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  1. In the end we need to wait for Sausag3. For date especially.
  2. Random question. Vg has active minecraft section??
  3. Its ok. I will stay with dudes who listen to Korn. Jav team should be good.
  4. Journalist: =VG= Skitalez I expect proper after action report.
  5. St. Javelin assistant Edit: disregard that, sof 1st. UAV operator or anywhere as a pleb pls.
  6. PR:BF2 v1.7.1.1 Changelog (2022/04/08) ----------------------- Coop: Fixed UAV not working. Factions: Fixed Spotter STD kit in some Russian subfactions having an incorrect melee weapon. Menu: Updated bleed effect to start off less harsh. Updated hit effect to show more red. Added hit effect for vehicle taking damage. Vehicles: Decreased rearm speed of supply-depots. Fixed Starstreak HVM proximity trigger issues. Weapons: Updated Colt 1911 textures. Updated TT33 textures. Decreased rate of fire of mortars (down to 20RPM from 30RPM). Fixed US WW2 stationary MG having invisible machine gunner. Fixed some grenades and mines having incorrect reload time. Levels: Ascheberg: Removed visible flag pole. AAS16: Removed heavy assets Korbach Offensive: Added helipads to main bases. AAS64: Removed BMP-2 from town. Removed 2 Russian rally points from town. Increased Russian tank delay to 10 minutes. Fixed missing bleed on last flag. AAS128: Increased brightness. I truly hate their release schedule being on fing Fridays. My two cents.
  7. Yes, we play as germans. For me everything was fine. This btw: Updated AI to be able to use area attacks.
  8. PR:BF2 v1.7.1.0 Changelog (2022/04/03) ----------------------- General: Fixed crash when system does not support 800x600 resolution. COOP: Updated AI to be able to use area attacks. Disabled in SP for balance related reasons. Fixed AI not understanding how to reload M1 Garand. Fixed AI extensively using knifes and grenades instead of the main weapon when playing as WW2 USA. Gungame: Updates weapon progressions to be randomized at the start of the round. The pool of possible weapons depends on the level and differ between blufor and redfor. Updated knife kills to no longer allow skipping levels. Updated teamwork score to show the number of kills required to progress to the next level. Updated team tickets to reflect the level of the top player on the team. Updated deployable weapons to now be used in deployed mode. Update the number of kills required to progress to depend on the level. The first 15 levels require 2 kills, while the last 5, featuring more exotic weapons, require just one. This means the total number of kills to win is unchanged. Updated multikills to no longer allow skipping levels. Reduced the number of levels to 20. Fixed some kits equipping the wrong item by default. Players should now always spawn with a weapon in hand. Added sound effects for level progression. Added server announcements to show the leading player and the name of the winner. Menu: Added an information window to the tutorial UI recommending a game restart before creating or joining other servers. Updated sprint bar to be higher quality and show the 50% cut-off. Updated magazine ammo check to be in center of screen. Updated fonts for magazine count and fire selector to be more readable. Updated flag cap bar to show when enemy is neutralizing. Updated flag cap bar to only update every 25% of progress. Updated compass to be higher quality. Updated bleed effects to scale with amount of HP lost. Fixed sprint bar not pulsing when 50% reached. Factions: Updated Argentian army to use K98ZF instead of SSG-69. Vehicles: Updated ZSL-92 FCS to adjust barrel instead of sight. Updated UAV to spawn without