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  1. Just downloaded & tested files on audactity & vlc and seem to be working fine, I've archived and re-attached files below, incase that was the problem. @Connor do me a favor & see if you can download & playback audio files attached below in archive aak.7z
  2. idk, maybe you find one of these to be what ur looking for... just normalized & cleaned up the audio... 3 variants, the '_clean' suffixed ones' might most be ideal, pick ur poison i sense you cooking up a suicide bomber..... aak_ref.wav aak+bang.wav aak+bang_extended.wav aak+bang_long.wav aak+bang_long_normalised.wav aak_clean.wav aak_clean_raw.wav aak_clean_extended.wav
  3. @Connor @=AMPHETAMINE= CODEMASTERS never released dev tools or dedicated servers for Red River which was locked to Games For Windows Live service not to mention the complete lack of support for true Multiplayer, with the only multiplayer support being 4 PLAYER COOP MAX, so yeah it was great single player fun, but for all intensive purposes this isn't a multiplayer game in actuality. Hell we'd be better off playing the REAL the ORIGINAL OFP:ColdWarAssault that blud mistook the imposter(i.e OFP by CODEMASTERS) posted here for, it's not pretty in the classical sense but no one played it for
  4. X0R

    Why We Fight?

    You know it brother. For me, the Sound design & VFX in squad is second to none(at least for a tactical shooter) but like all good looking games, it's online only, has garbage flight model, has bad netcode - obscene rubber banding & ridiculous ping where time & time again i found my self having 2x-3x as much ping in game as i had to a server on server browser, limited scale in that it doesn't feel like a warzone - at best a skirmish & mostly a rapid ttk arena shooter where the lowest ping shooter wins, limited choice of assets & limited gear customization,etc.
  5. X0R

    Why We Fight?

    I was watching a documentary, in-game ofc, 'why we fight', and got to wondering why WE fight, bots, for thousands of hours on maps we know inside out. I play PRBF2 COOP because I've developed a pathological aversion to competitive multiplayer games, multiplayer only games and the generic recycled shit that most games are today, and PRCOOP put simply is the only multiplayer game in a genre i'm interested in along with Arma 3, World In Conflict MWMod & DCS that I play anymore that ticks all the boxes (Moddable, AI, Offline SP/Campaign/COOP & Moderated MP Servers with JIP
  6. That is indeed a brilliant Mod, I've used HETMAN on which it's based since Arma 2 as well, It trully is a one of a kind mod for which there is no alternative (i.e A Dedicated AI Commander). It's better still with LAMBS_Danger.fsm and ASR AI3. iirc Rimy also uses LAMBS* mods.
  7. iirc it's a timing error, it's actually PRLauncher closing PR because of delayed response by PRBF2 process. Usually happens because of background processes taking up too much cpu time or cheat detection getting triggered, since you got it running it's obviously the prior. A simple reboot usually fixes it. Cheers.
  8. I fly(rarely gun) CAS a lot and because it's boring for me as a pilot & because I want to actually have some fun with my gunner, unless explicitly asked to do so & only to kill vehicles or help cap flags, I don't like to hover & rarely hover above 150, so as a matter of course I'd like to think I know how to stop people in my position farming kills. Simple approach would be to reduce the altitude limit for CAS helis, which for the uninitiated already exists, if you go above a certain altitude in a heli, you'll take damage, reducing it to a 100m altitude ceiling should
  9. @Rabbit @=VG= TEDF Calling it 'rope' is a reach, but here's a better video by Suchar, I loved it but it was bitch server side. Great for events tho...
  10. @=VG= SemlerPDX cheers, commands can be bound to weapon selection, so it's no biggie, just easier for testing, tho as a matter of personal preference I don't mind it @EuroStep Rearm was more a meme than not, 'comes in the box' but repair I feel can make a difference for the better, I just ended up adding a modified supply object with repair only & instead of using a command, however many crates & size of crates a heli has determines if it can repair other vehicles(so it can't repair itself), at what speed it repairs. Same with airlift, size of aircraft & vehicle
  11. @CptHawk I wish I shared your optimism, people it seems define 'realistic' in the context of that with which they've become accustomed, however unrealistic that might be, in my experience, even in past posts on this forum, tbh, but it's just a couple minutes of work to modify it to do what you describe. @=VG= Kavelenko These are not intended for PR integration, but as server side mods on passworded servers so more likely than not, they're to be used on events(writing these for a PR event on Volition) & so on, if someone wanted to, I post all code for PR under an older
  12. No reason why not, easier actually, I considered making big birds repair/rearm points for everything, but I could hear the outcry & screams of my treasonous ways, so I Just went with A2A, less controversial & actually takes a bit of skill to execute within a time crunch & while needing to have to execute commands in-flight.
  13. @=VG= keed can't quite modify ui server side, but shouldn't be too difficult to bind commands to existing UI events like weapon selection, certainly a better approach, I just be lazy like that Airlift would pretty much apply to the big birds so it's inline with what you indicated, Chinooks, Osprey & anything with 2x large crates. And A2A rearm might not be a thing irl, but given the size of the maps, figured why not, cos the only in-game analogue to fuel is ammo, so perhaps might just rearm AA missiles/flares & not bombs/atgms, I do see your point tho. 100 ticke
  14. I already wrote these as part of something I'm putting together to wrap up the year along with some other shit I should've gotten done months ago & I'll post these below if anyone's interested but, what thoughts & objections might you guys have to these concepts in PR? Airlift Is Basically just a pair of commands that works with crates, repair stations light wheeled vehicles like humvee's & boats, '!load <str:crate/repair/wheeled/boat>', logically 'indexes' pos of first found matching object with in 5m & '!unload' drops/'teleports' linked object from aircraf
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