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  1. Operation Slayer |Day175|

    Those are not just M2 Brownings... Well let`s say that they are OP AF... maybe too OP! (this is the special vehicle). 2 Of these will spawn if you find the PorniCorn :)))
  2. Operation Slayer |Day175|

    8 more players needed to run the event! Otherwise I`ll postpone it till we meet the requirements. Make sure you tell your friends as well!
  3. Alecskell (hello)

  4. Operation Slayer |Day175|

    I`ll brief you soon on ts about your role!
  5. Operation Slayer |Day175|

    Operation Slayer |Day175| Arma 3 Event 28th November 2020 2000 HRS -GMT Max Players (19) Small Operation - at max 2 Hours Long BRIEF : After the success of the covert mission, NATO command decided to bring more troops and reclaim Chernarus from the hands of the R.E.D (Russian elite division). The first stage of the invasion was a success, but soon a stalemate set. Radovan "Slayer" Kiril, the head of the R.E.D, is now the key to ending the war on Chernarus. The newly formed CDF (Chernarus defence forces) joined NATO troops and soon command will decide to start an attack on the last defenses of the R.E.D . Objectives : The 2 squads will split and and cover these objectives: - The main objective is to capture all marked key zones and if "Slayer`s" location is compromised, kill him. Campaign will be over if "Slayer" is found and killed! - Secure as much intel as possible on the Head of R.E.D . (Recon tasks, Securing documents and hacking devices). - Killing HVT. - Demo targets such as AA emplacements, train, helicopters, radar stations, vehicles... - Defend against QRFs. - Some other may show! (RECON TASKS ARE RANDOM, they are not like in the img bellow) Assets : 1 --> Bell UH-1Y Venom (on carrier); 1--> A10 thunderbolt 2 (on carrier); 1 --> M3 Bradley; 2 --> HMMWV with 50. ; 2 --> ATVs; 2 --> respawn trucks (1 respawns, the other one will not make sure you take care of them); 1--> abrams tank (after capturing a city, doesn`t respawn, can be manned only by Apc squad or commander+1) 5--> artillery calls (5 rounds each, after capturing a city, to use place marker called "arty 1,2,3,4 or 5 R (R= rounds) He/Smoke"); infinite--> healing (can be called after a firefight if people are badly wounded/ missing FAKs) 2 special vehicles--> if the PorniCorn is found (search area will be marked)! Rules : 1. Infantry is not allowed to Rambo. This is a coop mission, not PR! 2. Follow the commands given by HQ! 3. DO NOT KILL CIVILIANS! Mission will be a failure if you kill even a single civilian! 4. You only have 2 h to capture some cities/ search for "Slayer". If you can`t manage to capture all, the next event will continue from where you left. 5. Minimize collateral damage. CAS make sure you destroy just vehicles, not houses! 6. Commander is allowed to lead a squad when he deems necessary! The mission contains sensitive stuff, that some may find disturbing! Mods : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2115753805 Squad Selection : General: =VG= .Blizzard. Commander (required): =VG= Sausag3 Alpha NATO (required): Leader: =VG= l3RY4N AR: Marksman(M107): Roger_T LAT: Medic: X0R Grenadier: IFV/APC(required): Commander: Crew: Crew: CAS/Trans(required): Leader: =VG= keed Pilot: Bravo CDF: Leader: Engineer: LAT: HAT: Ammo Rifleman: AR: Tutorials to some mods : - ACE - TFAR - Just Build - read description Good Luck and Good Hunt!
  6. Blizzard

    Ahh now I need to change my name!
  7. Teaser for Op Slayer..

    Mod list updated because of ACE-CBA update.
  8. Teaser for Op Slayer..

    Ok I`ll be doing it Saturday 1700 GMT. It`ll take 1h to play/test. Mods <==
  9. Reputation

    Hey Condrad! Very nice intro and it is always good to know more about your PR friends! Anyway you are a good admin! I understand the frustration of being watched, but try and act like you don`t care about that. Fear is not always an enemy, use your power as you would and if they are afraid, that`s good, means they are afraid of breaking the rules, not you. If they are afraid of you they will always try and avoid you, sometimes won`t even talk to you. I felt the same when I became an admin, but trust me, whatever an admin does, =VG= or not, has a reason. Just know that is better not to admin when you don`t feel alright! I`ve learned that the hard way by warning and kicking people when I felt insulted. They are always seeking to play with our emotions and force us to kick them. Don`t measure your intellect with theirs when they are assholes, you are always a level ahead! Nice to know more about you! Best of luck and see you in PR!
  10. Teaser for Op Slayer..

    Yep this weekend I will only test it so feel free to join Saturday! Next week we`ll play the actual event or a week after the next. (cuz... exams... life sucks). I ll post more details today about testing Saturday!

    Zdrastvuite bratan! Nice to know more about you! I still think you are a cook, but undercover!
  12. Arma III- mission features you like the most!

    Bump! Someone else? All those ideas up there are UBER cool but I am very hungry for even more info!
  13. Teaser for Op Slayer..

    Yeah, I`ll need some people to help me test it soon. I`ll post or poke :))
  14. G'Day

    Age doesn`t matter unless you are squeaking and under 16! Anyway Welcome!
  15. Happy Veterans Day!!

    To all Veterans, hats off and salute!