fuel. Updated Tigr armor to be comparable to normal Humvee. Updated BMP-3 ATGM to shoot up at a small angle. Increased BMP-3 ATGM reload times. BMP-3M times increased slightly less. Fixed requesting kits from ZBL-08. Fixed ZIL 131 being destroyed too quickly once upside down or in water. Fixed WW2 planed having ejection seats. Fixed Su-39 engine not being loud enough. Fixed Su-39 POV cameras not working as intended. Fixed Su-25a engine not being loud enough. Fixed Su-25a CCIP not working. Fixed Spike fired from Puma sometimes flying in wrong direction. Fixed P-51D Mustang's elevator having inverted rotation. Fixed Mig-21 camera not switching back to front view. Fixed Chinook HC1 having external cameras enabled. Fixed AAPV7A1 and CV90 disabling coax when damaged. Fixed A-4b camera not switching back to front view. Weapons: Updated mortars to be able to shoot salvos of up to 5 shells before having to reload. Updated hideouts to slowly generate supplies for rearming. Updated automatic grenade launchers to be less accurate. Updated all deployable emplacements to spawn without ammo. Updated ammo loadout of deployable emplacements: ATGM: 1 ready + 1 stowed - rearms 1 per bag AAx2: 2 ready + 2 stowed - rearms 2 per bag AAx1: 1 ready + 3 stowed - rearms 2 per bag AA MG: 1 ready + 4 stowed - rearms 2 per bag SPG: 1 ready + 2 stowed - rearms 1 per bag MG: 1 ready + 4 stowed - rearms 2 per bag Mortar: 5 ready + 5 stowed - rearms 2 per bag Updated Zu-232 sounds. Removed delay to use on mortars. Reduced reload time of deployable ATGM by 5 seconds. Reduced delay to use of deployable ATGM by 5 seconds. Reduced time to shovel deployable ATGM. Fixed watercontainer IED having too big trigger radius. Fixed vietnam grenade traps not rearming. Fixed Opel Blitz Flak 38 gunner not showing HUD elements. Fixed Betty using ninja animations. Fixed Argentinian small supply crate having too few supplies. Levels: General: Removed Icebound. Added Korbach Offensive (4x4km). Added Ascheberg (4x4km). Adak: COOP128: Updated to use the intended number of tickets. Al Basrah: COOP64: Updated a few spawnpoints to be assigned to a correct flag. Bamyan: COOP 32/64/128: Fixed AI unintendedly using certain spawnpoints. COOP128: Fixed 2 Boraghs being assigned to a wrong team. Updated Foxtrot flag to disable all assigned spawnpoints and vehicle spawners once it is not fully controlled by either team. Bijar Canyons: COOP128: Fixed AI sometimes spawning outside of navmesh in the BLUFOR main base. Added 2 BTR-82AM and a MTP-LB. Black Gold: AAS128/CNC128: Decreased tickets to be in line with other layers. Dovre Winter: COOP64: Fixed blufor using JDAM instead of artillery. Fields of Kassel: Added COOP128. Fixed groundhemi.dds crash. Made changes to the southern town to improve FPS. AAS64: Replaced the two town flags with one large flag. AAS128: Made terrain and buildings slightly brighter. Fools Road: COOP 32/128: Updated spawnpoints. COOP128: Added a warrior and 2 landrovers. Goose Green: Fixed client crash when loading map. Jabal: COOP64: Updated spawnpoints. Kashan Desert: COOP32: Fixed some vehicles and spawnpoints being assigned to wrong flags. Lashkar Valley: COOP64: Updated spawnpoints and capture time of the North Objective flag. Omaha Beach: Fixed client crash when loading map. Operation Ghost Train: Fixed client crash when loading map. Operation Soul Rebel: Fixed a floating tree. Ramiel: Fixed client crash when loading map. Added new loading music by SGT.CHRISTIAN Ras El Masri: INS64: Fixed the bomb car having 27 hours spawn delay. Silent Eagle: COOP64: Fixed AI unintendedly using certain spawnpoints. Test Bootcamp: Fixed loading music by Unicode not working.
