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  1. I am rolepaying as local trucker-gopnik/chav. So its bmw or merc.
  2. I will be your Klaes "Ghostknife of Callisto" Ashford.
  3. H-1-3 - HMMW M2 Automatic Rifleman
  4. No, cas should use skill. Edit: let them spawn less - ok. Cas skills are limited.
  5. Sorry I am out. Like 95% will not be able to be on my good pc.
  6. Oy. Trade offer: -->Be alpha SL I will be your cock sleeve of a TL<---
  7. I fully understand that and I think me will be good number 2. I do not think I am ready to be fully responsible for dudes fun time. Ty.
  8. What the crap is this. Alpha gl pls.
  9. Thank you Sausag3, that was dope. Everyone needs to learn a bit of tactical things and communication especially. Loved how Ukr sq communicated. Waiting for next one
  10. It is ok. Chicken to Delta, me to Charlie. I will bother keed next time.
  11. Why I am in Charlie ? When I should be Delta. Not that I complain a lot as batmeme is SL.
  12. If it will be weekend, I will join, probably.
  13. Alpha AT rifleman pls. Disregard that. Delta medic.
  14. Damn, something came up. 50/50 that I will make it. Sorry. Edit: 100%, away from my good pc. Next time.
  15. Crap. I see. I screwed up. Bravo Snaiper pls.
  16. I will be there for couple of maps. We play ramiel first?
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