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  1. @=VG= .Blizzard. i going to be late to the event or not make it today just got something to deal with IRL
  2. i'm 100% with polish on this one the manpad are really pain to deal with even good cas players are founding a hard time to play as cas it's annoying you getting locked by bots everywhere on the map is not fun i don't know how people who don't play as cas most of the time telling us to pre-flare is going to help you not getting locked on it's like a 50/50 if you not getting locked just remove the manpad from the bots or have their number lowed down abit just remember some maps the bots do get anti air vehicles or have some stationery anti air placements
  3. do as you like dude thing is if my internet keep being shit i won't join or if goes well for me i might join
  4. Nice thanks sausag hopefully i make it
  5. Alpha leader 50/50 if i can make it hopefully i do if not i blam my internet for missing another event
  6. Sorry guys i wont be able to join the event thanks to my shitty internet connection
  7. @=VG= Zeee thank you for the event my dude it was super fun
  8. if the power lords will let me play i shall come
  9. =VG= Batmeme


    ahh hello there mister i'm here to grant you 3 wishes of the folklift
  10. here's my top 3 that i love to have one day 1- nissan skyline r34 love this car so much cuz of the fast and furious 2- dodge demon it go fast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wj1pc3tJEk 3-nissan skyline gt-r kpgc10 looks fun to drive kinda late to this party :v
  11. i want to join so bad but i can't due to the power outage
  12. it's nothing to worry about kav discord server may have overloaded with people logging in all at once stuff like this happen to me as well so yeah they will fix it
  13. i'll be a MG for A if not available maybe i will squad lead B not sure
  14. happy veterans day and happy late marines birthday to you guys
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