  9. Mega job. Found tutorial on bot routing for bf2. Mega job.
  10. PR:BF2 v1.7.0.0 Changelog (2022/01/01)-----------------------General: Updated weapon zoom blur to have higher quality and better performance. Updated the effect rendering distance to have smoke grenades work at edge of view distance. Fixed issue with undergrowth (grass, small plants,...) not rendering correctly on some graphic settings. Fixed several static objects disappearing early when viewed from far away. Vehicles: Added WW2 planes: P51D, Ju87B, BF109. Added Opel Blitz with Flak 38 mounted on back. Added M3 with M45 Quadmount. Added ZBL-08 IFV. Updated all vehicles to shoot from the barrel. Updated vehicle fired projectiles to follow ballistic trajectory. Updated vehicles to have authentic systems to account for ballistic drop. Updated Warrior, Scimitar and MAN SV cage armour to negate RPG 50% of the time. Updated various vehicle gunner sights to be higher quality. Updated ZSL-92B and ZBD-86A to use HJ-73C missile (slightly faster, more stable in air, higher damage). Updated KPV MGs to use unified ammo capable at fighting vehicles and infantry. Updated Fennek Gunner optics: Removed high zoom levels, added thermals. Updated ZBIK gunner by removing thermals. Fixed vehicles shaking too much when getting hit by autocannons. Fixed BMP-3 having rear armour all around and being weaker than other BMPs. Fixed BMP-2 having too high maximum elevation for gun. Fixed Russian Tigr jeep wreck still showing floating cupola ring. Fixed German Bell UH-1D having incorrect rotation constraints for MG3 door gunners. Fixed Mi-8 killing soldiers running into rear ramp. Weapons: Added option to look around in HMG using WASD keys. Updated K98 ZF with new 3D scope. Updated all sniper rifles to only have one zoom level. Updated iron sight bolt action rifles to scope in slightly quicker. Updated iron sight bolt action rifles to stay scoped in after shooting. Updated iron sight bolt action rifles to cycle bolt faster. Fixed Beryl Eotech being off-centre. Fixed Vietnam TNT not destroying mines. Levels: General: Added Fields of Kassel - BETA (4x4km) - AAS, VW, Skirmish - WW2 USA vs GER. Added Icebound Seasonal (4x4km) - AAS, CNC, Skirmish - PLA vs various armies. Fixed all instances of COOP layers having incorrectly defined ticket bleed and significantly increased the rate of bleeding. Adak: COOP128: Deleted the tank for Blufor AI. Bamyan: Added off-map airbases. Added AAS128: CAN vs PLA. Battle of Ia Drang: Fixed vegetation switching LOD too early. Beirut: Updated Russian DoD to cover entire factory staging area. Bijar Canyons: Moved COOP32 to COOP16. Added COOP32 and COOP128 by Langmaster. Dragon Fly: Fixed pipes in sewers forcing players to crouch. Gaza: COOP64: Fixed AI not knowing how to leave main bases. Khamisiyah: Removed on-map airfields. Added off-map airfields. Kokan: Added INS128 FR vs Taliban. All INS: Removed no-respawn SPG and bomb cars. INS32: Delayed CAS, removed one LAV-3 and delayed the other. INS64: Lowered USA tickets to 550, delayed CAS and removed Stryker Nuijamaa: Added CNC. Updated AAS32 to USA vs RU. COOP64: Fixed loading screens not representing weather and the time of the day correctly. Operation Bobcat: Reduced ambient sound volume. Moved map out of beta. Operation Marlin: COOP16: Redfor controls 2 more flags at the beginning. Pavlovsk Bay: Increased view distance to 1000m Saaremaa: Added CNC128. Updated AAS flag routes. Silent Eagle: Increased view distance to 1400m. Updated off-map airbases to be further away and angled runway towards map. Yamalia: COOP: Removed all layers due to instability. Support Project Reality!The Project Reality Team develops this modification completely free of charge for its community to download and play. If you would like to show your support, please consider donating to our team. These funds go directly towards website expenses, including bandwidth, hosting, domain registration, and maintenance. We never use donation funds to directly pay team members. You go to eat and update drops.
  11. whtz

    Too much...

    Your nom de guerre says a lot of things
  12. Wow Return to castle Wolfenstein has mods and active community. Man.... I played RTCW:ET for couple of amazing years. Anyone 5x5 ?
  13. In nature, this congregation of 3 or more individuals is called: "A bukkake of medics"
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