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  1. Alpha 2 medic plz EDIT BY ADMIN: may not return following incident in December, if he does that's cool ... but has been removed from roster above assuming whtz has gone AWOL
  2. Just go up with the drone and stay still. Scan the woods, cannot remember direction. Or just look up walkthrough on youtube. For good crash course - "hunter6" mission worked for me.
  3. Sweet. Worked with guys who worked on pillars like that. They had cool gear that I borrowed when they were not on the shift.
  4. Grenadier Edit: Played yesterday Hunter6 mission. 2 nades - 8 people dead. I am ready.
  5. I am rolepaying as local trucker-gopnik/chav. So its bmw or merc.
  6. No, cas should use skill. Edit: let them spawn less - ok. Cas skills are limited.
  7. Sorry I am out. Like 95% will not be able to be on my good pc.
  8. Oy. Trade offer: -->Be alpha SL I will be your cock sleeve of a TL<---
  9. I fully understand that and I think me will be good number 2. I do not think I am ready to be fully responsible for dudes fun time. Ty.
  10. Thank you Sausag3, that was dope. Everyone needs to learn a bit of tactical things and communication especially. Loved how Ukr sq communicated. Waiting for next one
  11. It is ok. Chicken to Delta, me to Charlie. I will bother keed next time.
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