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[Arma 3 Event] - Little Green Men #Russians

=VG= Sausag3

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Posting this on the Arma 3 Thread so more people are aware!

 This Event is hosted by:


I Believe he is hosting his first Arma 3 Event with =VG=!

Its Over GIF

As it is his first, Lets get this turnout for this event MASSIVE!, Tell your friends, Tell your kids, Tell your Wife, Tell your fucking dog! We want a full house boys!

If anyone else is interested in hosting Arma 3 Events within =VG=, Please hit me up!


I had an exchange with @=VG= Sausag3 and figured I'd do one of these, as I don't play Arma 3 on VG a lot, actually hardly if ever because I usually play elsewhere at the normal time such events are held, so here we are, I've checked out past events & how many players usually attend and figured I'd put my own little spin on it with that in mind, and  make something enjoyable that you're otherwise less likely to encounter on a public server, because I figure I might as well make it worth your while to attend if indeed you do, for which I'm preemptively appreciative.


EVENT TIME:  Sunday, 18th of July 2021 - 1900UTC/1300CST

SIGN-UP  RSVP on this calender link:


late joiners may use available slots.

PASSWORD: venividivici



  •     ARMA 3 installed and up to date
  •     All Steam Workshop Mods here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2540017521 ) downloaded and installed
    [SIDE NOTE ON MODS] Let me be absolutely clear, linked modset contains 4 of the RHS Mods, most of you already have and 15 Additional Mods which are less than 50MB combined AND ARE EXPLICITLY INCLUDED FOR AI & GAMEPLAY ENHANCEMENT, so you'll find no bloat here.



Teamspeak Is not required, though feel to join the VG Arma 3 Teamspeak if you need help or think you may, I will be found on Discord. Instead of TFAR,

Addon Free Scripted Radio is used with no requirements for any additional downloads, It's a script included in the mission, to enhance  vanilla Arma 3,& uses vanilla keybinds,

It basically rmoves needless TFAR - TS bs,and provides a simple yet efficient VOICE CHAT similar to PR if your familiar, by extending vanilla Arma 3 functionality.

  • ?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett


I've configured It to allow CHANNEL SWITCHING KEYBINDS, Arma 3 default ',' and '.', so DISREGARD last line in image above.


BLUFOR[ MARSOC, USMC Aboard the USS Freedom

OPFOR[  RUSSIAN VDV, AAF ] On the Island of Stratis

AO[  The Whole Island, Might As Well. ]


SQUADS (Dynamic Groups Enabled)

Zeus [Platoon Lead has access to LIMITED ZEUS with access restricted to MODULES only, with edit & object placement disabled]

    Platoon Lead: @=VG= Sausag3 [I'd appreciate If You Took This]

FAC: Keed
    Platoon Medic: The_Polish_Guy


Squad Lead: KVSH_420
Rifleman: Timan
    Medic @X0R


Squad Lead: Life

Rifleman: SoliderOfMisfortune
Engineer: Terminator

Medic: Stixon


Phantom 1 

Pilot: Connor


 Phantom 2

Pilot: Deathdealer


 5x AH-9/MH-9 Mission Enhanced Little Birds & 1 CH-53 Stallion
    2 pilots, switching aircraft per mission/task requirements, with access to Dynamic Vehicle Load-out for Armament

Romeo 2-1
   12 Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED
Romeo 2-2
    6 Playable Reinforcement Slots FOR PILOTS, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS PHANTOM

Romeo 2-3
  6  Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED
Romeo 2-4
   6 Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED

You will not be limited in what tools/loadout/methods to use other than being restricted to assets on the USS Freedom & gear that belongs to your faction available in a restricted Virtual Arsenal, Mission briefing available in map view will instruct you on your objectives and, how you choose to accomplish your objective is left to the discretion of your Platoon Lead & respective Squad Leaders, you may restructure your squad's loadout & configuration at your SL's discretion & minimally to yours as well.

The Size Or Composition of Squads Is Not Fixed, Anyone Can Join Alpha or Bravo after slotting in as one of the Romeo units, using Dynamic Groups, default key 'U'.


Russians have occupied a Greek island as part of  an agreement with a nationalist government in Greece, as part of a ploy to force the EU to expel Greece from the union, after Greeks voted to remain.  The Russians get a Naval Base in a small Mediterranean Island and the Greek Government gets to bypass the popular vote by forcing the EU's hands. You are tasked with denying the Greek government diplomatic leverage by forcefully & covertly removing the Russians from NATO territory. Detailed Brief in Mission.


2 Primary Objectives and 6-12 Procedurally Generated Chained Secondary Tasks
*this sometimes results in an obviously bugged task, Platoon Lead can through LIMITED ZEUS force a 'completed' status for such tasks using Zeus Modules*
Mission Succeeds when All Objectives Are Complete and ALL PLAYERS EXTRACT TO THE USS FREEDOM
Mission Fails if more than 10 civilians are killed which surrendering enemies are considered to be, so beware, there are civilians & ai do surrender.
Mission Fails if all players die.
Mission Fails if friendly fire results in more than 5 deaths.


Due to time acceleration 24minutes irl is 24hours ingame, so tailor your plans to a rapidly alternating day/night cycle and accelerated dynamic weather.



