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  1. I got quiet a kill streak to this bug , killed two whole Squads... And then found out I'd lucked out with an even rarer bug, where if I even selected a grenade after that, grenade would automatically drop but animation would show it was still in my hands, 4 more guys died before I just dropped my kit for the rest of the round I got 16tks that round, Vadso Inf, iirc
  2. I've had enough of deserts thank you, Falklands but not as Brits, I feel I'm qualified to show Brits off 'my' Island
  3. rcon debug/oneman, fly with a HAT kit, impractical, but still not IMpossible
  4. 1900-2200 UTC For Me, my afternoon's free. Please hit me up with modset ahead of time though,stuck at a hotel for about a week so hotel internet isn't unsurprisingly stellar at that time.
  5. X0R

    PR Zombies?

    Yes & Yes. And IIRC some dude who goes by thy name wrote a swarm logic subsystem years back to allow bots to dynamically swarm players like 'zombies' might, It was a sort of Survival Conquest mode. But yeah fantastic idea
  6. I should be free this weekend, Count me in for OPFOR test.
  7. I look forward to DMCA'ing 'THEEE' clip if it ever surfaces Now do the RENDEZOOK In PR... And you'll get to a 100k in no time, g'luck bud
  8. @Connor @Timan12 @Kvsh_420 @The_Polish_Guy @=VG= Sausag3 @=VG= Whiskey-Mike Thanks for showing up, eventful as it was, it was fun & appreciate your time. @=VG= GRNANDGLD A special thanks for TRYING TO JOIn;lol. Hope You Get That Fixed, Cheers.
  9. bump, anyone is welcome to join once the mission is underway, so if indeed you do, once you spawn in,press 'u' to join any squad using dynamic groups if so inclined & simply open OR close your inventory to have tfar frequencies automatically configured for all radios in your inventory, with default channel or channel 1 assigned to your current squads frequency.
  10. I'm down too, I thought this was for vanilla swat 4, if it's for back to LA count me in.
  11. Event was previously postponed due to an Arma 3 bug where the 'doStop' command on stable branch dedicated servers resulted in infinite loading & spawning as seagulls, It's since been fixed and thoroughly tested prior to upcoming event, SignUp for a fun time worth your 90GB+ Arma 3 Install. o7 EVENT TIME: Sunday, 8th of August 2021 - 1900UTC/1300CST REQUIRED PLAYER SLOTS: 14 TOTAL PLAYABLE SLOTS: 42 EVENT SERVER: VETERANS-GAMING | Arma 3 Testing | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM SIGN-UP: Please Do, It's Appreciated , All Who Don't Are STILL Welcome To Join using available slots PASSWORD: sumboody REQUIREMENTS: ARMA 3 installed and up to date All Steam Workshop Mods here ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2540017521 ) downloaded and installed [SIDE NOTE ON MODS] Modset Contains RHS & 15 additional gameplay and ai enhancement mods no more than 50MB combined. BLUFOR[ MARSOC, USMC ] Aboard the USS Liberty OPFOR[ RUSSIAN VDV, AAF ] On the Island of Stratis AO[ The Whole Island. ] RADIO[ TFAR with PRECONFIGURED CHANNELS ] All channels are preconfigured so there's no need to fiddle with frequencies, simply switch to your squads channel using tfar default numpad1-9 channel keybinds. Simply Opening & Closing your inventory automatically assigns the appropriate frequencies for all radios in your inventory. SQUADS (Dynamic Groups Enabled) Command Platoon Lead: FAC: Platoon Medic: Alpha Squad Lead: KVSH_420 Rifleman: STIXON Engineer: X0R Medic: The_Polish_Guy AR: GRNANDGLD Rifleman: Sausage Marksman: Timan Bravo Squad Lead: Rifleman: Engineer: Medic: AR: Phantom 1 Pilot: Connor Phantom 2 Pilot: [AIR ASSETS AVAILABLE] 5x AH-9/MH-9 Mission Enhanced Little Birds & 1 CH-53 Stallion 2 pilots, switching aircraft per mission/task requirements, with access to Dynamic Vehicle Load-out for Armament Aircraft may only be operated by player that selects a pilot role in lobby, though anyone may still takecontrols from copilot seat. Romeo 2-1 12 Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED Romeo 2-2 6 Playable Reinforcement Slots FOR PILOTS, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS PHANTOM Romeo 2-3 6 Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED Romeo 2-4 6 Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED The Size Or Composition of Squads Is Not Fixed, Anyone Can Join Alpha or Bravo after slotting in as one of the Romeo units, using Dynamic Groups, default key 'U'. [BRIEF] Russians have occupied a Greek island as part of an agreement with a nationalist government in Greece, as part of a ploy to force the EU to expel Greece from the union, after Greeks voted to remain. The Russians get a Naval Base in a small Mediterranean Island and the Greek Government gets to bypass the popular vote by forcing the EU to expel Greece from the union. You are tasked with denying the Greek government diplomatic leverage by forcefully & covertly removing the Russians from NATO territory and laying the groundwork for a possible invasion of the Island. Detailed Brief in Mission. [OBJECTIVES, OVERVIEW] A chain of 2 Primary Objectives and 9-12 Procedurally Generated Chained Secondary Tasks *this sometimes results in an obviously bugged task, MAP on ship contains override to force task completion should procedurally generated task be bugged* Mission Succeeds when All Objectives Are Complete and ALL PLAYERS EXTRACT TO THE USS LIBERTY Mission Fails if more than 10 civilians are killed which surrendering enemies are considered to be, so beware, there are civilians & ai do surrender. Mission Fails if all players die. Mission Fails if friendly fire results in more than 5 deaths. [RESPAWN] NONE, however.... [THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND] [REMINDER FOR THOSE WHO SIGNED UP FOR PRIOR EVENT DATE] I won't assume your availability, so please RSVP again with your preferred role, thankyou. [SERVER DIFFICULTY] First Person Forced, Standard Flight Model
  12. No, It's part of the standard VG modset, so I was asked to include it as most people are more familiar with it, which I agree with, though I personally prefer the script still. You can check it out if you wish, script disables itself in detecting tfar or acre so it's still in the mission. Briefing contains all info & beyond vanilla von keybinds, it only uses the diary key, default 'J' bring up visual radio. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2546472768 Mission's fixed for all curious, it was a bug with a command [doStop] that turns players into seagulls and occasionally results in an infinite loading screen, but only on dedicated servers. I didn't encounter it on my tests because I use a Profiling branch dedicated server with performance binaries ( which you can find here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-204-performance-binary-feedback/ ). I've verified fix on multiple stable branch dedicated servers so there won't be a repeat of what happened before.
  13. Event postponed indefinitely. I tested it numerous times before hand but for a yet unknown reason it got stuck during loading despite my best efforts. I'll fix it In the immediate future and put it up when I'm absolutely certain it won't bug out. My thanks to @=VG= Sausag3 for helping me out through this, and rest assured, I'll sort this out & knock it out the park, to at the very least covey an experience I think you'll find worth your time. Sorry for the inconvenience & Thanks for understanding. Cheers
  14. Add Kvsh as Alpha SL, he can still sling an AR as SL if he wishes,a Bravo AR slot for GRN so he can ride with Life & Nero where he asked please.
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