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[Arma 3 Event] - Operation Pepperoni

=VG= Sausag3

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As many of you can tell from my TS inactivity I have been extremely busy recently. 

This does mean I will have to delay the event for next weekend (Sat 16th, same time) so I can catchup and set everything up on time.


P.S before you start nagging, Yes I will put the modlist up, soon™

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I have added a new reserve team (Delta), for those who are not sure if they can make it, and to serve as an overflow to already full list.

So due to the change of date, if you are not sure you can make it, just move yourself to that new squad instead!

The new team will be based at the fob (NO HALO), and will be moving via convoy with Charlie Squad

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3 hours ago, =VG= Sausag3 said:

So due to the change of date

I've updated the website calendar event here, this actually works out better for me... this weekend might have been iffy and I would have put off other things in order to be at the event - now I can take care of this shit on time, and be at the event on the 16th.  Cheers! :hi:

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40 minutes ago, =VG= Sausag3 said:




lol @=VG= Sausag3 w/ the sexy man pose


Great event!  Had an awesome time, even tho this was 60% of my experience today:


I had come around that street corner there in an MRAP, saw a BMP with a soldier outside of it carrying that Russian emplaced anti-tank weapon on the left, over the mini-map... I aimed straight for him and waxed him good. Unfortunately, it was ChickenJason there... pummelled him so badly it took around 5 minutes (or more) for our medic Spiers to put his organs back in his body and sew him back up again.

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