*for gameplay purposes, because AI at their best, aren't as smart as a mediocre human[possibly]*


Disabled Thermal Imaging,Automated Spotting,Auto Land,Auto Hover,Ammo Count
Toolkit can only be used by engineer and is consumed when used
Extended Map Info disabled,You Need GPS(Ctrl+]) to see YOUR OWN pos on map
Restricted Arsenal so people don't play dress up, with tooltips on crates with Arsenal to avoid confusion
AI VEHICLE Automated Rearm/Repair/Refuel every 10min to balance against AI limiations I.e To avoid performance cost of making them do those things.
Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts allows Aircraft to configure loadout near vehicle ammo source while having engine turned off.
Vehicle Appearance Manager to change vehicle appearance for meaningful changes like removing doors for FFV, at players discretion.
IR strobe automatically attached to players at night to reduce possibility of friendly fire
Civilians are an exceptionally important part of this scenario, as mission success & failure directly correlates with your ability to identify potential collateral damage that will immediately result in mission failure should you exceed a threshold, I so hate fighting on a consequence free battlefield, I hope you do too.



NONE, however....


However,if one dies, one may go back and join using any other available playable slots or just spectate. This is not an arbitrary choice, and the vanilla basic revive system will always result in a wounded state for maximum 5minutes, unless inside a vehicle/aircraft 'sometimes', while only medics are capable of revives, this gives ample opportunity for people to stay alive and in the game with medics being vital, best case scenario, you die & there's most likely a playable slot available for you to rejoin as reinforcements. Though to be clear to those not familiar, playable slots get depleted when no respawn is available, so every playable slot used, is one less playable slot for a subsequent rejoin, so stay alive if at all possible.


No Crosshairs, First Person Only, Standard Flight Model
*Ai Difficulty overridden by mission*
Weapon Sway & Fatigue Enabled (Manage your load-outs REASONABLY or suffer the CONSEQUENCES)


Remember, everything that can kill you, can be killed by you, and credit where credit's due, the level of  complexity is entirely thanks to THIRD-PARTY dynamic mission modules included as Mods, that I use, and others seldom do, so yea, I'm just a grunt who put the pieces together, at most scripting a few minor things here & there.

P.S I'd very much like for @Connor to get banned if he fails to attend, as he nudged me to do this ☠️


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2 hours ago, Kvsh_420 said:

Side note:- No automatic Rifleman?




You will not be limited in what tools/loadout/methods to use other than being restricted to assets on the USS Freedom & gear that belongs to your faction available in a restricted Virtual Arsenal, Mission briefing available in map view will instruct you on your objectives and, how you choose to accomplish your objective is left to the discretion of your Platoon Lead & respective Squad Leaders, you may restructure your squad's loadout & configuration at your SL's discretion & minimally to yours as well.

If it's available in a crate you may grab whatever you want, provided your SL is cool with your selection as it relates to usefulness. It's up to you, issued loadouts are merely suggestions. 

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Per RSVP, place Life as bravo lead & Timan as alpha rifleman.



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20 hours ago, =VG= keed said:

Edit: I could do the [FAC] part! Is ok @X0R?

He wants to get FACking, so Platoon FAC It Is, but If you want, I take no issue with you taking Phantom 3 If you so choose, there's already 5 birds, I won't add anymore, because there's literally no more space on the deck of the destroyer, but you're welcome to those, ;) of which 3 Just happen to be AH-9's.




ARMA#3 is shit... 6 button combo to use patch, splint,dont forget the tourniquet , run an IV, give a morphine dose, hemostat his ass, epi pen for BP, suture, shave, and tickle the balls..WTF is that

You Definitely should check out this Sunday then, no fancy medical or radio system, Just you, a rifle & an awesome sandbox, Join us.

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On 7/11/2021 at 8:01 PM, Kvsh_420 said:

I'll be alpha Rifleman 
Side note:- No automatic Rifleman?



Add Kvsh as Alpha SL, he can still sling an AR as SL if he wishes,a Bravo AR slot for GRN so he can ride with Life & Nero where he asked please.

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Event postponed indefinitely. I tested it numerous times before hand but for a yet unknown reason it got stuck during loading despite my best efforts. I'll fix it In the immediate future and put it up when I'm absolutely certain it won't bug out.


My thanks to @=VG= Sausag3   for helping me out through this, and rest assured, I'll sort this out & knock it out the park, to at the very least covey an experience I think you'll find worth your time.


Sorry for the inconvenience & Thanks for understanding.



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On 7/19/2021 at 10:46 AM, =VG= keed said:

Was TFAR added because of troubleshooting purposes? I was really interested in the vanilla VOIP script as it might lower entry barrier (and we don't really max out the possibilities of TFAR/ACRE for that matter).


No, It's part of the standard VG modset, so I was asked to include it as most people are more familiar with it, which I agree with, though I personally prefer the script still.

You can check it out if you wish, script disables itself in detecting tfar or acre so it's still in the mission. Briefing contains all info & beyond vanilla von keybinds, it only uses the diary key, default 'J' bring up visual radio.




Mission's fixed for all curious, it was a bug with a command [doStop] that turns players into seagulls and occasionally results in an infinite loading screen, but only on dedicated servers. I didn't encounter it on my tests because I use a Profiling branch dedicated server with performance binaries ( which you can find here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-204-performance-binary-feedback/ ). I've verified fix on multiple stable branch dedicated servers so there won't be a repeat of what happened before.

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