... I ve seen this and please dont say it didnt happen even though is rare. And all above is in general it doesnt mean that a certain person is to balme. Sorry Acro for continuing but i felt like i needed to discharge!
  2. Merch?

    Kebab remover any? Or some rakija bottles with the logo for our Eastern brethren? Would love a T-shirt or some small keychain logo.
  3. Hallo.. hello..

    Hello, and
  4. Operation Frosty Dagger

    YES! The damn lathe broke so the CNC has a lot of work to do now.
  5. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Bravo sq medic. I m not 100% i ll be present. I ve got some work issues but i ll try to be there.
  6. Army Mongs 1

    The instructor says only to put the magazines inside and not to pull the charging handle. But the guy who translated that in english was a huge mong. I m so sorry for the guy who held this ak by the mag instead of the obvious grip that was there for a reason... This gun kicks a lot... Sgt. Sheep on duty!
  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

    Srećna Nova godina; an nou fericit; HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!! Cheers and here is to all the funny times we`ve had playing together!
  8. Armistice failed!

    Merry Christmas!!
  9. I know ppl have been asking where was I.

    I m still alive, unfortunately for those that "love" me... I ve been busy at work and uni. I had 0 time for myself and i want to come back from the dead just to rest a bit from all the hard work.

    Idk why my  pr started acting wired today so ill use my second account named: Corvus, till i can manage to get back the old name.

    Hope to catch all those i ve missed ingame. See y all on the battlefield! :15: 

    1. =VG= Sausag3

      =VG= Sausag3

      Ill be on in a few hours. don't choke on any Christmas cookies in that time!



      Hay Blizzard yes we love you xx ,, still alive is good  : ) busy at work is bad  : )  "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy"  

      Im still doing my sea gypsy thing  : ) won't be  near civilization for a few more months  : ) missing  the game, and the ball rubbing dick swinging. Lol : )    hope to see ya before next year  : ) Capturedfgdxfd.JPG.52698653fd9d3c4156b3849d7be2313a.JPG






    3. =VG= .Blizzard.

      =VG= .Blizzard.

      Hope to see you soon m8! Take care till then!:drinks:

  10. What's your army doing this Christmas?

    Bruce Lee ?
  11. FAKKK UUU I do SOLO !! Faking nuuubs.
  12. Just for laught

    Tis fake, i dont trust it... tis video game, talks like robot.
  13. Logi Fob fusion

    Mobile spawn point
  14. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    From what i know you don t need to change any cd key to play pr as it is standalone( you dont need bf2 to play it). This may help you: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=146983
  15. Historical accurate.

    Well just wait for the white flag. It ll soon show up!