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  1. Alright, Time to judge Was Awesome [ Esp That Last Bit ], Now Go Make More
  2. It's generally a good habit to get into to make coop maps playable from both sides, as only then do you see any underlying problems if there are any, matter of personal preference AND principle though. Uhhh, if you intend team 2 to be player only(which imho is iffy), then just give bots the flag from the get go, and place emplacements, and tie everything spawned on the beach to the radar cp, so it won't spawn otherwise.
  3. Just tried it out, a few of my thoughts... Blackgold is generally fine, asset's are slightly unbalanced & u need to spread out vehicles across flags so bots don't have to walk everywhere but fine for the most part. As for Adak, well.... Carrier spawn missing for bots, so either add bot only - spawn on vehicle only spawn points on carrier, see jabal for how to do that, or have radar owned by chinese on start so they have somewhere to spawn on, as otherwise the only way to get them to spawn is for a player to go to the mainland and join each squad to take lead for a moment to
  4. Might you compile a second chart, but with layers as well, beats going through the gallery, thx.
  5. Tried it for a few min, my biggest gripe, them removing map transparency, like wtf, some of us use the map while flying eh!
  6. Phrasing is a bit confusing, but if you mean to check if those of us with out moderation permissions in the rest of the forum have moderation permissions here, then yes it seems, normally I can at most lock/hide(admin perms), ONLY threads I start, here I can pin/lock/hide anyone elses threads/topics in the club, so it seems anyone in the club has moderation perms. Hope that helps.
  7. Should be simple enough, it's a simple matter of adding a factorial that uses KD to evaluate player skill relative to time elapsed, higher KD in a given unit of time signifying higher skilled player. An even simple way to balance this would be to increase the difficulty by .1% for every bot killed and reduce it by 1% for every player killed which results in a more emergent & fluid difficulty balance. Here's an updated script, also attached, that uses a sigmoid function to dynamically adjust difficultyMultiplier based on KD ratio of players for every bot killed, such that the mo
  8. I already wrote a script that on every CP capped checks if all capable CP's are owned by team 2 && if so sets bot team tickets to 0 after 15 sec triggering end of round by team 2 victory. I'll post it if you wish, should certainly make no-ticket bleed a thing of the past, with rare exceptions like cappable CP in dod for instance. *also attached below* @=VG= SemlerPDX forceEndOfRound.py
  9. I understand some mods were included to make it easier for newer people to transition to Arma, but personally I feel ETS(Enemy Tagging System), No Weapon Sway & No Stamina have no place in Arma, Tactical Ping is more than adequate & Weapon Sway as well as Stamina exist to prevent individuals loading up on an unreasonable arsenal so as to force individuals to cooperate & use vehicle cargo, and you can Run(Though Not Sprint) infinitely to begin with,so that combination of NoSway+NoStamina especially shouldn't be in the modset, IMHO. I understand where you're coming from
  10. Just to crystalize a particularly important point I failed to articulate, such a system for the most part removes server population as a variable in map selection, which meaningfully translates to, ANY MAP CAN BE PLAYED BY ANY NUMBER OF PLAYERS, and thus repetition is reduced and variety of viable maps increased exponentially. Just wanted to put that out there, as I'd forgotten to do so.
  11. Well there you go, never knew that got fixed, was out of the loop for a while, so I guess manpads shouldn't be a problem then. Always. Touchè brother. Let's assume you wouldn't, surely you want more bots though, eh? So that's the flip side, depending on how you configure the difficulty multiplier, you can avoid fewer bots while having more for higher player numbers, it's entirely left to configs, like all good things in life It can be, but not on any officially sanctioned server, at least not anytime soon. You'll most likely come across it in events, sho
  12. It's not only possible, it's fairly trivial. The only caveat being, though host.rcon_invoke("gamelogic.setkit ****") sets ANY KIT initialized for a given faction in real-time, it changes OVERALL kit composition of bots on successive re-spawns & not immediately, instead of only INDIVIDUAL bot kits. Which might actually be more ideal, if it's constantly being set to a different kit relative to dominant threat at any given point in time, t
  13. Tested on both, it was part of a server side minimod i wrote for bf2. Not that i can think off, that's why i posted it here, to create discourse if nothing else. Not only does it not require a server restart, it changes through a round,so if a round starts off with 35people and shrinks to 20people, logical bot count changes accordingly as it's constantly recalculated for every bot killed, there should be no performance penalty. Absolutely true, however on the flipside, with an appropriate (per testing) difficulty multiplier applied, it makes it more
  14. This one's more of a hail mary... Just putting it out there for posterity
  15. Changing the number of bots relative to player count has long been discussed and is somewhat of a long standing 'unresolved issue' as it can't be done using configs or without server restart, and given some recent discussion on discord about map difficulty, i figured i might as well post this up as at the very least an alternate 'POSSIBILITY', which at present it is not. So there's two ways to change bot count, either set ENTITY COUNT in server config or change LOGICAL COUNT by manipulating spawn times such that the mean number of bots SPAWNED at any point in time is lower or hig
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